Prepositions after "complacent"

"complacent about" or "complacent in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases complacent about is used

But don't be complacent about this bill.

That doesn't mean I'd complacent about it.

We are not complacent about this achievement.

Of course this is not meant to suggest that you be complacent about everything.

Nevertheless, no one should be complacent about an unpredictable virus capable.

But perhaps Mr Osborne is complacent about the people who get washed overboard.

In today's CGI-rich film world, we have become complacent about seemingly impossible scenarios or situations.

If these cable reports are true, the militants must have become complacent about possible drives against them.

That is what many of us don't realise and in our ignorance we're complacent about the changes it is undergoing.

Some 79% of banks were complacent about compliance, saying they had no interest in putting a strategy in place.

In 20% of cases complacent in is used

You can't be complacent in hockey.

Teams have been complacent in the past.

First, do not be complacent in your job.

But let's not become too complacent in comparing our fiscal position with Quebec's.

The beeb was not complacent in the largest terrorist incident to date to boost ratings.

We may be proud of its size, complacent in its correctness, and happy in its convenience.

However, you shouldn't be complacent in one place; challenge yourself to move ahead of one person in front of you.

The rest have become so complacent in their unearned authority that they have cast aside all decent human morality.

Accordingly, they feel complacent in their own world of silence in which they've spent their whole lives adjusted in.

Bodge - you want to doge the issue, and your simplistic nonsense is designed to keep you complacent in your ignorance.

In 15% of cases complacent with is used

I'd going to get complacent with where I am.

In my experience, men are complacent with this issue.

You can not be complacent with your beliefs as correct.

I try not to get too complacent with everything because the work has just begun.

The low interest rate environment have made many complacent with their purchases.

What normally happens is that those persons become complacent with the situation.

This is why freelancers should never get complacent with their work, even when working with long-term clients.

If the meditator does not become complacent with this insight, he usually attains the path in four or five days.

We can never be complacent with such a huge event, but it looks like London 2012 has been a magnificent success.

In 2% of cases complacent after is used

We are not complacent after Galle.

Don't get complacent after yuh buss either.

Hopefully don't be too complacent after this! -:).

However, a person should not be complacent after seeking forgiveness.

Don't want to be complacent after three wins, want to finish it off with a win.

But I became complacent after that and started binging on unhealthy stuff after a couple of months.

Carlo Ancelotti has warned his Chelsea side they must not become complacent after their 3-0 win over Arsenal.

It is a constant battle, and we can not become complacent after a law has been passed or a legislative battle won.

The implication now is that they have become stale, complacent after the Ashes win, and that the real depth of talent is shallow.

Bloated and complacent after the boom years in foreign exchange and equity markets during the 80s and 90s, Reuters ' lost ground to firms like Bloomberg.

In 2% of cases complacent to is used

From complacent to feeling better to specific.

If someone inspired you to make the move from complacent to active, tell us about that person and about that relationship.

Yet, as Roach rightly argues, the Chinese leadership appear complacent to the risks of a protracted retrenchment in global consumer demand.

Beatrice, Crip, and Caerie, I just get the impression sometimes people on FtB don't acknowledge that harassment and threats are levied against PoC or are complacent to them.

Others are complacent to the extent that they consider ascending a plight of stairs while the lights are out at their homes to be more than enough exercise to last them a lifetime.

Unfortunately the sinhalese are like a puss wedilla Complacent to the devious manner of India and the tamils but respond violently when they feel out manourvered by the tamils and indians.

In 2% of cases complacent on is used

People were becoming a bit too complacent on our end.

Maybe, just maybe, we're becoming complacent on transfers.

It's easy to become complacent on the home straight, so keep pushing until the money is in the bank.

So we can not afford to be complacent on production costs, even though we have the potential to produce high yields.

Why is Zee looking so complacent on programming? My usual target is that if we launch 10 new shows, we should get six right.

But the risk is that one is becoming complacent on a failure to fully understand how consequential the reform (in its fullness) can be.

We can no longer be complacent on this score, given the horrific experience of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which killed 40,000 Sri Lankans.

Its a bit like if someone was convicted of child abuse in Liverpool, London or Newcastle to then start saying them cities are complacent on child abuse.

But then again it may also prove to be our Achilles ' heels -- we may feel safe here but being too safe means we get complacent on issue of readiness and survival actions.

With Sachin Tendulkar's words of confidence assures that the team is working hard at playing well in away Tests, the question is are we being complacent on a few issues as things are not.

In 1% of cases complacent by is used

This is where he makes me complacent by acting nice.

But, instead of being complacent by the fact, we should work together to find out shortcomings and remove them.

But we should not be complacent by saying it is enough to be the best in Europe when countries like Korea and Singapore do even better.

Are we being irresponsible and complacent by not adopting a more cautious or conservative approach for our clients ' hard-earned cash? The answer is no.

