Prepositions after "confusing"

"confusing for" or "confusing to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases confusing for is used

I made it to confusing for You.

It's certainly confusing for me.

It was totally confusing for me.

Being an Indian, its so confusing for me to read the condition of Tamils in camps.

This got so confusing for me- I had to come up with a standard way of handling it.

You're not there to teach, which can be distracting and confusing for the student.

Extended Warranty Buying a used vehicle can be very confusing for consumers, particularly for first-time buyers.

I tried to gather the details from ica website but find it quite confusing for the requirement of local sponsor.

I'll still support it cuz I care: TA The Flash Rebirth is kinda confusing for a DC newbie for me though D: Like.

They've started and stopped so many times that it'll be hugely confusing for the non-geek audience to understand.

In 31% of cases confusing to is used

All of this is confusing to me.

It seems way too confusing to me.

It was extremely confusing to me.

This was as confusing to his disciples as it is to those of us who voted yesterday.

I've researched different visa's all night long and they are still confusing to me.

If it's still confusing to you, maybe you should ask Imam Suhaib Webb to explain it.

However, this becomes very frustrating and confusing to the parent who is desperately trying to help their child.

Mykl -- It will certainly make URLs more diverse and confusing to people when there are more options to remember.

Sometimes the itineraries are too complicated or confusing to the airlines such that the OTAs are the only option.

I find the Hare Krishna talk very intriguing yet I am cautious because some of the terminology is confusing to me.

In 7% of cases confusing at is used

Everything is confusing at this age.

It can get pretty confusing at times.

It can get somewhat confusing at times.

This can be confusing at times to figure out how to best educate the user to setup.

What he writes about the Logos is varied, imprecise and somewhat confusing at times.

The mall isn't the easiest to navigate around and can be a little confusing at times.

In the bottom right you have the flash cards that show you the upcoming moves but they can be confusing at times.

While it's very enjoyable to be able to more openly explore your surroundings it can get very confusing at times.

It suggests a working set of tools and technologies, among a wide variety that looks confusing at a first glance.

With several hundreds of umbrella firms operating in the United Kingdom, the choice is quite difficult and confusing at times.

In 5% of cases confusing in is used

It can be confusing in the beginning.

Things got very confusing in Sunshine.

Ok, this is getting confusing in a way.

I would argue that it? s incomplete and confusing in places, but that? s no big deal.

SEO can be a very tedious job whilst also very difficult and confusing in many respects.

If it's confusing as I describe it - don't worry, because it is NOT confusing in the narrative.

Also confusing in 2011 was it was the same hitting coach, Dwayne Murphy delivering a modified hitting philosophy.

Where the first MI movie was a bit confusing in its plot, MI:2 seemed to completely exchange complexity for style.

Website hosting can be confusing in the event you don't understand what you're seeking and what your preferences are.

Weinschenk: That sounds a bit confusing in the use of standards in some cases and proprietary enhancements in others.

In 5% of cases confusing with is used

It was all confusing with the questions.

Also it can get confusing with my NN/SN.

You are confusing with two different aspect of war crime.

The drive there was a bit confusing with our handphone GPS getting all messed up.

To day when you are looking at graviton in LHC, YOU ARE CONFUSING WITH HIGGS BOSON.

It is very confusing with the weight recommendations on the diaper packages, I know.

Yes, the reports from Bani Walid are deeply confused and deeply confusing with much propaganda from both sides.

You almost certainly wonder which one you ought to choose, since it can be confusing with so many different ones.

You almost certainly wonder which one you should choose, because it can be confusing with a wide variety of ones.

As the above example demonstrates (no pun intended ), things become confusing with abstractions like proper names.

In 4% of cases confusing as is used

I'd sorry if it's confusing as a result.

It can seem a bit confusing as to where you need to begin.

It can be very confusing as to who is a hero and a villain.

This is confusing as the data from NHS Highland appears to demonstrate the opposite.

This could be quite confusing as the typed text does not really match the suggestion.

Plus he'll also have a nickname -- probably makes it confusing as to which name to learn.

Each one MUST have a unique IP address, or it will be confusing as to which one you should be communicating with.

