Prepositions after "compliant"

compliant with, to, in, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases compliant with is used

This is compliant with the JSR too.

Compliant with The Standard AS/NZS 4859.

It must be compliant with the rule of law.

Only elements compliant with the 1991 Standards are eligible for the safe harbor.

We will only do so when this approach is compliant with the users privacy settings.

In fact, it's very rare to find any company that's fully compliant with the Base Code.

Optanon is a managed software service that enables you to make your website compliant with the new regulations.

With the exceptionofthe occasional use of olive oil, honey or dash of salt I have been compliant with the diet.

Serve the prescribed information You will not be fully compliant with the regulations until you have done this.

The new renovations will give students greater access to the library and make the school ADA compliant with the.

In 9% of cases compliant to is used

I sent my compliant to TSA and.

We should be close to 100% compliant to the H.

CTS is compliant to the requirements of the IT Act, 2000.

If you take any form of payment online, you will need to be PCI compliant to some degree.

Remaining compliant to your medication regime is the most powerful road to mood stability.

It was seen that those with higher awareness scores were more compliant to therapy (p< 0.

Religion does you no good whatsoever, it just makes you more compliant to those that wish to wield power over you.

It is at these times that you will find me most compliant to their **28;2733;TOOLONG as well as the most stubborn.

Similar to the SafeCare standards, this SafeCare surveyor training process is fully compliant to ISQUa regulation.

If existing Lumia set hardware is not upgrade able or compliant to Windows 8 which will be launched in this quarter.

In 5% of cases compliant in is used

We will not be compliant in our demise.

Eric nearly Rules compliant in Colorado.

Never forget, we have been compliant in allowing it.

We will not be passive, we will not be compliant in our demise.

This is due to the fact that males were more compliant in using the device as compared to females.

But when the officials become compliant in failing to enforce the basic laws of the game, we have a problem.

This will include ensuring that any development or maintenance of procedures are compliant in line with company requirements.

The problem with Israel is that it has been soft and compliant in the face of generations of Islamofascist terror and aggression.

Indeed I believe the current law already covers this off succinctly and all major social networks have been compliant in the past.

In 2% of cases compliant by is used

Ndemo, it is possible to be fully compliant by July 2012.

Objection by lawful guardian to compliant by person other than person aggrieved 250 199A.

Despite retaining its four-year ban clause, the IWF was termed as Code compliant by the WADA.

Public sector organizations that provide goods and services to the public had to be compliant by January 1, 2010.

The fact is that there are means, which are ethically compliant by which nonlawyers can effectively own and direct law firms.

They relate to a regulatory impact statement on FoFA, assessed as compliant by the government's own Office of Best Practice Regulation.

In a Commons statement, Mr Grayling said: ' The Italian system, found to be compliant by the Court, disenfranchises prisoners post-release.

We expect to launch the complete program globally in 2013 and are striving for our growers and agricultural suppliers to be compliant by 2020.

In 2% of cases compliant for is used

Arsenal fans have been compliant for far too long.

Linux is primarily POSIX compliant for the core calls.

So, my compliant for the radical honesty movement is that it does o.

Booch's Figure 19-8, page 267 also is not state-machine compliant for the same reasons.

To make matters even more difficult, only McKellar Park is compliant for televising games.

The peace of mind in knowing we're compliant for audits from Revenue or NERA is a real bonus.

Fingers that previously refused to cooperate become more nimble and compliant for a time as a result of such a change.

WordPress themes are completely compliant for both wordpress code and web standard, they often contain proprietary code.

Hell no, but sometimes she is too compliant for her own good, especially when those doing the pushing are those she thinks she should trust.

Plus, it transmits signals digitally from end to end, so digital content is never compromised, and is HDCP compliant for streaming Blu-ray content.

In 2% of cases compliant on is used

A There's no excuse for not making X6 64-bit compliant on a Macintosh.

These items are clearly stated as being FFD compliant on the product details page.

On top of that, many companies want to be compliant on all aspects, otherwise they risk accusations of greenwashing.

It wasn't a great session but at least I'd still 100% compliant on workouts (and 0% on staying within indulgence calorie ranges).

I am taking my jump rope!! I told James that I would still jump rope with him so that he is compliant on his exercises!! Jump rope only for me.

Congrats, you nailed it! and you managed to stay compliant on holiday in Hawaii! I loved the pics you posted of where you worked out when you were there.

It is the considered opinion of the HSBC Amanah Shariah Supervisory Committee that the operations of HSBC Amanah products are Shariah compliant on an ongoing basis.

Here's a tip we learned from Mr Riches himself: he avoids choosing anyone making direct eye contact because he wants someone relatively compliant on stage with him.

In 1% of cases compliant as is used

They have become as corrupt and criminally compliant as the old Communist Soviet Union media.

We at FireHost have built security in from the ground up and we are PCI DSS compliant as a service provider across all the 12 requirements of PCI DSS.

The bank then ensures its reserve positions are legally compliant as a separate process knowing that it can always get the reserves from the central bank.

This update may prove to be relatively straightforward where the investment manager is MiFID compliant as the UCITS IV Directive seeks to align the provisions with the MiFID requirements.

In 1% of cases compliant at is used

Such stations will not be returned until made compliant at your expense.

I knew I wasn't going to be completely PCP compliant at dinner, and I wasn't.

It is a requirement of registration under ASQA that RTOs must be compliant at all times.

When this is factored in, cyclists are much more compliant at red lights than motorists.

I only know of mIRC as being a Windows based IRC client being SOCKS compliant at the moment.

The fact is, you can have excellent F &I; income and remain legally compliant at the same time.

A TCC will automatically issue one month prior to the expiry date, provided the applicant is tax compliant at that date.

Also it appears that the DP (detained person) was clearly not compliant at any point during the booking in or breathalyser procedure.

Baen fans are very different for one -- but most fans are so desperate to fit in ANYWHERE that they seem a lot more compliant at cons.

In the case where the applicant is not tax compliant at that date, it is the responsibility of the applicant to get his/her tax affairs in order.

In 1% of cases compliant of is used

Mauritius is fully compliant of global norms on financial reporting.

I'd going to write an compliant of bias and of no moral standing to the FA and my MP.

As for myself, I was too compliant of a child to speak my mind, so when I turned to God, I tried.

There is a general compliant of unconscionable delays, the delay being contrived in some cases to compel payment of bribe.

According to Modal Town SP Awais Malik, the case was registered on the compliant of Ashraf Mashie, uncle of the killed youth Adeel Mashie.

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