Prepositions after "complementary"

complementary to, in, rather, of or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases complementary to is used

They are complementary to each other.

The colours looked complementary to me.

Social media is complementary to our approach.

From my understanding of it the legal trade is complementary to the illegal one.

Can workouts replace therapy? They can be complementary to your therapy sessions.

Thanks for the mention! GrandCare Systems can be very complementary to family or in-home caregiving services.

Business is supposed to be the complementary to human life in respect to fulfilling human needs in particular.

I think these projects are complementary to the previous projects and to the industrialisation of the country.

It aligns with the chi pattern experienced there, and is complementary to the ba gua for the northern hemisphere.

In 4% of cases complementary in is used

Complementary in pink and grey.

Both were published in 2011 and are complementary in their messages.

These various views are complementary in the usual sense of the word.

Instead seek people whose traits are complementary in nature to your strengths.

If these sectors are complementary in nature, no difficulties are likely to arise.

As a result, our skill sets are quite complementary in the execution of this venture.

In some cases they can be extremely complementary in flavour, for example using rosemary flowers with a lamb dish.

All I can say is that in the Gospels Jesus isn't too complementary in what he has to say about those who seek signs.

It is a relationship where a boy and a girl accept their roles as different and complementary in home duties and in the bedroom.

Clearly, both are important and complementary in most fields, and particularly in the evaluation of community crime prevention programmes.

In 4% of cases complementary rather is used

But the two reading capabilities are complementary rather than exclusive.

The two approaches could be regarded as complementary rather than competing.

Both Shirtcliff and Sommers refer to sex differences as complementary rather than oppositional.

For me mentoring and being a designer are complementary rather than anything that needs to be balanced.

The differences between them were downplayed or considered complementary rather than mutually exclusive.

In 3% of cases complementary of is used

It was also decided that it will be complementary of the New.

I've been highly complementary of NCUA's recent mandate relief proposals.

As time went by my wife became very complementary of my changing body shape.

Some have been complementary of it and others, only because of lack of understanding, at times openly critical.

The music and editing has been commented on by all and everyone has been nothing but complementary of your work.

The cyclists were very complementary of the welcome they received at the foodstops which were co-ordinated by St.

Post game shows on radio and tv are very complementary of Kaeps play and stepping in cold putting us in a position to win in OT.

That isn't the case for most, though, no matter how complementary of fans the commissioner is when he tells them they're screwed.

While Mullin was understandably complementary of the defenseman, he revealed additional insight that doesn't show up on the basic stats.

The manner which one vessel connects with the other or in the modern term interface with each other suggest complementary of function and purpose.

In 3% of cases complementary with is used

This is complementary with what we are trying to achieve.

Both are mutually complementary with consistent measurements.

I find that with most customers, they usually give something complementary with the meal.

The commodities in the fat group, however, are complementary with wheat flour (cross-price elasticity -0.

The study also examines the hypothesis that skilled labour and physical capital are complementary with each other.

Furthermore, the findings do not support the claim that skilled labour and capital are complementary with each other.

The POLICYMIX approach to policy design is also highly complementary with on-going EU research on securing biodiversity.

We want them to do this in a fun and joyful way, where sharing becomes complementary with a deeper learning and inner growth.

Have a sip of Sauvignon Blanc while trying a national dish? It will show you that the wines are very complementary with New Zealand food.

In 2% of cases complementary for is used

The church needs to note that two are complementary for the making of a dynamic church.

Delivering accurate anatomic details, it is complementary for cadaver based dissection courses.

Furthermore the Board Room features a computer with Internet, which can be used complementary for our guests.

Hanging one's stuff on the wall of your own home inevitably forces people to be complementary for the sake of politeness.

Therefore, observation-based researches may also be complementary for the reflection of the real life situation at schools.

The two meanings are, in fact, complementary for real peace can be achieved only through absolute surrender to the Will of Allah.

If you have a large general frame and you are an inverted triangle body shape, this approach will not be complementary for you as it can make you look even broader.

Although it is stated that NCG is negative for democratic tradition, but in Bangladesh perspective, NCG is not contradictory rather complementary for the practice of democracy.

In 1% of cases complementary about is used

She, meanwhile, was absolutely complementary about the band's music.

He was very complementary about the work you've done and your abilities as a leader.

Everyone was complementary about everything that was served up - starters, mains and sweets.

People like Souness (in particular) and even Gary Neville have been pretty complementary about us.

She seems to have been really positive and complementary about the Collective and what it is trying to achieve.

UPDATE2: Having been complementary about the Guardian's coverage of their ICM poll I may now have to be less so about the Times's coverage of their Populus poll.

To maximize your odds of a retweet, tweet something interesting or compelling or complementary about your readers at the iBookstore, and provide a direct hyperlink to the book at the iBookstore.

In 1% of cases complementary as is used

For our personal efficiency, seeing and hearing are complementary as well as supplementary.

A suitable alternative, therefore, may be to combine the two approaches and to consider them complementary as opposed to mutually exclusive.

This need not be so, in fact for anarchists both forms should be complementary as the strengths of one are the weaknesses of the other and vice versa.

In 1% of cases complementary on is used

The direction parameter should always be complementary on either side of the connection, i.

Observers accepted that the companies were complementary on the whole, and that the deal would deliver synergies.

To me they work hand in hand and I see them as complementary on this path towards oneness, towards my true nature.

The supporters made a fine bit of noise and many of the other teams were complementary on our presence and performance.

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