Prepositions after "controversial"

controversial in, for, of, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases controversial in is used

Every list is controversial in away.

This isn't controversial in the slightest.

Charismatic and controversial in equal measure.

Hebrews remained controversial in the West until the end of the fourth century.

These may not be controversial in your church but on the global stage, they are.

Forecasts in Doubt But Myers ' forecasts are controversial in scientific circles.

Roosevelt's Social Security program was controversial in the 1930s; it remains a subject of much debate today.

And I deleted that and other photographs in there as well, although it was nothing very controversial in there.

Their media release only alluded to something controversial in his past that they didn't want to be connected to.

While the MLS calendar is somewhat controversial in a global context, there are reasons it makes sense in the US.

In 11% of cases controversial for is used

It's controversial for a good reason.

I saved the most controversial for last.

They have been controversial for almost as long.

This should be not too controversial for a pro-Israel organization to mention.

From the looks of it, it will continue to be controversial for some time to come.

It was no longer really controversial for antiwar sentiments to be expressed in song and public discussions.

Today's Featured Biography Rick Perry has been controversial for his remarks about various political topics.

His ' elite ' status has been controversial for some time, and a loss in this game would reignite the furore.

On a day that proved controversial for different reasons, here are five things that may be taken from the game.

In 9% of cases controversial of is used

They win the most controversial of decisions.

Thaksin in the least controversial of these two claims.

My next principle is probably the most controversial of all.

It will be that most controversial of allies from another sport: the hand of God.

We welcome feedback and further contributions on this most controversial of topics.

Kamula Doso is one of the most controversial of the REDD projects currently being set up anywhere in the world.

In particular, this would rule out the partial birth abortion technique which has been so controversial of late.

JavaScript This is the most controversial of my selections because JavaScript is more often used for good than evil.

The most controversial of these proposed changes for the unions will be that teachers will now assess their own students.

In 6% of cases controversial about is used

There's nothing controversial about it.

There is nothing controversial about that.

There's nothing controversial about that view.

I am not sure what exactly is so new and controversial about Scott's thesis.

I don't believe there is anything at all controversial about natural variability.

I've read his column a few times before and have found nothing too controversial about it.

As is always the case with anything even slightly controversial about Jeremy, he never speaks for himself.

Of all the things that could be controversial about today's post, this was the last thing I would have guessed.

At end of day, you do nt always get what you deserve but today we did! Nothing controversial about either penalty.

I think as long as you're not controversial about it, or you're not overly trying to make a statement, then I think it's OK.

In 6% of cases controversial to is used

Nothing controversial to this point.

Thirdly, the manual is considered controversial to date.

This might be controversial to some, but it isn't illegal.

Unspoken sexual fetishes and controversial to the eyes of orthodox conventions.

Almost all of politics is controversial to me because I follow politics closely.

No one says anything untoward or even slightly controversial to the celebrity guest.

That five-to-four decision, which is controversial to this day, settled the Bush-Gore race but not much else.

Such speculation could only be controversial to those old Cold War warriors looking for a sword to smite me with.

This show will be Keith's most controversial to date as he explores everything that encompasses ' The Dark Side '.

By the time the show ended, its mystique was somewhat tarnished, and its ending remains controversial to this day.

In 6% of cases controversial at is used

But it was controversial at the time.

The Shepard was also very controversial at the time.

So what is not controversial at MetaBroadcast? Cakes.

Controversial at this conference was the way this leadership vote is triggered.

Truncating bus routes to boost frequency is always going to be controversial at the time.

Some creative people can be a bit controversial at times due to their opinionated persona.

They were controversial at the time but not for exactly the same reasons they might be if they appeared today.

The decision to sell them was very controversial at the time and many Australians were sad to see the Skyhawks go.

It was controversial at last years ' Labour Party Conference when I talked about predatory and productive behaviour.

It has been a very tough seven months, stressful at the best of times, extremely controversial at the worst of times.

In 4% of cases controversial among is used

He's as controversial among vampires as it can get.

The move is still controversial among media thinkers.

