Prepositions after "cooperative"

"cooperative in" or "cooperative with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases cooperative in is used

She joined this cooperative in 2005.

Certainly we are cooperative in any way.

Initially, Clinton was cooperative in the lies.

A David Graeber -- I grew up in a cooperative in New York -- in Manhattan, Chelsea.

What we can say is that the three parties are very cooperative in finding a solution.

More than 80 percent of members attended every meeting of the cooperative in one year.

They will also support the farmers of the 7 villages of Luong Son Commune to register as a cooperative in 2011.

An extension officer based in a cooperative in Uganda attends to a cow belonging to one of the cooperative members.

News Agencies Domestic News Agencies The Australian Associated Press (AAP) was formed as a cooperative in the 1930s.

It's not a cooperative in the strict sense, perhaps, but if you're old, or sick, people will come and work on your land.

In 25% of cases cooperative with is used

Rogers was very co-operative with us.

Do be co-operative with zoo employees.

The singer was co-operative with garda.

LIEVEN: -- as long as it is cooperative with us at least one of our key issues.

Bill, who is unfailingly polite and co-operative with regards to scheduling, etc.

Police said he suffered minor injuries and was being co-operative with inquiries.

He added that Portlanders are highly cooperative with the police and this helps the success of their efforts.

From the beginning, I have remained punctual, communicative, and cooperative with every client I have worked with.

Even before the new law, Washington believed that China's largest banks were becoming increasingly cooperative with U.

DOF will shortly send a report to contacts (usuallly the managing agent) of cooperative with a list of these adjustments.

In 7% of cases cooperative for is used

But he has been cooperative for the first few days.

The name stood for ' Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe '.

The DTC was created in 1973 as a user-owned cooperative for post-trade settlement.

Life centered in the village, a kind of co-operative for the exploitation of land.

Once retired, he can collect a pension from the cooperative for the rest of his life.

They have already established a cooperative for the business to jumpstart again as they hope.

I have run a nearby home-school cooperative for the past ten years, and I am moving the program on-line.

As CARE's activities broadened, this was changed to the ' Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere '.

As a result, this exporter has been considered to not be cooperative for purposes of the subsidy investigation.

I may try and keep Claw Digest up and running but my schedule hasn't been to cooperative for that project lately.

In 4% of cases cooperative to is used

Both should be adopted for the cooperative to another.

Dingens was not cooperative to the demands of the Army.

Be friendly and cooperative to customer service agents.

Aboriginal people then form a co-operative to mine alluvial wolfram which was successful.

The Aboriginal people then formed a co-operative to mine alluvial wolfram which was successful.

He was a very loving and energetic man and specially, he was very friendly and cooperative to his neighbors.

The amount members must invest in co-op shares and preferred shares may vary greatly from one co-operative to another.

When it's time to purchase a home, you will wish to find an estate agent that's responsive and co-operative to your needs.

In 3% of cases cooperative as is used

She works very hard and thus was chosen to join our women's co-operative as of May 2011.

The meeting should focus on the economic need and the potential use of a cooperative as a solution.

Good leadership and running the cooperative as an enterprise with sound management principals does the trick.

That included pizza samples from Leonardo's Pizza, samples from Local Sprouts Cooperative as well as DiMillo's on the Waterfront.

As a consequence of this, ownership of Fonterra is transferred away from the co-operative as a collective and assumed by farmer-members individually.

In 3% of cases cooperative at is used

You need to be cooperative at home.

The staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable; possibly Katie was still with the co-operative at that time.

During the Gorbachev era the USSR sought better relations with the West and became more cooperative at the United Nations.

Cerebellar signs could not be elicited as patient was not cooperative at presentation; however they were normal when examined later.

Children aren't always co-operative at the best of times and don't always have a clear understanding of ' being somewhere on time '.

There is no reason to assume that just because a child has been behaving badly most of the day, he would suddenly become co-operative at night.

Then we know the age is not co-operative at the same time we remember our josh experiences at an young age once in mind would start to be an young.

We spent some time with my grandparents, and were sure to snap a few photos even though Nora was being less than cooperative at this particular moment.

It was during the 1970s that viticulture began to dominate, although winemaking was yet to come; at this point the fruit was sold to the co-operative at Oisly.

You have contributed a lot to that success -- your work in producing the RFIC 2010 proceedings CD was absolutely professional, very cooperative at the same time.

In 3% of cases cooperative on is used

Fortunately, fans were very cooperative on that day.

The authorities have been far from cooperative on this whole point.

Each cooperative has a president who represents the cooperative on the Wood Bank Board.

It is basically the ethos of the co-operative on a smaller scale for the benefit of those joining together to form the alliance.

