Prepositions after "compulsory"

"compulsory for" or "compulsory in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases compulsory for is used

English is compulsory for all students.

Helmets are compulsory for the bike leg.

Not compulsory for a crash helmet too then.

Why is travel and medical insurance compulsory for international students? Ans18.

Moreover, English Language is compulsory for all the students under this Faculty.

Only the marking of first preference is compulsory for a ballot paper to be valid.

From next year it will be compulsory for all junior doctors to shadow senior colleagues for at least four days.

Second, it says a course focused on ethics, morality and world religions should be compulsory for all students.

It is necessary for a man to cook well, but, it is HIGHLY COMPULSORY for a woman to know how to cook very well.

As a result, and for the first time, education became compulsory for all and was free at the point of delivery.

In 19% of cases compulsory in is used

It is not compulsory in Hinduism.

Smoking was compulsory in schools.

Schooling is compulsory in Norway.

Large domestic water tanks will be compulsory in both cities rather than optional.

For the MBA executive program enrollment is also compulsory in the summer session.

Helmets are not compulsory in towns and may be removed while climbing steep hills.

Hiring a tour guide is compulsory in most areas while some places are still completely off-limits to foreigners.

To get support from the Roman Catholic Church, religious education was made compulsory in all elementary schools.

The amount of rooms with unnecessary lights in houses around here!! Just make sure it is compulsory in new builds.

In 4% of cases compulsory at is used

Ghusl became compulsory at night.

No subject is compulsory at this Level.

Never understood why that's not compulsory at school.

One way in which this has been done is making English compulsory at the secondary level.

It must have been a youthful survey group: both were compulsory at school in the olden days.

Hello? You didn't vote for Rudd either??? I think Government should be compulsory at school.

Students are exposed to a variety of different subjects that are all compulsory at this stage of the curriculum.

Verification is not compulsory if you have not reached a limit but it will ultimately become compulsory at one pt.

School Hats: The wearing of the school hat is compulsory at Papatoetoe Central School in terms one and four (summer).

Five subjects are compulsory at the Gymnasium and Atheneum, two or three are compulsory for the unified VWO programmes.

In 4% of cases compulsory on is used

Zakat is not compulsory on immature.

Zakat is not compulsory on unbelievers.

He saw a dream which made ghusl compulsory on him.

It wouldn't be too hard to make them compulsory on all HGVs within a set timeframe.

Seat reservation is compulsory on TGV services, and all TGVs are completely non-smoking.

Zakat is not compulsory on a mad, insane if he remains in this condition for whole year.

The Zakat is compulsory on the people who have the money and they hold it for one year, they are asked to pay 2.

Thus it may me said in conclusion that it is compulsory on the part of CHS to filing Income Tax returns regularly.

Installation of hot water heaters should be compulsory on all new homes and businesses - Gerry B are you listening.

Yes, for him to say that it was a clear lie was not compulsory on him immediately because this was a domestic matter.

In 2% of cases compulsory by is used

Transfer is compulsory by definition.

Wearing a helmet is compulsory by law.

These are not compulsory by any standards.

Pictorial warning on cigarette packets will be made compulsory by March next year.

Why do I have to enrol to vote? In Australia, enrolling and voting are compulsory by law.

The Swedish BVD control programme, which began in 1993, was initially voluntary, but it was made compulsory by the industry 8.

Members can decide how likely it is that that number will do so, unless the Government try to make it compulsory by the back door.

An example is Abdullah bin Umar, who when was told that the Witr Salaah was not compulsory by Abu Hurairah, said that Abu Hurairah was a liar.

The Pedal Power Association supports the use of helmets by its members, but we are against making the use of helmets compulsory by law, as it discourages cycling.

In 2% of cases compulsory from is used

It is compulsory from 100 copies printed.

Education is compulsory from 6 to 18 years of age.

Education is compulsory from age 6 to 16 and is free up to age 18.

In 1974, procurement was made compulsory from all farmers according to a graduated scale.

While this procedure is currently voluntary we intend to make it compulsory from June 2010.

Education is compulsory from age five or six, and the schools teach both English and Swahili.

A language (Chinese, Italian, Indonesian, French and Latin are offered) is also compulsory from Year 8 to Year 10.

There's no point in trying to increase the take up of a second language unless it is compulsory from Kindergarten.

Consumer Affairs Authority, Chairman, Rumy Marzook said that the use of plastic boxes will be compulsory from 1 May.

In addition, under the current curriculum of general education, religious studies have been made compulsory from class VI to X.

In 2% of cases compulsory to is used

This is compulsory to the completion of the Diploma.

This is the only month where it is compulsory to fast.

Meter is a compulsory to benefits the driver and passengers.

The knowledge and acceptance of this fundamental belief of Islam is compulsory to all.

Learning the first two is vital, although kanji is also compulsory to mastering Japanese.

It is a requirement that human rights education should be compulsory to the police training.

