Prepositions after "constant"

constant in, for, at, over or throughout?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases constant in is used

I've been constant in doing this.

The one constant in every club is.

You must be constant in your blog.

I've had this on vinyl since the late 80s and it's still a constant in my listening.

The Park became a touchstone for me, a constant in a world where everything changed.

After 2000, sales figures of TCAs have been almost constant in all Nordic countries.

But one thing that gets dropped out is the constant in front of the expression: for instance, O(c*n) is just O(n).

First, there's Gisele Bndchen Bella where flowers are a constant in summer accessories, giving it a delicate look.

However, there is one factor that will always remain constant in the equation that produces how I go about my day.

This is constant in every Message that has come from Allaah, no matter what Legislations the Messenger comes with.

In 14% of cases constant for is used

Be constant for ideal benefits.

So we leave them constant for today.

Or, at least, it is a constant for me.

The one constant for me was keeping up with my weight training and cardio exercise.

I wouldn't know what to do without the noise now, it's been so constant for so long.

Slide 3 A further constant for the oil industry has been the growth in energy demand.

These costs are constant for certain activity levels and may vary in a step like fashion as the volume increases.

On average, the caf goes through 150 kgs of potatoes a week, a figure that's been constant for the past 20 years.

The lapse rate is some kind of useful construct consequent on holding T constant for the purposes of integration.

The name can be any string value, including the empty string, and stays constant for the lifetime of the database.

In 9% of cases constant over is used

The constant over egging of the pudding.

They have been more or less constant over time.

For both groups, QoL remained constant over time.

By contrast, men's drinking habits have remained constant over the past ten years.

Its use remained sensibly constant over all the different periods of the year (P=0.

It can be a really sharp pain, and has been coming and going all day, and then constant over the evening and night.

The investigators stated that the working conditions and the DE of tractors remained fairly constant over the years.

If the current solar wind had been constant over the lifetime of the sun, then our star would have lost only about 0.

At the farm level, declining yield trends are usually not observed since input levels are not held constant over time.

In 9% of cases constant at is used

Water levels remained constant at 0.

Assuming a LTV is about constant at.

My chin up is also constant at 4 max.

The share of seeds is more or less constant at about 5? 11% across the three regions.

For the first 20 years after WWII, private debt was constant at roughly 25 percent of GDP.

Since 2005, annual sales of passenger cars have remained almost constant at around 600,000.

If we single out the firearms homicide rate, that has remained relatively constant at around 60-70 deaths per year.

Since its a constant at this temperature then it will be valid for the equilibrium mixture and the stressed mixture.

Urban growth has placed natural vegetation under constant attack, as the poor struggle to satisfy their basic needs.

Historically, going back to Roman times, the ratio has generally held pretty constant at between 10:1 and about 25:1.

In 7% of cases constant throughout is used

The rain was heavy and constant throughout the night.

I think that is one constant throughout all 6 seasons.

There is one constant throughout Paul's engaging tale.

Also, the entertainment factor was not constant throughout the entire novel.

This proportion remained approximately constant throughout the study period.

It expects the colors of objects to remain fairly constant throughout the day.

For an example of what I mean here is one such axiom: the physical laws have remained constant throughout time.

We don't actually know for sure that they are constant - that they are actually constant throughout the universe.

My trust in the BBC has remained pretty constant throughout this whole, manufactured, storm-in-a-teacup imbroglio.

With the mastery of the basic scale soon came curiosity and progression -- a need constant throughout human history.

In 5% of cases constant with is used

You are confunding solar constant with insolation.

As my mom says, the only constant with us is change.

Lonliness is nearly a constant with the characters in this book.

These perspectives have remained constant with the Soviet Union's successor states.

The average slope now becomes constant with time, and we speak of a stationary state.

I mean that taking all things constant with the same shape and setup from both teams.

The positive or power supply to the register in the tank should be a constant with the switch in the on position.

The result is less warming (sensitivity) than if the weather remained constant with the increased warming from CO2.

Mass of the Earth: 6 x 10 24 kg Gravitational field near the surface of the Earth is constant with a magnitude of 9.

We do not have one or fine way for a compiler to apply structure evaluation that is constant with lower level flavor of C.

In 3% of cases constant across is used

This what we hold constant across twin-brains, i.

He also claims that such behavior is constant across cultures, without support.

The benefits of s elf-consistency do not appear to be constant across cultures.

In the Core Running method, you keep your cadence fairly constant across all speeds.

What is the constant price base year for GDP? Is it constant across all countries? A.

First, the decrease in social capital is not constant across all measures of social capital.

For example, the heat capacity of air is not constant across the globe, so anomalies aren't directly comparable.

Different civilizations go through the same stages, because human nature is constant across history (Pompa 1990).

Finally, at failure, (3 ), the strains are very large and nearly constant across upper and lower halves of the section.

Nonetheless, she points to realities that are constant across many centuries and cultures, including all class societies.

In 3% of cases constant from is used

Verbal abuse rates remain constant from elementary to high school.

