Prepositions after "confident"

"confident in", "confident about" or "confident of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases confident in is used

Wear what you feel confident in.

Confident in their invention, Drs.

People aren't confident in the CEO.

I chose Dublin as a starting point, confident in the knowledge that in a city of 1.

And i am confident in the near futuremost of my weaknesses may not be there at all.

We are confident in the quality of our work and back it up with a 6-month warranty.

While a transition like this is never easy, I'd extremely confident in the teams and leadership we have in place.

Why you should read it: Written for women by women, the site offers advice you can relate to and be confident in.

Canadians remain confident in the safety of their deposits, and continue to make use of affordably-priced credit.

The elated Hall stated that he was confident in the beginning and knew that he had to take it one game at a time.

In 22% of cases confident of is used

She was so confident of the out-come.

David was confident of a future life.

Yusria was confident of the mercy of Allah.

Not confident of a Pies win in week one -- will accept it gratefully if it happens.

Confident of yourself, your team and future, you're quite persistent and never quit.

At the end of the day, it will be a team effort and I'd still confident of the team.

If the Conservative Party is ever to be confident of a majority, it will need more working-class and youth votes.

In fact, as Edgerton shows, the British Empire was the stronger, and we went to war in 1939 confident of victory.

NECI will attend these hearings and we are confident of a positive outcome from the 5 judges of the Supreme Court.

If you are confident of the technical solution you require we assist you in reviewing vendors and their offerings.

In 21% of cases confident about is used

He's confident about the wager.

I am very confident about the film.

I'd quite confident about the future.

Life has surely been good for Alhaji Dangote as he is confident about the future.

So those are the five that we feel most confident about, but there are many more.

It's hard to feel confident about the future when you can lose your land this way.

If you are not confident about the steps to take, approach an NGO or a Website, such as RTI Nation (rtination.

I was able to get an extended playtest on Far Cry 3 and came away feeling really quite confident about the game.

When buyers see this special trade mark or symbol, they can be more confident about the quality of the products.

It may be that the rider has become more confident about the new head gear, and starts to ask for a little more.

In 7% of cases confident with is used

I'd pretty confident with my putter.

We're very, very confident with the sound.

And I'd comfortable and confident with it.

I was quite confident with the song, but there was still a lot of pressure on me.

Customized software solutions is our forte and we are confident with the results.

Just bake it for forty minutes at the hottest temperature you feel confident with.

New approach OEM manufacturers want security of supply; the buyers need to feel confident with their suppliers.

As for me, I don't really know? I mean I make a lot of stuff, but only put out stuff I'd really confident with.

With Ryan Sproul out of the lineup, Nurse has exploded offensively and looks incredibly confident with the puck.

In 2% of cases confident on is used

He's really confident on the ice.

Now i'd confident on this concept.

He?? s really confident on the ice.

He is so much more confident on all the contact obstacles that he makes up seconds.

I was so happy and confident on that day and I had no idea that could happen to me.

I don't see how you go into the semi finals feeling confident on the back of a loss.

Or, ' I'd not confident on what I should be doing to move forward so I'd blundering along doing lots of things '.

The difficulty is that many times, men and women are not confident on how to develop muscle in the way they wish.

Being fashion forward comes with a great deal of confidence that you believe and feel confident on what you wear.

The Board remains confident on the outlook for the year as performance is in line with internal expectations more.

In 1% of cases confident after is used

We felt 100% confident after that.

I felt really confident after the first day.

She seemed very confident after last week's bottom two knock.

I remember feeling really inspired and confident after being part of this program.

I felt more confident after the hole-in-one and made two birdies in the next holes.

The Australian Football League is cashed-up and confident after signing its record $1.

Lourey said he's confident after speaking with state officials involved in building the exchange that it can be done.

Feeling confident after winning his bronze medal in C2M yesterday, 28 year old Richard Hounslow got off to a flying start.

You will be more confident after working directly with a lawyer who is intimately familiar with the laws of where you live.

Anyway, it seems the Xtra Factor presenter (ahem) was rather confident after his performance on the live show last weekend.

In 1% of cases confident as is used

I am confident as a woman and with the way my body is.

I feel much more confident as a writer after working with you.

Q: It seems that Canada has become more confident as a country.

Louis has them sitting at 4-6 and feeling more confident as the Patriots come to town.

Over the years, she has become more confident as a performer, and not just as a dancer.

The training we had by Deb and Amanda was more than helpful, though, and I became more confident as the show went on.

Important to have a confident as a companion in trading because psychologically its help trader make better decision.

There's pressure on every game but we're confident as a team and we know if we do our jobs right we are hard to beat.

I definitely am far more confident as a person, probably because of some of the challenges I've overcome this last year.

In 1% of cases confident at is used

I should be more confident at parties.

So, that's how to be confident at work.

So be confident at any time within rules.

He almost doesn't require help with his homework and he is more confident at school.

We are feeling quite confident at this stage and believe we can beat the Australians.

He learns Russian every day for two hours and is already confident at using the language.

The biggest change is that I feel that I? m much more confident at picking what is good writing and what is drivel.

Consequently it might appear to be unduly confident at some points and to give insufficient attention to intricacies.

The president grew in confidence in the later stages of the night, while Romney, confident at the start, began to fade.

The program done frequent enough will not only give great ongoing results, but is easy to learn and become confident at.

In 1% of cases confident for is used

I am still very confident for the race.

I am confident for the 1st of December.

I really feel confident for the new season.

Back bends can leave you energized and confident for days after you practice them.

I now feel more confident for applying for jobs now that my resume is in top shape.

After Saturday I can honestly say I feel more confident for whatever auditions I get.

I am confident for a strong end to the season which I plan to carry through to a full-on winter training schedule.

The Louis Vuitton luggage have been one of the transactions in the attention to the main confident for all females.

This article intends to provide the reader with some helpful tips on how to look and feel confident for the big day.

With amazing make up, hair and a gorgeous dress, I felt really confident for presenting some of the awards that night.

In 1% of cases confident to is used

Doesn't sound too confident to me.

I knew that I appeared very confident to others.

And less confident to the left, tyre wear agrees.

He told the advocate he felt confident to self advocate in the future if necessary.

They confident to adieu to the Rattlesnake and go to the lavatory to the Whiskey Bar.

VCs get money by seeming confident to LPs, and founders get money by seeming confident to VCs.

Be confident to assessment your policy periodically to be specific that youve kept it up to date, specially when.

Your answer should sound confident to indicate that you have already started working on that particular weakness.

A cultural change needs to take place, so that streets become safer and people feel more confident to cycle and walk.

If Summers, brusque and confident to the point of arrogance, had been given the job, he would have done the same thing.

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