Prepositions after "correct"

correct in, about, for, on or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases correct in is used

Perhaps I am incorrect in this.

W is correct in an ideal world.

They are, of course, correct in their assessments despite your claims to the contrary.

This explanation allows both Bill Nye and Anthony to be correct in their observations.

Participants at the 1961 conference were correct in their sense of ' making history '.

But nobody can be 100% correct in this argument because it is all completely drawn out of and built from ignorance.

Assume first that Behe is correct in stating that removing any part of the mousetrap would render it dysfunctional.

You won't have to run back again and forth to the hardware shop when you have a total list correct in front of you.

I understand that the goal is to provide information and not so much to be correct in terms of spelling or grammar.

In 12% of cases correct about is used

You are correct about one thing.

And she'd be correct about that.

Admin is correct about your view.

I think the health food ppl are for the most part correct about this kind of food.

You are absolutely correct about the strait jacket of a sea area/stretch of coast.

If you're going to make insults, it's best to be correct about what you're saying.

You are absolutely correct about the lack or respect, My respect must be earned -- something you may not expect.

You are correct about the fine, I know of one business that employs about 80 people and provides a benefits pkg.

If you're point is correct about the unions, which I doubt, Shearer either fights Cunnliffe or dies politically.

I have to say you are correct about this, my wife always says this if I swear in posts and I usually take it out.

In 10% of cases correct for is used

Your opinion is only correct for you.

Taste and correct for salt, if needed.

Not one has yet made a correct forecast.

Modern camcorders can automatically focus, white balance, and color correct for you.

It was correct for the ministry, once abandoned by all its allies, to sue for peace.

Kindly double check on the information to ensure that they are correct for printing.

As I read a recent question on stackoverflow noting that that is not correct for every day, I want to change this.

Second mention makes the correct for both count and non-count nouns: A growing plant must have water and minerals.

That would be correct for a business lease, but a residential tenant has the right to a working telephone service.

Test glides of heavy fast radio models are not possible so we need to get the C of G correct for that first flight.

In 7% of cases correct on is used

He is correct on BC's approach.

Player ID is correct on server.

All info was correct on return.

Apologetics amounts to an inquiry into and debate over who is correct on this matter.

The figure you give for the estimate for off-shore wind of 35% is correct on page 32.

They then voted against legislation earlier this year, I think John is correct on this.

We know that General Relativity can not be quite correct on very small distances, because it is a classical theory.

Sorry it didn't work out as well as it could have for you guys, but I like that my intuition was correct on this one.

I find that the autocorrect on the nexus is great you only need to go back once and will change to the word you want.

You can uncover this item correct on the internet as nicely when searching Those kind of issues for your Skin and Hair.

In 5% of cases correct at is used

Figures correct at the time of writing.

The information is correct at the time.

Information correct at time of printing.

Please ensure that your billing address is correct at the time of placing your order.

If the average paedophile's victims is correct at 84 the problem engulfs our society.

The former is made up of pixels and so will only appear correct at a certain resolution.

All prices and details are correct at the time of publishing of this post; prices are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM/MYR).

Fares are correct at the time of publication; however, the levels may vary based on fluctuations in the tax amount.

Blogging will save students plenty of your time as a result of all of the knowledge is correct at their fingertips.

It means whatever activities you do to make the garment, quality of the garment should be correct at the first time.

In 4% of cases correct to is used

Sounds perfectly correct to me.

Steve Hi, it seems correct to me.

Well they are correct to an extent.

I think This one is correct to large extend except for the limitations of translation.

When I get home, Visa or MasterCard will send me the accounting -- correct to the penny.

Which is a strong indication that Mencken was &; remains correct to a substantial degree.

All information in this article is correct to the best of my knowledge only and thus should not be taken as a fact.

It seems it's opinion on what they think it should sound like but not necessarily correct to where the name is from.

A free market, left to itself, does not care about good and bad and, it will self correct to either one if left free.

Here are my responses (as a huge passive investing advocate) to JT's points which are all correct to some degree btw.

In 3% of cases correct by is used

Sanusi's point is correct by me.

They are correct by their viewpoint.

And this article is 100% correct by the way.

The opinions stated above are my own and may or may not be correct by your standards.

This startling fact has been confirmed as correct by numerous subsequent experiments.

Make sure your time settings are correct by double-clicking the time in the system tray.

The free report is to verify the registration is correct by displaying basic vehicle details such as the make and model.

If this is so, you should use the form which is accepted as correct by the most literate educated people in your country.

That was generally proven correct by the December 2009 passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2010.

In 3% of cases correct with is used

You are very correct with the bolded.

Rickp is correct with his assessment.

Leo is quite correct with his English.

If you are correct with all the other selections on your wager, then you still win.

Everything you mention in your article is quite correct with one possible exception.

Surya has appeared on Politically Correct with Bill Maher and on The Colbert Report.

Everything was correct with the rest of the tracking such as it arrived at the local post office this morning etc.

I don't think You are correct with your presumption regarding the noise that the grinding rooms give than jamming.

However buildings where people worked and had gut feelings they wernt safe were 100% correct with their gut feelings.

Is it possble to get a constant download speed? Or something is not correct with my connection? Please kindly advise.

In 2% of cases correct as is used

This information is correct as of.

He seems a correct as well as a full man.

As explained above, that was incorrect as a matter of law.

