Prepositions after "confused"

"confused with" or "confused about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases confused with is used

I am very confused with it all.

Do not get confused with its name.

I even get confused with the names.

I think they're really getting me confused with Randy, the dude from American Idol.

But my strong veneration for Deen this year has left me confused with one question.

I think you are getting confused with power of attorney whether finances or health.

MB: as a layperson I get confused with the concepts of Quantum Physics, but I don't think it's entirely my fault.

You might think that you could become confused with the images that you already have for the Number Rhyme System.

With so many colors, fabrics, and styles available, it is easy to get confused with all the choices in the market.

I can't help but wonder if some women are getting confused with the image of the ideal man they have, and reality.

In 22% of cases confused about is used

She feels confused about Jacob.

I'd quite confused about things.

I'd very confused about drinking.

At a deeper level, I think that we have becomes confused about the word ' love '.

I'd very confused about the lack of support (insert own joke here) for Middleton.

I was very confused about the texture, the liquidity or how my baby would respond to the first spoon of solids.

Re: Virgins in the next world I am very confused about that thing about men getting virgins in paradise/heaven.

In that video the man receiving the ticket seems confused about the ticket but is shrugged off by the officers.

If there is no one like that now, go find them! You said you were confused about your sexuality but that is okay.

In 14% of cases confused by is used

I'd very, very confused by this.

I'd very confused by all of this.

I'd really very confused by this.

Try not to be confused by the fact that the female lead's name is actually Veronica.

Even Sven Nys who sits on the UCI's athlete commission appears confused by the system.

Newspapers and many financial folk are very confused by the continual price increases.

The club spent 70+ million this past summer on new signings! Hope you are not getting confused by the term false 9.

Unfortunately the western culture does not yet identify enough with these players and gets confused by their names.

I might add, I was quite confused by the menu, 8 different stir frys, 3 different curries, 1 steak dish, 1 chicken dish.

In 8% of cases confused as is used

She was very confused as to what it was.

I was very confused as to what all I need to do.

So I'd a very confused as to what's wrong with CO2.

Mitsubishi seems to be very confused as to what still generates interest for their brand.

So still, colour me confused as to why they didn't try to harvest leads from those people.

I have read some of the comments but am getting confused as to what to do in my situation.

I was rather confused as to what this was, until I remembered about the ban up Eau Rouge -- then it become obvious.

However, in this case, I am very confused as to why you have reviewed a pair of shoes? Curious, I read the article.

Besides that, looking at reviews &; comparison charts has really gotten me confused as to what to look for in a CPU.

I was getting more and more thirsty and then I was getting confused as to how far I was from our next meeting point.

In 4% of cases confused for is used

He looked confused for a moment.

They had got confused for a while.

The man looked confused for a moment.

But then so was the band, which some confused for being the only reason for their attendance.

People really get confused for the selection of the person for getting some urgent work done.

The satiety hormone leptin gets confused for fat people that is something we all need to note.

The boss looked confused for a while, but finally got the message that xxx was not to be feared, she was no different to any other worker.

Don't think I violated the rules, or did my comment get confused for spam? lprent: Can't see anything going into moderation or spam from you.

I know it kept me confused for a loooooooooooong time someone who called an texted me OFTEN, I didn't flush him because by those tokens only.

So if you happen upon a newly opened stretch of road your satnav might think you are in the middle of a field and become very confused for a while.

In 4% of cases confused on is used

The EC is pretty confused on the aviation side.

I think someone is getting confused on two issues.

It was so clear how confused on how i felt about it.

Actually, I was quite confused on the aspect of registration and you've cleared it up.

You end up confused on what it was all about and go home wondering why the film was made.

He was born three years after I was, but yet people keep on getting confused on who's who.

If the three go in different directions, the government may well end up looking confused on freedom of expression.

Family gets confused on such not-have's and friends look at us with suspicion whether we don't have any priorities.

I just finished a master's degree in the humanities and am more confused on contemporary political isssues than ever.

It's simple, but if your confused on the best practice for jailbreaking, Jailbreak Stats makes it as easy as possible.

In 3% of cases confused at is used

You seem very confused at the moment.

You guys are very confused at the least.

I am very confused at this point in time.

Some of them were just children, who would have been very confused at Savile's actions.

As may be obvious at this point, I'd getting quite confused at this point with this library.

JH is quite confused at the turn of events, at the same time knew that he has a rival in JY's heart.

So if Snider looks confused at the plate, you can understand why, and the Jays have to assume some of the blame for this.