Specifically for first-time retailers, studying the motions of selling a house could be very confusing as well as.

Some catalogs contain more than 100 different breeds and variations and it might become confusing as to which are best.

With a big company it can be less of a personal experience, and confusing as to who the right person to pitch would be.

In 3% of cases confusing about is used

I see nothing confusing about this.

What is so confusing about that? Tell me, Mr.

I don't see what could be confusing about that idea.

The author is also confused and confusing about bison.

I didn't find anything very confusing about it at all.

There are a couple of things still confusing about this.

And this is what's so confusing about this Arsenal team.

I struggle to see what is particularly confusing about that.

Inside signifies everything confusing about my name in one image.

I don't see what's so confusing about the highlighted text above.

In 2% of cases confusing on is used

This is to avoid confusing on our end.

I also think he's confusing on purpose.

The 100c meme is confusing on that point.

RBMA: Does that get confusing on the legal end of things? Clams Casino: Yeah, very easily.

This can be confusing on your first day behind the wheel, so start off a little slower than usual.

It has so many scheming characters in it that it gets confusing on who hates who and who is cheating who.

Which begs to question: what happened to the money? But I love that the director made everything so confusing on purpose.

Web App, Native App Web app or native app? For the average user, things can get a bit confusing on the new Baidu mobile browser.

Could you also advise how to go from taoyuan airport to the train station that goes to ruifang? quite confusing on the direction.

Since RSS feeds do not display the actual URL or name of the website, it can sometimes get confusing on what feed a user is actually reading.

In 1% of cases confusing by is used

That's confusing by anyone's standards.

Her modern thoughts gets confusing by the day.

Let's just say the temporal mechanics get very confusing by the end.

However, the bit of clarity is made confusing by the relative disorganization of the painting.

Anonymity made all the more confusing by the existence of another Swedish outfit of the same name.

A simple plot is made confusing by doing the flip flops between flashbacks, present and is a complete hotch potch.

Fortunately, images take a very personal approach to nutrition and can eliminate this confusing by recommending a program that's right for you.

If it's a company who you look after their IT what's the point in making it all confusing by calling it IT, its just 5 servers that they won't see.

Read More Latest Stories The scandal that burst into the news last week, which led to CIA Director David Petraeus's resignation, gets more confusing by the day.

In 1% of cases confusing due is used

This can be pretty confusing due to barriers in communication.

Process was not hard, just confusing due to a lack of communication.

What might be confusing due to my posts here is what I mean by dealing with evil.

Also, the US system is confusing due to the big influence of varying state laws across the 50 states.

The area surrounding employment versus self-employment is increasingly confusing due to the complex rules.

Some people get a little concerned that this might be some kind of New Age routine that is obscure and confusing due to it's complexity.

Furthermore, the issue of carbon-footprint labelling has become confusing due to different carbon footprinting and labelling standards that have emerged in different countries.

New York City historians have argued that the history of land ownership in Manhattan is very confusing due to the shuffling of land back and forth between the Dutch and British.

In 1% of cases confusing of is used

I have little confusing of blog URL structure.

The AMT is the most confusing of taxes -- and the most bungled in Congress.

No sign of coherence yet: Most confusing of all was his position on markets.

A lot of the comments here have been confusing of those who may not be familiar with the subject.

That's not the confusing of the two kingdoms nor Mormonism with christianity going on in the Rep.

And perhaps most confusing of all, the vast majority of the main players seemed to be living in Britain or Ireland.

Why ' under '? Why ' way '? It turns out that a confusing of several seafaring words had a bearing on the coining of this nautical phrase.

In 1% of cases confusing without is used

Some press release may be confusing without additional explanation.

Ami Hostel is kind of unusual - you might find it a little confusing without any background knowledge.

But her description of the northern part of the cathedral precincts I found to be confusing without a plan.

Advertising through social media can be quite confusing without the right information to guide you, however.

In written form, however, English would be so clunky and insufferably confusing without the benefit of punctuation.

The journey from sexual curiosity to finally coming out can be confusing without proper guidance and empowering role models.

The modern convention indicating speed with a metronome marking can be confusing without clearly specifying the size of the unit.

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