Prepositions after "conversant"

"conversant with" or "conversant in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases conversant with is used

Its the language most of as are conversant with.

We are conversant with the law pertaining to liquor.

Especially when they are not conversant with the language.

We became more conversant with the outside world, especially the American world.

And not everyone is conversant with the shibboleths of Comic Con culture either.

The tourist guides and drivers, are conversant with the whereabouts of flamingo.

Most filmmakers were deeply conversant with, and at times engaged in, literary creation and theatre production.

Ghulam Husain Salim was a keen student of history, he was conversant with the methodology as known in his time.

I am not conversant with his performance to be honest and availability of guile seam bowlers in local circuits.

Most of us are conversant with the notion that the best way to learn is to learn from the experience of others.

In 18% of cases conversant in is used

She is conversant in basic French.

Conversant in Arabic and Hebrew, Ms.

Students must be conversant in French.

Our elite were proud they were more fluent and conversant in English than in Tamil.

All the talk is of getting a technologically savvy workforce conversant in English.

So, even today nearly 95 % of the population in this country is conversant in Sinhala.

Thus, one conversant in the language of physics (and, hence, the concepts of physics) can contribute to the field.

The current generation of filmmakers is so conversant in technology, so it's less of a challenge than it used to be.

The Moors of that time were conversant in the Tamil Language and Siddi Lebbe wanted them to study English and Arabic.

You're incredibly bright, extremely conversant in social media and (horror of horrors) under 18! http: //mmoorejones.

In 3% of cases conversant about is used

These companies are well conversant about web optimization.

You can learn this from your family member, who is conversant about this.

Now, the different species of gluttony are conversant about drinking and eating.

It says that their expectations terminate upon God; their thoughts are conversant about an invisible God.

It hath been observed in another place, that the Theoremes and Demonstrations in Geometry are conversant about Universal Ideas.

Now, if you are not conversant about the brilliant film career of American iconoclast Nicolas Cage, you might have missed that line.

The understanding is conversant about the things of God, in the apprehension of them; the will in the election, the affections in complacency in them.

When these details come before it, the Court might become conversant about the dimensions of the gas crisis and turn its face away from populist economics.

I do a lot of reading to make sure I'd conversant about the latest communications tools and their applications in the specific field for which I'll be interviewed.

Whether Men may properly be said to proceed in a scientific Method, without clearly conceiving the Object they are conversant about, the End proposed, and the Method by which it is pursued? Qu.

In 1% of cases conversant on is used

In fact a number of ISPs are not even conversant on the issue.

The reader wants to be conversant on what his or her friends are reading.

You were not conversant on the topic to hold a discussion outside of the wiki.

Panfilo Lacson were naturally knowledgeable and conversant on how intelligence operations are being conducted and funded.

No doubt, the reader will feel rather conversant on the details of the foreign involvement in Iran leading up to the 1953 coup.

A year later, fully conversant on the mating habits of meerkats, I hotfooted it to London, where I all but licked life off the pavement.

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