The city bike hire schemes in Europe work quite well and one reason is that it is not compulsory to wear helmets.

Technology will, however, eventually replace every job where human artifice is not compulsory to the job's completion.

Although it is not compulsory to for Muslims to offer a sheep in sacrifice, those who can afford it are encouraged to do so.

In future, we have made it compulsory to all migrant workers to obtain the NVQ level 1 qualification when they apply for foreign jobs.

In 2% of cases compulsory upon is used

Only to make good the fast is compulsory upon him.

Also make the use of the Miswaak compulsory upon yourselves.

It is now compulsory upon him to give the animal away, alive, as charity.

Shari? a has not made it compulsory upon her to perform salat with congregation.

The obedience of the Holy Prophet (S) and the? li ' l-'Amr is compulsory upon everyone.

It is compulsory upon both of you to strictly observe the laws of Hijaab with each other.

And those who are unable to marry should make fasting compulsory upon themselves because it breaks the desires.

However if the person is ill or a traveller at the time of being forced then it is compulsory upon him to break his fast.

If your parents prevent you from I'tikaaf and the I'tikaaf is not compulsory upon you, you should comply with their wishes.

If the purchaser is Saahibe Nisaab, then it is compulsory upon him to obtain another animal in place of the injured animal.

In 1% of cases compulsory after is used

Now the time have come to sterlisation made compulsory after two child.

So much that in earlier days a gaming session was compulsory after lunch.

After that, every year, I would keep a roza or two, till it became compulsory after puberty.

After a storm, people begin to clean, and the same action is compulsory after your credit has been blemished.

Moreover, death certificates only became compulsory after 1981 and the cause of death is not always certified by a doctor.

In specialised nursing homes, contributions become compulsory after six months ' stay and are related to income and marital status.

Abdullah-b-Masud reported that the Messenger of Allah said: To search after lawful earning is compulsory after the compulsory things.

Sayyidina Rasulullah Sallallahu ' Alayhi Wasallam did not perform wudu for it must not be thought that wudu is compulsory after visiting the toilet.

Once digitalization gets compulsory after October 31, 2012, u will need 1 STB per TV in your house even for digital Cable which is same for any DTH connection as well.

In 1% of cases compulsory as is used

Warning triangle is compulsory as from July 1st 2008.

Makeup was considered compulsory as well as dresses and high heels.

This is compulsory as the record check is done with the NIC number.

Obligatory Sections: First, the intention (Niyaah) is compulsory as to what purpose Ghusl is performed.

J acinda Wilson and Brad Doust did the 16 man fight, which is compulsory as part of the TOGKA shodan test.

The prophet therefore made the charity of Fitr compulsory as a protection from vile discourse and vain talks.

Insurer Essentials Travel has become the first company in the sector to make helmet-wearing compulsory as part of it winter sport insurance cover.

In Belgium residents from outside Belgium only have to vote if they so wish, but once registered as a voter it is then compulsory as for a national.

The Federal government did however make Action Plans compulsory as a matter of executive decision for Federal departments and agencies under the Commonwealth Disability Strategy adopted in 1994.

In 1% of cases compulsory under is used

Contributions to SOCSO are compulsory under the Act for eligible employers and employees.

Community service, sports and creative activities are compulsory under the CAS requirement.

If you have only paraphrased or summarised a source, a page number is not compulsory under APA style.

Jurisprudence and legal theory This course is compulsory under Schemes A, B and F and optional under the Graduate Entry Routes.

Participants are required to fulfill the fixed deposit requirement as the purchase of a house is not compulsory under this program.

My understanding is that insulation is compulsory under the BCA (buidling codes of Australia ), in Perth that is to a minimum of R 3.

Participants must fulfill the fixed deposit requirement, because the purchase of a house in Malaysia is not compulsory under Malaysia My Second Home programme.

Employers ' liability insurance is compulsory under the Employer's Liability Act 1969 and best practice states that this should be extended to cover volunteers.

In 1% of cases compulsory up is used

Make it compulsory up to PUC level.

Education is compulsory up to the age of 15.

Education will be compulsory up to the final basic course.

They had to have English class, it was compulsory up until final year.

Bengali in West Pakistan and Urdu in East Pakistan must be made compulsory up to a particular stage.

Prior to this, even though facilities have been made to register these societies, it had not been made compulsory up to now.

Comments Patsy1964 replied 23 weeks 1 day ago When I was at school PE was compulsory up to school leaving age; that is to say from the age of 6 to 16.

But in a world where fourteen year olds go to college and education and training is compulsory up to the age of eighteen, this is much too simple a definition.

This may well stem from the special role the Irish language has in the primary and secondary school curriculum where it is compulsory up until Leaving Certificate level.

Now technology is established as a learning area in The New Zealand Curriculum which sets the direction for learning for all students from years 1 -13 and is compulsory up to year 10.

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