We know this to be correct as the quote is from notes written by Leonardo's grandfather.

Quote includes 10% online discount and 6% Insurance Premium Tax and is correct as of 20.

However, ' yes ' can not be correct as every woman knows that man is always, always wrong.

A You must read your record and check that it is correct as the court may take it into account when sentencing you.

So accounts will be a big issue if my feedback is correct as to why the meeting was changed to the 9th of this month.

That's not to say that the result in this case is correct as a matter of principle -- but I don't think the Directive is.

In 1% of cases correct according is used

This is not correct according to Vastu.

This is not correct according to Vastu Shastra.

The time added was correct according to the rules.

We point out the decisions which was wrong in our view but correct according to the law.

We have to rely on suicide attacks which are absolutely correct according to Islamic law.

Tipler's Omega Point Theorem and found it correct according to the known laws of physics.

Feudal Europe hated Napoleon as the living embodiment of the revolution, and it was correct according to its standards.

Now, whether or not this kind of relationship is politically correct according to the feminist ideology is a separate issue.

And, it seems easier to succeed in marriage agency Some people can be perfectly correct according to the TPO dressed himself.

It is known that the scholars wrote down their positions in books and left what they regarded to be correct according to their own ijtihaad.

In 1% of cases correct after is used

I think it's correct after a bit of testing, but.

That does not mean that the old warfare thesis was correct after all.

Petkov March 23rd, 2012 at 9:39 pm So it turns out Marx WAS correct after all.

The scores are total correct without cues (BNT1) and total correct after cues (BNT2).

Anonymous Reply: November 28th, 2011 at 6:30 pm Edited; The source was correct after all.

Needless to say, we got that correct after screaming a whole truckload of unmentionable words.

You are also telling them that for more than 1,000 years what they believed may not have been correct after all.

Thus, the Prime Minister may be correct after all when he said that the best time and means to protest is via the ballot box.

The best example of this is how scientific community absolutely ignores the fact that Einstein demonstrated Aristotle was correct after all.

You're right that it wouldn't explain Adrian's suicide, but then maybe the original interpretation is correct after all -- an intellectual refusal of the world.

In 1% of cases correct before is used

It would have been correct before the recent vote.

This was politically correct before the term even existed.

Verify that the sequence is still correct before crimping.

Therefore, please be sure that your order is correct before confirming your order.

Make doubly sure your findings are correct before recommending it to your company.

Always make sure your content is updated and correct before sending it to customers.

What planet do you live on Betsy? Learn your facts and make sure they are correct before showing your ignorance.

Checking that these details are correct before lodging your return will help prevent unnecessary delays occurring.

Note: Make sure the details are correct before hitting Save, because some of these details can not be changed afterwards.

We check them to make sure everything is complete and correct before sending them off to the universities for assessment.

In 1% of cases correct from is used

You are correct from your point of view.

Both are correct from their value standpoint.

Again BI is correct from the energy standpoint entirely.

Verify the IP address obtained are correct from the steps shown earlier in this section.

It may not be politically correct from me to say this: but some people's taste is terrible.

Yes your correct from an engineering design perspective, there are no dangers in the workplace.

Obviously, they were all correct from their own point of view, but no one was quite willing to listen to the others.

This model would be more logically correct from Occam's razor perspective, like the heliocentric model of solar system.

Incorrect from theirs, for they say that the Catrholic-Orthodoxy split from their (and to them the only) original curch.

But I believe the writer is correct from the perspective that if we develop this concept now, it can become significant.

In 1% of cases correct of is used

How politically correct of him! This is progress.

They may turn out to be the most correct of all of us.

Generally, passing scores range from 94-107 correct of the 150 scored items.

Recently, drivers process much vary have a information to fix on correct of, internet.

The second view is that it is after? Asr, and this is the more correct of the two views.

It was amazing how long it took anyone to find out about the pricing mishap and correct of it.

If you are using images inside your electronic mail news letters, put text message to the correct of your pictures.

So in this case, Bem used standard methods to calculate the probability of getting an average proportion correct of 51.

Buy the correct of sneakers that may be not simply stylish but also keeps your ft comfortable during the course of the day.

This is the most correct of the scholarly views, that each country has its own sighting when there is a difference concerning that.

In 1% of cases correct regarding is used

You are correct regarding no interest.

You are absolutely correct regarding DRM.

Sure you're correct regarding record date.

Absolutely correct regarding your last statement.

You are correct regarding the climate in AUS and US.

DeGaulle was correct regarding the trojan horse (UK).

David you are absolutely correct regarding the negativity within MotoGP.

John You are 100% correct regarding using local SIMs, particularly regarding data.

You are 100% correct regarding QB play and it's impact on everything Irish football.

In 1% of cases correct without is used

This is correct without being true.

Nothing can go correct without the packaging.

Technically correct without being too technical.

The scores are total correct without cues (BNT1) and total correct after cues (BNT2).

If your child messes it up, correct without raising your voice or showing irritation.

So ironically I was technically correct without being correct in what I was meaning *at all*.

Additionally they receive inspections from the federal, which have been timely and correct without the unforeseen rebates.

This tradition is correct without any doubt from any quarter, and innumerable traditionalist and historians have recorded it.

Andrews point is that assuming one particular unlikely result is correct without any other evidence requires reason to be abandoned.

Dogma, an idea or set of beliefs that are put into place by an authority that are considered undoubtedly correct without proof, serves no one.

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