So FPS will not show constant from episode to episode based on this.

The amount of work to service these 5 rooms is pretty much as follows: constant from 7.

Indoor temperatures stay constant from summer to winter at an average temp of 13 degrees.

The intensity of sunlight that falls over our planet Earth is not constant from dawn to dusk.

If two of these three remained constant from one season to the next, it was considered part of the same dynasty.

However the mightier than thou constant from believers that the rest of us are damned is unnecessary, I don't need it.

In contrast methane emissions by forest fire activity remained surprisingly constant from glacial to interglacial times.

Perceived availability remained fairly constant from 1991 to 1993 and then increased seven percentage points through 1998.

In 2% of cases constant during is used

Much has remained constant during that time.

The climate has rarely been constant during that time.

Tyre loads are relatively constant during the work cycle.

This remains constant during the month whilst its angular diameter falls from 4.

Your tuition and program support Fee will remain constant during your time at HBS.

RESULTS: The mean energy and nutrient intakes remained constant during study period.

The reference stars used to perform the relative PLANET photometry remained constant during this period at the 0.

Nutrients loads to the sea are constant during the winter months at the northeast Venezuelan coast (Gaspar 1996).

The translation from the NCAA to the AHL has been approximately constant during this era, so this is a safe assumption.

It's still 25-30FPS territory for much of the way on PS3, with heavy tearing being a constant during many scenes under scrutiny.

In 2% of cases constant on is used

There is no constant on the LHS.

The height is constant on each square.

It is constant on diagonals, and symmetric.

This remained constant on my trip last week where I tasted lots of delicious blends.

Being photographed so much, she has became a constant on fashion blogs the world over.

But, many of the applications are not critically dependent on a constant on power source.

The proportion of other gasses is always kept constant on the earth by the help of interconnected complex systems.

The one constant on these boards are the never-ending academic jabs aimed at BSU students and alumni by Vandal fans.

If a and c are known (they're numbers, not variables ), then you will have one constant on each side of the equation.

Town can give between 25 and 35 in sport mode, but carefull 70mph constant on motorway has given me 62 mpg over 200 miles.

In 2% of cases constant through is used

Each type remained constant through time.

She has been a constant through our lives.

The one constant through all the years has been baseball.

For Billy Jackson was shining down on her, calm and bright and constant through the skylight.

Though Shakib and Nasir fought for a while, one constant through Bangladesh's innings was the nervy.

This is going to need to be a constant through the first three quarters, though, for an offensive turnaround.

The proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is maintained constant through a number of earth processes.

One thing remained constant through those international tournaments: the underachievement of Cristiano Ronaldo.

During pressure phase, the filling speed is low and constant through out the pressure phase and pressure can be.

In 2% of cases constant to is used

He wanted a constant wife to be constant to.

The successful of constant to clients depends on.

There is one issue that seems to be a constant to hackers.

The ratio of constant to variable (usually ascribed to labour) capital is a sliding measure.

As cities grew and built new infrastructure, planners maximized that constant to the automobile.

The stag is not constant to one particular hind, but after a while quits one and mates with others.

These stores sell about something from garments, to bags, to shoes, to food, to accessories and constant to coffee.

Adding a constant to another series If we take the differences of the Fibonacci numbers: Fibonacci: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21.

He that is constant to the practice of religion in trying times, shows that he is born from above, from the Lord Christ.

But on examining the common species of Primula I found that the two forms were much too regular and constant to be thus viewed.

In 1% of cases constant by is used

You can define a constant by using the define() function.

How can I pass a constant by reference? A call like f (&5); doesn't seem to work.

Keep your blood sugars levels constant by nibbling small amounts of bland, dry food during the day.

For such a process the sum of kinetic, internal and potential energy is constant by definition (ref.

T1 could be assumed constant by whatever rule everywhere in va to vb -- interesting huh? Here's a few.

I've omitted a constant by expressing the model in deviations from sample means, denoted with overbars.

Volume and flow excursions for each breath are maintained constant by use of a volume-cycled ventilator.

But it ain't engendered constant by a muscular display, You can sit down on your tailshaft and still dissolve away.

The actual potential difference across the junction or diode is kept constant by the action of the depletion layer at approximately 0.

The family performing would undertake some other responsibilities of the temple, thus upkeep of the temple was constant by these functions.

In 1% of cases constant between is used

The modulus is a constant between 0 and 1.

Some events are constant between the two timelines.

Phase changes aside, this is constant between 0C and 100C under earth surface conditions.

It holds constant between neighborhoods in the same city and between cities in different parts of the world.

Global average sea level measured by tide gauges and altimeters was relatively constant between 1900 and 1930.

No significant change in TFR was seen between 1998 and 2008, and CPR also stayed constant between 1998 and 2003.

Therefore, the gravity force (g) exerted by G is approximately constant between the surfaces with areas A and S.

And if you zoom into the photo, you will see that the pixelation isn't constant between the first grid to the second grid.

