Prepositions after "contingent"

"contingent on" or "contingent upon"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases contingent on is used

Problem #2 is contingent on problem #1.

Offers are contingent on device selection.

Our freedom is contingent on God's freedom.

How quickly we know anything definitive is entirely contingent on American voters.

Second, those votes are contingent on the Republicans delivering political results.

The AUMF was contingent on the Bush Admin doing things they then decided not to do.

But joining the CCJ can not be contingent on us creating a near perfect judicial system -- justice can not wait.

It must be emphasised that the timing and magnitude of future rate actions is contingent on a number of factors.

This definition is defined in reference to a fixed point (the centre) and is not contingent on the local surface.

Of course, all of this is contingent on you having a job that you like independently of how your boss treats you.

In 34% of cases contingent upon is used

Mechanisms are contingent upon contexts.

This position is contingent upon funding.

I think their will is contingent upon ours.

Winning a Prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

S 1 is contingent upon a group of stimuli but not upon subgroups or supergroups.

The validity of the word is not contingent upon the extent of these differences.

As employees, we are held accountable for our performance, and our continued employment is contingent upon it.

Employment is also contingent upon the completion and satisfactory adjudication of a background investigation.

To that end, the Effusion Group membership is contingent upon each member's adherence to our shared principles.

When you equate peace with the status quo you're making it contingent upon injustice and reciprocated antipathy.

In 2% of cases contingent in is used

A thing that is contingent in its nature establishes the fact of a non-contingent existence.

An imperative is a practical rule by which an action, otherwise contingent in itself, is made necessary.

So the theories in the empirical sciences are contingent in the sense that they could have been otherwise.

Pakistan's journey with UN peacekeeping operations began in 1960 when it deployed its first ever contingent in UN operations in Congo.

Pakistan's journey with UN Peacekeeping operations began in 1960 when it deployed its first ever contingent in United Nations Operations in Congo (ONUC).

He had joined the Hunter River Light Horse and volunteered for the South African War, going as medical officer in the Citizen's Bushmen's Contingent in 1900.

For an individual, unilateral will -- and the same applies to a dual or other particular willcannot impose on all an obligation which is contingent in itself.

The diplomatic ties which the UK and other states maintain with the Catholic Church worldwide were not and are not contingent in any way upon that Lateran Pact.

This approach would spell significant hardship in several earn-out agreements which involve deferred consideration or staggered payments which are contingent in nature.

I think you should at least acknowledge that in any civilised, democratic society, like it or not, the right to express a view is contingent in accepting that others have similar rights.

In 1% of cases contingent of is used

UKIP chances to elect MP's is assisted by the Lib Dem collapse The above table is contingent of 40% of Lib Dem voters defecting to Labour, which is a given in the current political environment.

Nature doesn't design, although there is a creative outcome from the evolutionary process but how we express and explain that process is always contingent of the level of human knowing of that time.

In 1% of cases contingent to is used

An event which is contingent to us is certain to God by his ordination.

Choong was the only female member of the 30-something contingent to the 1956 Melbourne Games.

Demonizing the AM contingent to what end? Let them at least use the placebo effect to help those WM has not or can not.

Major Frederick Francis commanded two squadrons of the 4th New Zealand Mounted Rifles Contingent to South Africa in March 1900.

An individuals acts are contingent to a moment in time, we could all commit the crimes if they time, not the space allowed for its occurrence.

Moreover, since XML is not contingent to the Web, it has quickly become the solution for content creation, localization and management at large.

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