Prepositions after "conservative"

conservative in, with, about, on or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases conservative in is used

It's fairly conservative in that way.

More explicitly conservative in 2016.

It will not be conservative in any sense.

Anonymous In truth, you both suck (liberal and conservative internet commandos).

At the urging of Daschle, the accountant was very conservative in his estimates.

For this reason this policy is not conservative in the sense of being, low risk.

They helped her bring in a provincial budget described by some as one of the most conservative in the country.

Typically over the last couple of years, clients have wanted to become more conservative in their investments.

Overall, 25 percent of Democrats described themselves as conservative in an October Associated Press-GfK poll.

In an interview, Stewart said the cuts have made the broadcaster necessarily more conservative in its choices.

In 12% of cases conservative with is used

It was conservative with a small c.

I'd pretty conservative with my finances.

I'll be more conservative with my vigor now.

America is ultra-conservative by F1 standards - Conservative with a capital C.

The company was very conservative with guidance given the big third quarter beat.

See all the frustrations huh? Some places are notoriously conservative with names.

A fairly discreet section where it meets but which proves that Samsung is quite conservative with the design.

This feature will be beneficial for people on limited data plans, who are conservative with their data usage.

That IRA you've been counting on is probably still circling the drain, even if you were conservative with it.

Blue Tory -- for the purpose of this list, fiscally conservative with libertarian leanings on fiscal matters.

In 9% of cases conservative about is used

There's nothing conservative about our game.

There has been nothing conservative about it.

Like, literally conservative about everything.

I am very conservative about changing my shoe specially half through training.

Huda Akil: I don't know, there's something about me is conservative about that.

True, the Liberals are mostly unthinkingly conservative about the public services.

What is so Conservative about that? Every person and family in America has to do it or they end up bankrupt.

I've always been conservative about warning time -- unpleasant surprises are just too common in our business.

Nothing conservative about that, beyond the fact that it's how we used to run our economy before we knew better.

In 9% of cases conservative on is used

Hoover was a conservative on monetary policy.

Hoover was very conservative on monetary policy.

Don't expect the Eagles to be conservative on offense.

The Dolphins are simply too conservative on offense, and are being beat on defense.

I'd very liberal on free speech and privacy issues but conservative on business issues.

It is true that Hispanics are relatively conservative on the specific issue of abortion.

According to Biden, the modern Republican Party is more conservative on social issues than it was in the past.

Individual level data may show more giving by the religious, and even by the politically conservative on average.

He is conservative on his money spending but with the high costs there, it will help him even more when he returns.

He's very conservative on gay marriage and those sort of things, but very strongly in favour of women bishops which is good.

In 6% of cases conservative for is used

We are too conservative for that.

He is very conservative for a Democrat.

He was too conservative for Sarah Palin.

And, you know, financial accounting has been conservative for thousands of years.

Rightly so, for the state is too religious and too socially conservative for him.

Indeed, they are still by and large far too conservative for the age in which we live.

As a Republican, Rubio possesses a lot of views that are too conservative for many and distance him from young left-wing voters.

If that's too conservative for your taste, an elaborate probability model devised by the investment banker Goldman Sachs has Ireland.

In regards to Mau and Edmonds, were too conservative for it be a good move to get it on with good looking pretty boys or Rugby teams.

If your servlet container is very conservative for saving resources, it may destroy the servlet that is not in service for long time.

In 6% of cases conservative of is used

Romney is the most conservative of the remaining nominees.

Liberalsucks I think 2020 is way too conservative of a prediction.

It is probably the most conservative of all the advanced countries.

Sexual abuse and incest goes unfettered in the most conservative of Ghanaian families.

Salma Yaqoob was also quick to do that most conservative of acts - to play the race card.

There is nothing so conservative of life as growth: when that stops, decay sets in and the end comes on apace.

Least conservative of 4 remaining GOP candidates is Mitt Romney, so I am officially asking Willard to step down.

And this major innovation in mobile computing was created for that most conservative of worker, the British civil servant.

Certain exogenous factors have helped to put WID onto even the most conservative of development agendas in the 1980s and 90s.

In 4% of cases conservative by is used

My style is conservative by day and casual by night.

Christianity today is not conservative by revolutionary.

They are conservative by nature and value their ancient traditions.

What is more, a woman is more responsive, receptive, and warm, yet conservative by nature.

I'd a 23 year old girl from an asian country that is still conservative by western standards.

He didn't mind the dress code or the No Booze Rule, and in fact was extremely conservative by nature.

It's not too late to re-learn how to be truly conservative by conserving -- not to mention how much fun it is.

The farmers here are very conservative by nature, so it was not easy for them to break old habits and try something new.

As for me, I became more conservative by hanging around liberals and I became more libertarian by hanging around conservatives.