That issue, too, is somewhat controversial among Latino voters.

Obviously, this is a novel approach, debatable, and would be controversial among researchers.

This is why our heroic interventions for preemies are so controversial among health care wonks.

Balmain Spring/Summer 2013 LUXURY brand Balmain has always been somewhat controversial among editors.

The release of the individual rankings has even been controversial among the scientists who designed them.

Apart from the evidence of the Quran, there is one reference which is controversial among the commentators.

Jodi: 23 May 2012 4:29:51pm It is not controversial among scholars that Shakespeare collaborated on some of his plays.

As a result, the matter of teaching field geology with digital tools is actually rather controversial among professors.

In 4% of cases controversial with is used

Not sure why it's use is so controversial with some people.

I just thought I'd be a little controversial with my post heading.

The planned policy is likely to prove controversial with middle-class parents.

The policy is highly controversial with many clinicians being strongly opposed.

I see nothing in it that would be controversial with the membership of the ULA.

It is also highly controversial with many voters upset at drinking re-cycled water.

The case has been controversial with oppositions to appointments and recusals of Justices.

The scenes are a bit controversial with infidelity; the song is about a broken relationship.

Nearly all his public speeches turned out to be controversial with Mayawati reacting strongly.

Walking foundered horses has become controversial with some insisting that it does further damage.

In 4% of cases controversial because is used

Ferric Ferrocyanide- Controversial because of its suspected toxicity.

Rand (1905-1982) is controversial because of the extremism of her views.

The way I see this, this issue only became controversial because of the coming GE.

Needless to say, this NSFW magazine cover is controversial because of its bumtastic nature.

But the use of drones is controversial because of fears that civilians can be killed and injured by them.

Burlesk Queen - A 1977 film considered controversial because of Vilma Santos ' s character as a stripper.

The project is controversial because of the aged buildings and questionable soil through which they were drilling.

Of course the debate is very conflicting and controversial because of theological, scientific, and philosophical beliefs.

Extracting gas from underground deposits is controversial because of a process used in some countries, known as fracking.

In 3% of cases controversial by is used

This topic has recently been made controversial by B.

This monitoring approach is considered controversial by some.

Things that are hardly contoversial, and yet they are deemed too controversial by the Irish media.

Information on the internet may be inaccurate, illegal or considered controversial by some customers.

Deemed too controversial by the censors in 1946, it wasn't screened for a public audience until 1980.

Dibia's novels have been described as daring and controversial by readers and critics in and out of Africa.

It wasn't at all controversial by the time the membership passed it, because the battle was well over by then.

The amount of sorties devoted to scud hunting was clearly regarded as controversial by the military establishment.

Thank you for writing/publishing this! It amazes me that an opinion such as this could be considered controversial by anyone.

Best, Shoaib Akif- Recommend He made himself controversial by leaving Pakistan on a verdict which was voice of most of Muslims.

In 3% of cases controversial on is used

He makes money by being controversial on TV.

Pick a night with something controversial on the agenda.

This conclusion is seen as controversial on many internet sites.

The literature is controversial on the possible mechanisms underlying this association.

Africom has been controversial on the continent ever since former US president George W.

I've never been too controversial on the show so I don't think people have a reason to hate me.

The Gretzky name has become mildly controversial on Twitter, through racy pictures posted by his daughter, Paulina.

Voters rejected the so-called Religious Freedom amendment, one of the most controversial on the ballot, by 56 percent.

Rihanna: controversial on Twitter AND in nightclubs Twitter To be fair, we've done the same thing on several occasions.

I told him he could look at it to see that there was nothing controversial on it but he wanted nothing to do with us any more.

In 3% of cases controversial from is used

Co-op City was controversial from the beginning.

Frei's pollen grains have been controversial from the beginning.

Legal wrangles The EU decision was controversial from the start.

The mandate of the nine-year, cross-country Seaborn review was controversial from the start.

Muhammad Dalmau: Homeopathy has been controversial from day one? in particular because of the remedies.

However, AS2 was so controversial from its release on that it was soon replaced by AS5 three years later.