Every attempt was made to keep the water flow rate Q constant between the runs; the measured flow values are given as well.

The manufacturing sector has been employing less than 100,000 people and the number remained constant between 2001 and 2007.

In 1% of cases constant as is used

If you'd like to lead him to fall in love, end up being constant as a steel.

Understanding Cancer A Herd Feature Cancer is remarkably constant as a herd feature.

If a good has inelastic demand, then the demand stays pretty much constant as the price changes.

The factor of militancy remains constant as the lack of governance, issues of Kashmir and Iran continue to exist.

It turns out that the price of pigeons remained virtually constant as the entire species disappeared into extinction.

This is reflected in the exponents in the power law being close to zero, so nearly remains constant as the distance varies.

The size of this summary remains (roughly) constant as the ADSPEC flows through the network, giving good scaling properties.

The pressure the atmosphere and the pressure due to the weight of the piston remains constant as the gas heats up and expands.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that money multiplier will remain constant as the deposit habits of the people depend on many factors.

In the present work their use will be expanded to include modification of velocity and a numerical constant associated with acceleration.

In 1% of cases constant of is used

Also known as constant of gravitation.

In fact, for some people, crossroads are constant of their lives.

III: Constant of causality The viewing window of geodesic survey is also finite in size.

II: Constant of Event Horizon Planck constant h is the basis for the entire quantum physics.

V: Constant of non-locality Since the non-causality and non-locality is a reality, it must be represented by a physics law or a physical variable or a constant.

The gravitational force is (G is a constant, called constant of gravitation, M is the mass of the attracting body (here, earth ), and m 1 is the ' gravitational mass ' of the object.

In 1% of cases constant among is used

However, methodological rigor has not always been a constant among scholars in the field.

If there's one thing that's constant among Europe's biggest clubs is that their owners love football with passion.

In recent years, the difference between migrant and UK-born employment rates has narrowed for men, but has stayed constant among women.

These power relations are incorporated in an East-West distinction on various levels as a constant among the Croats in Croatia, in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Kosovo) and Australia.

In 1% of cases constant since is used

And writing ability has been constant since 1979.

The $500 annual levy has remained constant since 1982.

Cosmic Rays? This forcer is more or less constant since 1950.

Hasn't that been pretty constant since 2008? Sorry for all the (partly rhetorical) questions.

I am also not sure of this, but the cap for the number of H1B visas has remained constant since 1990.

The TLS has been essentially constant since 1994, and this period included the largest increase in TLT.

Non-residents have been avoiding Spanish risk for months and Spanish bond sales had been constant since November 2011.

Indeed, Congress's vote share in national elections has essentially remained constant since 1996 -- hovering around 28 percent.

Indeed, the Congress's vote share in national elections has essentially remained constant since 1996 -- hovering around 28 per cent.

Should he match Reagan ' s share of the white vote in 1984 -- presuming all else remains constant since 2008 -- Romney would rout Obama.

In 1% of cases constant after is used

I also accept that I may be wrong and it may be found that in fact it is not constant after all.

As stated above, without friction, the sum of potential and kinetic energy will remain constant after the train leaves the lift.

The combined companies have a share of about 40 percent of domestic flights, which Gol expects to remain constant after the full integration of WebJet.

It was codenamed Constant Peg, Constant after the callsign of Maj Gen Hoyt Vandenberg Jr and Peg being the wife of Col Gail Peck, another of its founders.

After all, You are constant After all, You are only good After all, You are Sovereign Not for a moment will You forsake me Not for a moment will You forsake me.

I think it's because the first 10 miles tends to be a bit below average, then my average speed increases as my legs get going, then stays more or less constant after that.

In 1% of cases constant about is used

There's nothing constant about them at all.

They must be constant about weather not being climate.

If there's one thing that's constant about the web today, then it's change.

The one thing that is constant about New York is that it is always changing.

Next Steps: Plant the seed with your team -- one constant about sales reps is they love their routine.

But one thing remains constant about all that has been written about these factors -- high quality contents.

Despite its somewhat chequered history, the one constant about the ground is the enthusiasm of the crowds it attracts.

In 1% of cases constant within is used

But the constant within the body is the soul, which is not subject to any of these changes.

Divide the data into slices of time, narrow enough that the true value is constant within each slice.

This function is very useful to remove parts of a string of characters when there is a constant within it.

The presence and disposition of false veins is constant within a species and forms a useful taxonomic character.

But the constant within the body is the soul, which is not subject to birth, death, or any other material influence.

Virtually any style label in the shops must be constant within best of luck it produces if it is to remain presently there.

Hence, factors that influence the physician's decision for follow-up visits are likely to remain constant within the episode of illness.

However, many phenomena exist for which the ratio is constant within our ability to measure, and so these phenomena are used for the measure of time.

Therefore, prevalence changes continuously through time, but we assumed that it remained constant within each year to simplify the presentation of results 25.

Fixed factory overhead costs: Total fixed factory overhead costs remain constant within the relevant range regardless of the varying levels of production within that range.

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