Prepositions after "complimentary"

"complimentary to", "complimentary about" or "complimentary of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases complimentary to is used

Very complimentary to card sorting.

Technology is complimentary to teaching.

Find if you can anything that is complimentary to PM Gillard or her Government.

It's complimentary to the nature of the combat and attacks available to Oliver.

It is one of the few developments that is complimentary to the surrounding area.

Speaking complimentary to how beautiful the bride looks and of course of other fond memories of her growing up.

Lol! When we returned to our room, there were a few pieces of chocolates as additional complimentary to guests.

Go through them, and each time you find a category that would be complimentary to your business, write it down.

The designation or certification recognition is free and complimentary to your joining and paying the full fee.

In 19% of cases complimentary of is used

She is complimentary of that staff.

He was complimentary of Freeze for calling.

She was very complimentary of my work for 3.

Bailey is perfect- her personality and mine are so complimentary of each other.

Complimentary of fried garlic and chilli sauce to add flavour to your steam boat.

They are often very complimentary of their employer and very grateful for the job.

He was, correctly, complimentary of the new connectivity between Capitol Hill, First Hill, and Little Saigon.

The fact that even elections are carefully choreographed affairs is not complimentary of our cabinet ministers.

You aren't too complimentary of other bottom feeders either, just the Leafs, why is that? That's the problem though.

He has started Volume Two and was very complimentary of the design as well as the illustrations (thanks Kerstin!) used.

In 17% of cases complimentary about is used

They were both very complimentary about my work.

Kerry will have to say something complimentary about Mittens.

They are not complimentary about efforts to combat the spread of HIV.

I think he wrote something complimentary about us on his blog Haunted Geographies.

Even if he says something complimentary about Messi, it gets taken out of context.

All of our group were highly complimentary about the wine, the food and the service.

Interestingly, Romney and aides have also been complimentary about Clinton -- drawing a contrast to Obama.

Both Sherief and Paul Cohen, on whose slides this lecture is based, were complimentary about the new notes.

You won't find many complimentary about their style of play but their flinty manager doesn't mind that one bit.

Sehgal says that many exhibition delegates and journalists were complimentary about the creativity of the stand.

In 6% of cases complimentary for is used

Both are complimentary for guests of the house.

Entry to the gym is complimentary for hotel guests.

Neither of the stories is complimentary for social media or.

Parking is complimentary for the first 3 days and can be extended for an additional fee.

Cots and extra beds are readily available at a small fee and often complimentary for under 5yrs.

TOUR LEADER One group leader will be complimentary for group of 15 above, without National park fees.

Raffle tickets are $5 and tickets for the fair are $15 or complimentary for any bride getting married at the inn.

TOUR LEADER One group leader will be complimentary for group of 15 above, without National park fees, flight fare.

Future guests, please note: wireless internet access is complimentary for all Fairmont President's Club (FPC) members.

Purple tones are the most complimentary for green eyes -- although there really aren't any firm rules with colour anymore.

In 5% of cases complimentary in is used

Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are complimentary in Economy Class.

The internet is also complimentary in the lobby 24 hours per day.

Alas, Gunn and Lowenstein might not be so complimentary in their comments.

Thus siksa and diksa are complimentary in spiritual life and both are equally important.

The duties and responsibilities of the husband and wife are complimentary in a Muslim society.

Our professional worked out to get a good design styles which offers complimentary in home service too.

Try to find something nice he's ever said about them (he was almost complimentary in the gay marriage article posted here).

The grammarman Proofer3 - Tuesday Jun 21, 2011 at 5:35 pm For an author to speak of another author at all is complimentary in and of itself.

All rooms include Nespresso coffee machines, complimentary water and soft drinks and wide selection of complimentary in room movie and music.

She provides style advice, gift suggestions and hosts complimentary in home style sessions for you and your girlfriends by appointment only (for all occasions).

In 2% of cases complimentary on is used

The taxi ride was complimentary on booking.

The only thing complimentary on the plane was water.

