Prepositions after "conducive"

conducive to, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases conducive to is used

Conducive to the exchange of folk artists.

And it is not conducive to the public good.

He, too, is not conducive to the public good.

The continuation of war was conducive to the establishment of permanent leadership.

This is because the island is not conducive to the production of the grass needed, and so it needs to be imported.

One of our objectives is to provide a work environment that is conducive to both personal and professional growth.

However, such miracles would not be conducive to the human being's freedom or his conscious choice and development.

But they are not conducive to deep thought; they do not illuminate the path one should follow for a meaningful life.

In 12% of cases conducive for is used

The atmosphere is just not conducive for work.

This period is very conducive for forest walks.

The environment was not conducive for education.

This is in view to making the learning environment more conducive for the student.

The centre is in a calm and quiet location and conducive for study and reflection.

The state has fabulous weather throughout the year which is also conducive for the growth of a variety of crops.

Azlan said brands have to make it conducive for consumers to participate in shaping their grammar and relevance.

The combination of a high IQ with low latent inhibitions have shown to be a mind-space conducive for creativity.

The weather was partly cloudy with a fast wind blowing, making the environment more conducive for such a reunion.

In 1% of cases conducive in is used

These are definitely conducive in building ethnic amity.

The place where we are staying now is fairly conducive in this respect.

Ableton Live - This is a very nice DAW conducive in making loop based music.

The local businesses did not have late hours, which are conducive in a residential neighborhood.

These properties make the agonist more conducive in progression treatment programs for younger patients.

High tempo football is not conducive in a hot climate, especially with many games over a few weeks period.

The actual short handle causes it to be conducive in order to powerful powder in to skin and the securely jam-packed.

As a result of this perspective, we can redesign the processes which are not so conducive in the completion of a service.

This situation is, however, far from being conducive in Namibia because of the erection of regional and national boundaries.

It paved the way for the US in making the environment conducive in both the countries, especially in the regime establishment.

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