The decision, obviously, was controversial from the moment it was announced, and continues to be a year later.

A friend of mine who was on the organizing council said that the wording of these tickets was controversial from day one.

What is the status of the Croke Park Agreement? The Croke Park Public Service Agreement has been controversial from its inception.

In 2% of cases controversial within is used

And it is highly controversial within Germany.

It is extremely controversial within Shiite Islam.

I feel that this is a topic which is very controversial within the teen community.

As noted above, this strategy is sometimes also controversial within FOSS developer communities.

Generals - in a move that proved to be controversial within the uppermost echelons of the military.

Charles Kingsley's letter Finally, natural theology was also controversial within the Church of England.

Would be controversial within the United States and could shatter or erode the international support for U.

The idea of women organising politically as women was much more controversial within the socialist movement.

Galileo's championing of heliocentrism was controversial within his lifetime, when most subscribed to either geocentrism or the Tychonic system.

In 2% of cases controversial due is used

Her life is very controversial due to some obstacles, but that doesn't mean that.

Chimney sweeping has also been very controversial due to the dangers inherent in the work.

While the game proved to be a bit controversial due to its content, its massive success can not be doubted.

It was controversial due to the case hinging on a retroactive law passed after the class action lawsuit succeeded.

However, the research promoting such diets is controversial due to the prevalence of eating disorders in today's society.

The contest for the Siaya County Senate seat has become so controversial due to the fact that it pitted the two regional political power base.

This was during his recent US-France trip where his stay in New York City was controversial due to the $7,000 per night room he stayed in at the Waldorf Astoria.

Mass-digitisation and large-scale digitisation Mass digitisation initiatives such as Google Books have been controversial due to issues of quality, cost and focus.

Most of these campaigns simply comprised an image which could be considered controversial due to dominant Western ideology and discourse, teamed with the company's green logo.

He became controversial due to the unprecedented corruption at Mirpur and Magura centers in the by-election and was forced to retire from the CEC post for his role to run the election.

In 2% of cases controversial as is used

Her views on Israel are quite controversial as well as.

Television has been controversial as a by product of science.

Health care is controversial as a basic human right, though I think it is one.

It is perhaps the most controversial as well as the most historic region in modern South Asia.

The decision proves controversial as the site holds the remains of Dublin's ancient Viking town.

Mandatory enrolment in Kiwisaver is another biggie, but far less controversial as the Nats had flagged it as a possibility.

At present it is controversial as to whether these people should be regularly screened for the early appearance of stomach cancer.

But as you know its very controversial as to how far the earliest Jewish believers in the Messiah Jeshua were influenced by Greek thought.

After Kaffee is assigned to represent the accused, what first seemed a very straight forward case begins to turn controversial as the investigation goes on.

In 1% of cases controversial inside is used

Many Palestinian civilians were killed in the operation, which was controversial inside Israel.

TV3's top-rating funded show, some way down the list, was Bryan Bruce's controversial Inside Child Poverty, just ahead of 7 Days.

Before embarking on deals that are likely to be controversial inside China, Chinese acquirers should first make sure there is a clear path for approval.

In 1% of cases controversial amongst is used

The professional status of Thematic soldiers is still controversial amongst Byzantinists.

Funding for human embryonic stem cells (hESC) research is highly controversial amongst European countries.

Salman Khan, the third and the most controversial amongst the lot, to have been involved in issues aplenty.

Apparently Deerskin is sort of controversial amongst her fans and I guess I can see why even though I love it into the tiniest pieces imaginable.

He is known for his old-fashioned approach to disciplining children which often times run controversial amongst parenting experts who believe in a more liberal approach.

In 1% of cases controversial after is used

Her wins in Atlanta were controversial after the fact but.

Kulasegaran during a DAP function in Sitiawan but became controversial after Karpal took it up.

The report became controversial after the media highlighted some of its findings and recommendations before it was submitted to Jonathan.

Yes of course it's controversial after all it's somehow expected for the chinese side to only compromise BUT as the age old saying goes it takes both hands to clap.

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