After our introductions, McCurry was complimentary on the argument outlined in NAHJ's letter to the CPD.

Pauline O Brien Spirtual Care, Jan 2011 Everyone enjoyed the event and were very complimentary on the venue.

My style does not copy just anything in fashion but whatever is complimentary on me and stands me positively out.

The Bridal Suite is complimentary on the night of the wedding and the remaining 9 rooms must be booked prior to the date of the wedding.

Alex Ferguson said as much in his after the match comments, and, sportingly enough, was very complimentary on the Norwich fighting display.

We can only speak highly of you, your kitchen staff and service team, and the Falls location, as everyone in the wedding party were complimentary on all aspects of the wedding at The Falls.

In 2% of cases complimentary towards is used

It was pretty complimentary towards the figure of Jesus.

He was very complimentary towards North Wales Police for this.

Very little of what Chaucer wrote was complimentary towards marriage.

Weymouth was complimentary towards Brauchli in Tuesday's announcement.

The Qur'an has several passages which are not at all complimentary towards women, just like the Bible does.

Everybody I spoke to was very complimentary towards the quality and variety of food available for the lunches.

The first set of audits, all of them dealing with dioceses were in the main complimentary towards the progress made.

It could be best to find contemporary oil paintings thats complimentary towards the decor already within your house.

In addition, we are delighted that the GP2 Series organisers have always been fully satisfied with, and complimentary towards, the quality and performance of Bridgestone's tyres.

In 2% of cases complimentary with is used

Tours are complimentary with your Forum ID.

Lunch for kids is complimentary with a special menu.

The best part? all of this was complimentary with the room.

Elevation is complimentary with the purchase of a main course.

Your principles are sound, and are almost fully complimentary with our own.

This would be compatible and complimentary with the other activities proposed for the area.

The room are complimentary with breakfast &; i would say the Buffet breakfast and dinner is above average.

They are sold, given away complimentary with products or even as freebies during the relationship building activities.

The Times and The Sunday Times iPad Editions are now complimentary with our newspaper and digital subscription packages.

Look for businesses that are complimentary with what you're offering and see if you can work out a plan for mutual promotion.

In 1% of cases complimentary after is used

Perhaps the reviewer is right about one thing, ' The Roebuck in the Thicket ' and the ' Star Crossed Serpent ' are NOT complimentary after all.

As the only patrons, I think we were very much appreciated because we were given complimentary after dinner drinks of limoncello, a lovely, lemony liqueur.

In 1% of cases complimentary as is used

The attention is excessive, but it is nice attention, people are complimentary as opposed to throwing tosser signs at me.

And that is why the majority of services that have a free offer keep it to a minimum so that you are getting something complimentary as an incentive to try their service.

The people who were complimentary as well as those who were critical of the situation here were consulted and their concerns were taken on board in preparing the country Report.

In 1% of cases complimentary at is used

And he was still being considerably complimentary at the same time, where deserved.

Complimentary at lunch, passengers will incur a USD$12 per person charge for dinner.

Staff will assist visitors in arranging off-site tours with reputable companies and water-toys are usually complimentary at beachfront resorts.

Easily one of my favourite soups in the world now, even though I have never been a big fan of cabbage, the flavours were somewhat contrasting and complimentary at the same time.

In 1% of cases complimentary from is used

As Stein explains, the founders ' strengths were complimentary from the beginning.

Small living room with cable TV, a refrigerator and hot water boiler with tea/cofee and water complimentary from hotel.

In 1% of cases complimentary pre is used

Dinner prepared by Chef host including complimentary pre dinner drinks and wine is $100 for.

Participants will also receive complimentary pre, at and post event publicity through our Farmer's Market promotions in AFE e-blasts, on the show website, in CRFN magazine, and more.

In 1% of cases complimentary rather is used

Be complimentary rather than critical.

Irish people don't want this They are trying to be complimentary rather than conflicting.

Compromise rather than confrontation and complimentary rather than contradictory approaches are to be taken in resolving conflicts of interest that may arise in resource uses.

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