Democrats hoped the people would accept non-passage as a slight, and blame the Republicans for not being cooperative on a budget.

Washington must overcome its legacy of deceit if it expects China to be more cooperative on multi-lateral initiatives against odious regimes in the future.

The main sources of capital for Co-operative Societies in Jamaica are as follows: Shares - Each person has to invest an agreed amount of money in the Co-operative on becoming a member.

It's hard to avoid suspicions that Petraeus was not going to be fully cooperative on Benghazi and was therefore summarily deep-sixed by timely revelations courtesy of Team HopeandChange.

With his business savvy and the knowledge his wife and her parents possessed about farming, he decided to buy part of bankrupt poultry cooperative on the outskirts of the capital in 2004.

In 3% of cases cooperative rather is used

Only in this way, he said, can employees become co-operative rather than defensive or aggressive Passivity **40;39820;TOOLONG.

It is possible to move forward even on 26/11 provided it's done in a somewhat cooperative rather than a confrontationist spirit.

You both need to start by listening to each other, with the intention of trying to be co-operative rather than either of you insisting on getting your way.

In order to finance business growth, cooperatives maintain some patronage earnings in the cooperative rather than distribute them as cash dividends to members.

In fact it's one of the ' givens ' of contemporary industrial relations that the smaller the business the more it depends on a co-operative rather than a confrontational model.

In 2% of cases cooperative by is used

Marlborough News Online, in Wiltshire, was established as a workers ' co-operative by four journalists.

The results chime with the a UK-wide poll published last week, conducted for the Co-operative by polling company ICM.

Traditionally, a person can qualify for membership in a cooperative by purchasing one or more shares with a fixed (and often nominal) value.

According to her, the students were very co-operative by the way they showed interest in acquiring the practical skills in the auto-body repairs.

In 2% of cases cooperative during is used

I found him very cooperative during the shooting.

However, for the most part, the weather is co-operative during these months.

McCausland said both Tucker and Linscott's friend have been cooperative during the investigation.

Once the earnings are calculated, they are distributed to members according to how much business that each one has done with the cooperative during the year.

My wife reports that, to her surprise, I was uncharacteristically cooperative during the insomniac week -- but I blame that on being too dog-tired to argue with her.

Earnings that the cooperative generates during the year are distributed to members according to the level of individual business that they conducted with the cooperative during that year.

In 2% of cases cooperative about is used

Now Rebel isn't always the most cooperative about bathing and as he weighs in at 55kgs.

The Sri Lanka Government was not cooperative about getting this done through a bi-lateral agreement.

But the drama surrounding the talks in Athens, Berlin and Paris shows that there will be nothing co-operative about Greek default.

There is nothing collective or cooperative about about attempting to meet the needs of society or solve its problems at the point of a gun.

A frustrating hunt for financial information where the other party is not cooperative about disclosing information can result in significant legal cost to you.

There may be some nice side benefits as well; once your kid knows how much electricity costs, he may be more cooperative about turning out the light when he leaves a room.

I agree with you that eating together, and also being mutually supportive and cooperative about differing food and lifestyle choices, is imperative in a good relationship.

In 1% of cases cooperative like is used

These include tendering for projects, running the cooperative like a business, applying for.

Huaxi is not just another cooperative like the thousands that are found in Europe and America.

In 1% of cases cooperative towards is used

They are able to achieve because Singaporeans are naturally less confrontational and cooperative towards the government.

In 1% of cases cooperative throughout is used

I have been assertive but co-operative throughout my time in Menie.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp said IHOP has been very cooperative throughout this investigation.

Keep up the good work! Capt Ashok has been very co-operative throughout my course in the COC class2.

The Regional Councils strengthen the cooperative throughout the world and make it easier to participate in its governance.

Will was cited for the registration SNAFU as well as the no-plate thing -- but we're told he was very cooperative throughout the entire process.

In 1965, the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri created the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to replicate the spirit of the Anand cooperative throughout India.

In 1% of cases cooperative over is used

While students in other disciplines learn to be cooperative over college years, students majoring in economics learn the same fact much more slowly.

In 1% of cases cooperative of is used

NASA is one of the more open and cooperative of all government agencies.

In 1% of cases cooperative into is used

In 2011, I was able to transform the cooperative into a business called Compost Liberia.

In 1% of cases cooperative from is used

Cuts of the cooperative from Paran are sold to distributors in the Arab countries.

Human labor, the mother form of all human activity, is co-operative from the very beginning.

We have been able to grow along with the co-operative from which we source the majority of our milk.

All he wanted in return was a commitment from Gordon that he would be fully co-operative from then on.

Maybe if the Murray Group had been co-operative from day one then Rangers might have got themselves over the winning line a long, long time ago.

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