Do you think your OH might also a bit depressed? It could contribute to his yo-yo mood and feeling very down and confused at times.

This does make an unambiguous term, although you may be getting confused at this point! You may prefer to think of it as East of North East.

In 3% of cases confused in is used

Psst! you hiss at it as it perches confused in the gravel.

The anchor was looking confused in front of Tahir ul Qadri.

At the first time when I read your poem I am quite confused in your thought.

I think it's more I was very confused in my youth and I do tend to march to my own drummer.

February 11, 2012 at 1:19 am (265) Confused in MI says: I have a rather interesting situation.

One may get very confused in any of the above states if he or she is not mentally prepared for them.

February 11, 2012 at 10:01 am (266) BandSlam says: Confused in MI, you can only get the weeks in each Tier claim once.

The concept gets confused in the West, because it gets conflated with the Right and Left Pillars of the Kabbalic Tree of Life.

July 26, 2012 at 6:08 pm (948) Confused in NY says: Going down to the local office would probably work, but I had to move to CA.

As we left, an old, senile man was walking around confused in the hallway, wearing nothing more than underwear and wetting himself.

In 3% of cases confused of is used

Jim was the most confused of the lot.

Nonetheless, many people get confused of the two.

He moved aimlessly and appeared confused of what he wanted in life.

And this is such a field where everyone gets confused of what it really is.

You can attach the previous conversation you had so the two of you won't get confused of your topic.

Is this legal not to pay for that? hi, im confused of the sil? our company incentive leave is 5sl/5vl given to employee after 6 mos.

But for the truth, sixty percent of the diners get confused of the lists so it would be wise if you only print out a few choices in the menu.

Make sure that you understand that there's a difference between permanent and term insurance, as a lot of people become confused of these two.

Even experts at times get confused of what the many numbers associated with trading a stock mean though they may have a good idea about the same.

I've viewed alot of options for the future but I'd still so confused of where to go and just how much money I will be able to put in for my classes.

In 2% of cases confused between is used

I'd not sure why people are getting confused between: 2.

You are getting confused between the police and the Courts.

Rudd gets confused between English and the English dictionary.

But we must not be confused between that and domestic consumption.

I can understand the man in the street getting confused between the debt and the deficit.

He gets confused between his knees and ears (although gets ' willy ' right every time -- go figure).

I think you're getting confused between Building Regs and some kind of NHBC warranty on a new-build property.

I think you're getting confused between the storage of the question data and the use of the data within the APP.

Chris - London 17 October 2012 Seems to me that these people are getting confused between fullstops and decimal points.

The pieces are vastly different and the mind-set that Richard has to get into before productions prevents him from getting confused between performances.

In 2% of cases confused over is used

She never gets confused over her dates, and I always do.

Adrian - I think you are getting confused over data sets.

Walk Tall Hang Loose We are getting confused over terminology.

Am i too late for enrolment in a university this year? I feel very confused over what to do.

There are so many that a lot of people are quite confused over which one really delivers results.

I now have a process to do these as I was finding my self getting very confused over what I had done so far.

But that isn't the problem in Bangladesh, because we are increasingly becoming confused over what corruption is.

My own gran used to get very confused over the death of her brother - who had died as a young boy 70 years before.

I think it gets confused over the fact you gave permission to a program to access the internet at will and then that program floods the bandwidth.

In 1% of cases confused after is used

Lindsay says she was very confused after the accident and would never deliberately lie to the cops.

In 1% of cases confused from is used

They become very confused from not knowing what is morally correct.

Remie plays for black pool under 17 side and not the reserves? I'd getting confused from the previous post.

After more pointing and questioning and acting confused from our side, my cop visibly gave up and waved us on.

In 1% of cases confused to is used

Most of these discussions seem pretty confused to me.

I feel very shy to speak in front of people and I feel very confused to the extent that I forget what i want to say.

It is estimated that up to 94 per cent of long-haul travellers suffer from jet lag because the body becomes confused to travelling through different time zones.

To say the least, the past month has been a tumble of so many emotions ranging from confused to pretty to jealous to angry to loveliest to everything else in between.

The former set designer's origami-inspired pieces can be seen in every magazine from Dazed &; Confused to Vogue and on various musicians from Lady Gaga to Patrick Wolf.

You watch any pv that's come out before this and you don't feel too confused to what is going on (Ok, Ooguro Maki-san's ' Anything Goes ' was a little on the odd side but still very appealing).

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