Prepositions after "conspicuous"

"conspicuous by" or "conspicuous in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases conspicuous by is used

Conspicuous by his absence is Rocky.

Dhoni, was conspicuous by his absence.

Taxis are conspicuous by their absence.

Note that explanation - of the original question - is conspicuous by its absence.

The talking heads are impressive but David lee Roth is conspicuous by his absence.

Raising her arm, conspicuous by its white sleeve in the gloom, she beckoned Miles.

This way, they would add credibility, which is currently conspicuous by absence, to the Indian Political Class.

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In 25% of cases conspicuous in is used

This is conspicuous in Roy's polemic.

Two points are conspicuous in this poem.

Currently these stats are conspicuous in their absence.

Jews were so conspicuous in the American Mission as to excite comment everywhere.

Obviously this relativity is most conspicuous in the special theory of relativity.

The mundane egg is conspicuous in the cosmogony of some of the most ancient nations.

Some of these extravagant uses were conspicuous in the illumination during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Stretch marks can not be avoided completely, but you can ensure that these are not highly conspicuous in nature.

The characteristic Jewishness of the Bolshevik executioners, is most conspicuous in the execution of Nicholas II.

Most conspicuous in Elliot's comment is a lack of positive thinking, with no attention given to genuine solutions.

In 6% of cases conspicuous for is used

COTS was conspicuous for its absence.

I don't want to be conspicuous for my weight.

The pope is conspicuous for his failure to do so.

It towered high above the thick foliage, conspicuous for its height and for its many branches.

Nor were either local markets or long-distance trade conspicuous for the fluctuation of prices.

Even for those who grow up fatherless his influence is a major one, conspicuous for its absence.

A technologized world knows how to make things, knows how to get places, but is not conspicuous for living well.

At the Pelly one morning, as they were harnessing up, Dolly, who had never been conspicuous for anything, went suddenly mad.

At the Pelly one morning, as they were harnessing up, dolly, who had never been conspicuous for anything, went suddenly mad.

This want of order is also against their being purely decorative, since the Maori decorations are conspicuous for order and symmetry.

In 4% of cases conspicuous among is used

Conspicuous among them is the USA.

But others - conspicuous among them Prof.

This radiance is the most conspicuous among them.

The most conspicuous among them were Kabir and Nanak.

Conspicuous among them were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

The crowd presses nearer to him, MORTEN Kiil conspicuous among them.

She would not have been conspicuous among a crowd of stenographers, she said.

Conspicuous among them are the orthodox Jews with their distinct side-locks, top hats and tailcoats.

After a year in Africa his skin was darker, which made him yet more conspicuous among the white population.

Besides, its anthology of tourism pleasures makes it conspicuous among all the other regions of the Thai Kingdom.

In 3% of cases conspicuous at is used

Jupiter, conspicuous at magnitude -2.

The blastopore (b) is conspicuous at this stage.

The two were very conspicuous at the traditional wedding of Anita Ibru.

A gland (extra floral nectary) is conspicuous at the base of the phyllode.

The students have made themselves conspicuous at King's by supporting the lecturers.

They're conspicuous at demonstrations in their work clothes and badges, yet not out of place.

She was conspicuous at the balls of the fastest set, and was suspected of being present at those doubtful suppers that began late and ended early.

Tarhe was conspicuous at the Battle of Point Pleasant where he served under the Wyandot Chief, Chiyawee, and under the great Shawnee Chief, Cornstalk.

It was a thing having its own theory of asceticism, its own type of asceticism, but most conspicuous at the moment as the moderator of other theories and types.

The strength of demand for Wednesday's deal was conspicuous at a very early stage, with investors willing to place orders as early as possible to secure an allocation.

In 3% of cases conspicuous to is used

Your subscription options should be conspicuous to reader.

Conspicuous to the end, I made the bride's mother laugh as.

We were sparse like that, and conspicuous to jazz-recruiters.

You are doing too little to make yourself conspicuous to you boss.

To continue on, it is conspicuous to me that your unseen force, that is not God, is without restriction to any law.

The reasons are fairly obvious: they help you blend in with the surrounding bush making you less conspicuous to animals.

Females probably live longer, as they are less conspicuous to predators (they do not make a lot of noise like the males).

Defensive riding respects basic human abilities by making you more conspicuous to those who are supposed to avoid hitting you.

