Prepositions after "conscious"

conscious of, about, in, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases conscious of is used

She was highly conscious of that.

The mind remains conscious of the object.

Even the wicked were conscious of the fact.

I'd conscious of the pauses between H's touches, not knowing what will happen next.

We are encouraging the child to be more conscious of the details of his evaluation.

It wasn't the same in his own case, but he was conscious of the suffering of others.

Hitler remained conscious of the affection for the Church felt in some quarters of Germany, particularly Bavaria.

Austen was acutely conscious of the cost of living and the price of everything, including the price of matrimony.

On Mary's arrival, Elisabeth was conscious of the approach of her who was to be the mother of the great Redeemer.

It could be better; but Australian citizens are not sufficiently conscious of the realities about climate change.

In 8% of cases conscious about is used

Now, I'd more conscious about it.

So now I'd self conscious about it.

I am very conscious about my looks.

People are so much conscious about their environment and variations in behavior.

If that's you, be conscious about that and let your ears do the talking for you.

I'd really self conscious about my problem I'd with the person who gave it to me.

We've been talking about the concept of digital Bangladesh but little conscious about who will materialize it.

You started to envy those who have well-toned abdominal muscles and you became more conscious about your body.

If you are conscious about it, then keeping a healthy life could spare you from high healthcare strategy rate.

Anxiety: Young people who are very conscious about their beauty are mostly affected by the problem of anxiety.

In 2% of cases conscious in is used

I need to be conscious in knowing I am.

He said, it also made him conscious in bed.

You have to become soul conscious in nature.

Was that conscious in, inside you that you knew that you were taking risks? Oh yes.

It was a learning experience but the best part is I am not self conscious in front.

So everybody both male &; female of the society should be conscious in this matter.

Intellect, then, becomes stable in its gasoline state of core of the nature which is deeply conscious inner self.

And whether or not these machines could communicate with us, they would be conscious in the exact same way we are.

If you're self conscious in showing off your ungainly figures, this particular design and style is perfect for you.

Beings of Light, Angels, are the place holders of the Laws of Physics, conscious in scopes you can not even imagine.

In 1% of cases conscious at is used

I was quite conscious at the time.

I am so conscious at the moment of how LUCKY we are.

It becomes conscious at the solar plexis (heart centre).

Water is a valuable resource out here, so prepare to be water conscious at the center.

We, men, have to be far more conscious at the individual level as well as social level.

They wear our uniform with pride, conscious at all times that they are the face of Aer Lingus.

New Zealanders are advised to be security conscious at all times and extra vigilant in crowded or landmark places.

Ah yes, she did of course; what a nuisance; and felt very sisterly and oddly conscious at the same time of her hat.

Yes, Anurag watches all my movies and criticizes about my accent not being right or that I look conscious at times.

Now, in this waking condition, we are supposed to be conscious at a particular level of the operation of the psyche.

In 1% of cases conscious for is used

We were all much to conscious for that crap.

What is subconscious for some people is conscious for others.

At best, I would have been conscious for about six or seven in breath &; out breath.

A human head remains conscious for about 15 to 20 seconds after it is been decapitated.

At last his voice became excited: The next day Phatik became conscious for a short time.

There is a growing demand from persons who are health conscious for food without preservative and pesticide free.

You would survive about a ninety seconds, you wouldn't explode, you would remain conscious for about ten seconds.

Dr Hultberg tried the Sisyphus work of making the **28;430;TOOLONG issue conscious for righties anyway, for a time.

The FAWC report found that animals could remain fully conscious for up to two minutes after having their throats cut.

In 1% of cases conscious on is used

He regained conscious on the way to hospital.

Everything which exists is conscious on some level.

However, it is also a crisis of conscious on an individual level.

In addition, in case of doing further study researcher need to conscious on this issue.

Being attentive and conscious on the economy's standing will help you understand more of it.

However, you have to be conscious on what amongst these are appropriate for you and your body.

Sarvodaya is extremely conscious on these phenomena and its holistic approach is addressing this to a great extent.

It was activated on the premise that a conscious on the ethnic issue among the major political groups was desirable.

The prinicple is that AOLstalker reveals just how seriously things can go wrong if you're not privacy conscious on the Internet.

Paying Fitrah is obligatory on every Muslim who is mature (baligh ), sane, financially able, and conscious on the eve of Eid al-Fitr.

In 1% of cases conscious to is used

You could say animals are conscious to a degree.

I am self conscious to a fault, I must admit it can be quite irritating.

The process must be repeated, or the animal goes conscious to the knife.

As an outcome, our student body is grade conscious to an extent that is terrifying.

Now, all the Arabian nations are conscious to the Americans conspirator imperialism.

He was conscious to the very end, and I can say he did not meet his death in agonizing pain.

In my experience, the picture frame is not very often conscious to people, and this I suppose is as it should be.

As I have already sufficiently indicated, I regard the relation of the unconscious to the conscious as compensatory.

When brands are truly owned by the organization, they have the potential to move from the conscious to the intuitive.

Dr Leslie Weatherhead wrote about how, in his pastoral ministry, he sat with a dying man who was conscious to the end.

In 1% of cases conscious with is used

That's what I'd very conscious with in the digest.

They might not be conscious with the **40;303;TOOLONG.

Almost all of my girl and gay friends are conscious with their skin.

The nurses were amazed I was still conscious with so little blood left in my body.

However, men go for those who are conscious with their looks (not extremely, though).

Business will take a hit and they need to remain conscious with regards to their diet.

Such as breathing, conscious with correct posture position will also help you eliminate your negative thoughts.

Even in case you aren't conscious with the artificial baggage, take a close friend with you who can assist you.

I don't have much memory of the rest of the night, but later on I found myself on a bed half conscious with her, uh, well you know.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks In cases aside from pregnancy, one can prevent stretch marks by being conscious with his or her figure.

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