Financial Services Council chief executive Peter Neilson said New Zealand life insurance firms tended to be quite conservative by nature.

In 3% of cases conservative at is used

As a bank we are very conservative at the moment.

CNN more conservative at 169 to 157 (same order).

LOL Your tips are too conservative at sometimes quite ridiculous.

Clearly that hasn't happened and I thought I was being conservative at the time.

Off late he looks a lot more conservative at the crease which isn't his natural game.

I think they have definitely been more conservative at the end of this year than last.

Many scientists felt the IPCC review was conservative at the time and there is now more science enabling an update.

Besides, there were maybe ten women ahead of me at this point, so I figured I was being conservative at this point.

Should I be aggressive or conservative with my money before 30? You should be conservative at all times with your money.

Bowles doesn? t seem to be nearly the blitzer McDermott was or as conservative at bringing extra pass rushers as Castillo.

In 2% of cases conservative as is used

But there's nothing quote so conservative as a bureaucracy when acting.

Central Florida is pretty conservative as well as soon as you get away from the coasts and the bigger cities.

Or in a slightly more subtle way, have argued that the programme was overly conservative as a piece of TV: see F.

I think I was probably a bit too conservative as the grip level was pretty high or at least higher than I had expected.

So, well, here's me not being politically conservative as the conservative movement in America has defined itself in this era.

When people, their lifestyles, and livelihood are threatened, they pull in, being very conservative as a self-preservation measure.

As a member of the Free Church, Ward is about as theologically conservative as a Protestant can get, but he wasn't pure enough for them.

But this underlines a trend we have seen in the closing stages of the season of Pirelli being more conservative as the championship reaches its climax.

Najib, who is also Umno president, said the party should not be static and too conservative as the young generation wanted to see change and they liked transformation.

For this reason I have been extremely conservative as to the interpolations admitted into the text itself: I have rejected, for example, the innumerable phrases which St.

In 2% of cases conservative to is used

That would seem very conservative to me.

This (Roberts ') reasoning seems very conservative to me.

I am not risk adverse, but have been pretty conservative to date.

We just need several conservative to non-liberal networks to even the playing field.

They have excellent prices on used gear, and their grading is conservative to a fault.

I am conservative to an extreme and even I can see how we are getting played by both sides.

While a few of the white townspeople are openly racist, some of the Muslim characters are conservative to the point of near-fanaticism.

By doing the right thing, they would lose the support of the substantial pro-life contingent, who always have someone more conservative to back.

This is a simplistic and selective listing ranging from the most conservative to the most radical - there is some overlap between categories 3, 4 and 5.

I want to keep them but I think this will severely limit my chances of getting a job in the legal profession, which seems to be very conservative to me.

In 1% of cases conservative after is used

I do believe Congress (Senate) and the Presidency will be CONSERVATIVE after the election.

Keith's definition of games might be conservative after a few years of game design theory but I think it's pretty radical in the today of game design.

In fact, they made their health and safety policies much more conservative after the Exxon Valdez disaster, correctly erring on the side of minimizing the risk of another catastrophic spill.

In 1% of cases conservative over is used

You will become more conservative over time.

Our country has just gotten more and more conservative over the years.

In letters, the board has grown less conservative over the years in matters of taste.

Because of this, the Pearl of the Orient Seas has become very conservative over time.

Some day the Republican Party may return to the American mainstream, which has actually become far more conservative over the years.

In his opinion, the Brotherhood is little threat to the status quo in the Gulf, since the organization became very conservative over its long history.

Obama is progressive in a political context that had proved to be increasingly conservative over the previous 30 years, with only one Democratic president serving two terms in 40 years.

After making one of the boldest trades in NHL history by acquiring Phil Kessel for two first round picks and one second rounder, Burke has been rather conservative over the last few years.

In 1% of cases conservative rather is used

As always, if you are unsure, be more conservative rather than less.

Some say maturing involves being more conservative rather than liberal.

As a general rule, user agents are urged to be conservative rather than optimistic.

However for them too, the main cause of decline was due to doctrinal change, although this time towards a more conservative rather than liberal stance.

In 1% of cases conservative without is used

There is a way to be conservative without taking a knee.

Or to put it another way, the pool of independents got a lot more conservative without changing the overall composition of the electorate.

Florescent light bulbs, low-wattage power supplies, and solar powered batteries are all conservative without decreasing any cost to performance.

Florescent bulbs, low-wattage energy supplies, as well as solar powered batteries are all conservative without lowering any cost to performance.

Florescent light bulbs, low-wattage energy supplies, and solar powered batteries are all conservative without decreasing any cost to performance.

Florescent light bulbs, low-wattage power supplies, as well as solar powered batteries are all conservative without lowering any cost to performance.

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