Simply work the marker through the lure up for many feet to create your collection much less conspicuous to Arian Foster Jersey seafood.

The fruit of your service abides and is conspicuous to all; a success story worthy of a place in the annals of any missionary-sending agency.

In 2% of cases conspicuous as is used

Consideration should also be given to clothing, as it may be undesirable to be conspicuous as an outsider.

Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the head of Judaism, is conspicuous as a religious leader of real national authority.

His conversion would, therefore, excite a deep interest, and it is not improbable that he had been conspicuous as a preacher.

The first Council of Nice is conspicuous as the starting point for the great doctrinal controversies of the Church in the fourth and fifth centuries.

The Israelis therefore become less conspicuous as the government and media can now claim that the Israelis were just immigration violators caught in the same dragnet as many other Arabs.

In 2% of cases conspicuous of is used

The most conspicuous of these militia groups were: 1.

Simplicity and dignity was conspicuous of his disposition.

Joe Collier is far and away the most conspicuous of our vanity-mongers.

The most conspicuous of the same boundaries are also mentioned in a MS.

And we refer to the gene as the cause of the cancer, because it is the most conspicuous of all the conditions involved.

The most conspicuous of the earth's motions is the daily rotation, which the Greeks call nuchthemeron, in which the skies are perceived as whirling from east to west.

As the most conspicuous of Beijing's new landmarks, it has also been sharply criticised by Chinese architects who have been angered by their exclusion from the most high-profile projects.

The most conspicuous of the sacrificial garments is the chasuble, as we say from the latin casula, a little house; so called, said St Isidore of Seville, because it covered the whole man.

In 2% of cases conspicuous on is used

Coarse, black runner hyphae or conspicuous on roots.

This is conspicuous on the streets, homes and the business sector.

The remains of these heaps are conspicuous on the desert surface to this day.

What is/was the primary issue? Okadas had become very conspicuous on Lagos roads.

The CWS will generally be strikingly conspicuous on funduscopy in comparison with the infarct.

The subacute hematoma (age 10 to 20 days) is readily detected on MRI, while it may be much less conspicuous on CT.

In this same period, naked racism became conspicuous on both sides, Japan and the West, particularly the United States.

Xi's unexplained absences are conspicuous on the eve of what is supposed to be China's once-in-a-decade transfer of power.

About a third of electricity is from electric energy supply, and the long lines of transmission towers from sites in the north are conspicuous on the landscape.

Joyce's rearrangement of the same phrases in different orders was already conspicuous on the earlier draft, but became more intense here and continued at every subsequent level.

In 2% of cases conspicuous with is used

The palace that he built inside the fort is conspicuous with designs that depict creepers and flowers).

These two areas are not only distinct in respect of physical features but are also conspicuous with regard to various flora and fauna.

Although I was not conspicuous with my gown and head covering, I was careful not to gaze around and gawk when we were stuck in traffic jams.

But if they didn't have ringside seats - and I doubt Herman would want to be that conspicuous with Ginger - it would be hard to spot the two.

His lack of penetration and zip became more conspicuous with the youthful zest of Ben Hilfenhaus, Peter Siddle and James Pattinson in full view each time India batted.

Verily the best among all the slaves of Allah is the unknown pious and the worst among the creation of Allah is the one who is conspicuous with his wrongful power (state).

In areas where the water table is closer to the surface, such as at the Hippo Pools, yellow fever trees form beautiful stands, conspicuous with their sulphur yellow trunks and pale foliage.

In 1% of cases conspicuous about is used

Be really conspicuous about it.

Sometimes they are good, and all that stops us from using them is our notion of being conspicuous about *everything* as developers.

During the past three years that I have known him at Sampath one thing that is conspicuous about his office is that his table is squeaky clean.

In 1% of cases conspicuous amongst is used

A few traditional turbines and Jinnah caps were conspicuous amongst colorful head coverings.

In 1% of cases conspicuous because is used

Anger is, of course, more conspicuous because of its ferocious nature.

Something very conspicuous because of its absence was your inability to look into their eyes when making that speech.

The two peaks to the south (colloquially known as the Baldies) are also conspicuous because of their barren treeless appearance.

Women felt conspicuous because of their wheelchairs or walkers, facial or limb paralysis, or lapses in memory when engaged in conversation.

This rule applied specifically to certain professors who either were conspicuous because of being alleged authorities in subjects affecting government, or held governmental posts.

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