But it appears that Media itself had become complacent by publishing cheap news mostly on crime, Bollywood gossip, or Cricket and much worse, news for financial gains.

A silence which I believe will backfire one day, as they would be seen as not only complaisant but also complacent by deflecting away and concealing horrendous truths.

Yet there is a real danger that we will become complacent by focusing on the problems emerging technologies can solve, rather than on the problems we need them to solve.

But when I saw the flea crawling around on his stomach I realised I'd been too complacent by giving him regular baths and thinking that would take care of any fleas that might be lurking.

In 1% of cases complacent during is used

Our trainer on saying a sleepy faces as we complacent during Camp 2 asked us if we would like to spin behind to Camp 1.

The fans were unlucky to have Barcelona be complacent during the second half at Camp Nou, but in clasicos (and football in general ), luck doesn't dominate the match.

In 1% of cases complacent for is used

Therefore, be complacent for what you get.

Maybe too cute and complacent for our own good.

Let's see a bigger picture, without being complacent for a single moment.

Superpower status surely is something can be felt proud of, yet not a reason to be arrogant and complacent for.

He also reminds them not to be complacent for what is at stake is too much high of a price for the Rakyat to pay.

When that woo-woo feeling is soon over after finishing the book, people may become complacent for weeks after, as I did.

As I earlier indicated, the NPP Government has moved this Country faster than we all thought but we should not be complacent for there is still a lot more to be done.

In 1% of cases complacent because is used

We can not be complacent because of old records.

Do not become complacent because of the perception of open water.

AMISOM should remain alert and not become complacent because of its ' easy ' victory.

He said he believes some black voters have grown complacent because of President Obama's stance on same-sex marriage.

As expected, Ryan is feeling very good about scoring his second top-10 hit for the year; but he isn't about to get complacent because of his current run of form on the charts.

In 1% of cases complacent of is used

But it would be complacent of us to think that this is a one-time effort.

Ii is extremely complacent of the government to go with ' the science is settled '; it most certainly is not.

Markin challenged the members not to be complacent of the failure of the NDC government but rather be ever ready to work for the party.

On the same docket, God has laid out His credentials and proof for judging the Jews who were complacent of the very same sins of which they were judging the heathen Gentiles.

There were(are) people like me in IITs who just waste their time after getting into one, after becoming complacent of what they have achieved especially people who are coached.

So since then I thought that scissors might be monitored better although I think I have become complacent of late believing Isla to be a lot more responsible than she actually is.

Instead of being complacent of what the local respiratory circle had accomplished last year, the efforts should be continued in order to keep up with the momentum gathered during the past year.

In 1% of cases complacent at is used

I did not feel complacent at any point in time.

I think generally PR should not be too complacent at this stage.

I have wanted to start my own business for a while, but grew complacent at work.

However he gives the impression the AYO is anything but complacent at the same time.

But to become complacent at this stage, to lavish indiscriminate praise, would be disastrous.

They, however, tend to be complacent at home with their only two league defeats coming at Jalan Besar Stadium.

After seeing the breathtaking lakes in the South Island (Lake Tepako for instance) we realised we have become slightly complacent at the sight of beautiful lakes.

In 1% of cases complacent over is used

Never become complacent over your choice of tool.

Stoke have some good players so we must not becoming complacent over our early season form; make no.

Fox just got complacent over the new rights bid i feel and possibly thought that they would just need to bid something.

And if recent history has shown us anything, it's shown that we shouldn't grow complacent over what we think we understand.

He does not become complacent over some minor achievement of distinction and does not shrink away, but strives for successively higher achievements.

But why do you think the Nigerian side appeared to be complacent over the judgment that they didn't talk about it until now? Let me say something here.

The USA was a great country but its ' people have become lazy and complacent over the years and like any nation that have followed this path it is on its way out.

The Buddha urged his disciples not to remain complacent over absorption, but to practise effacement that would ensure the total eradication of unwholesome propensities.

In 1% of cases complacent regarding is used

However this is not the time to become complacent regarding your achievements in career.

Not that sceptics should be complacent regarding the apparent message, but this is simply spin.

Mac proponents have been too complacent regarding the appearance of security exploits in the mac os, and it is useful to point this out as a public service.

In 1% of cases complacent as is used

That's a very fine record, but we can't be complacent as a country.

Then again, we probably shouldn't be complacent as a multicultural society.

I can't be complacent as an actor and do only roles that are within my comfort zone.

The top clubs need to live in fear of something or else they'll get complacent as the season wore on.

I'd going to start doing auditions again like I used to, I just became complacent as a stand up comic and.

One can never afford to be complacent as a technology player, as Nokia discovered to its horror, in recent times.

Gary Barlow has accused last year's X Factor contestants of getting complacent as the show reached its final stages.

Netflix stumbled in its business model transition from mail to streaming, but did not allow itself to become complacent as the channels changed.

In 1% of cases complacent towards is used

When the government steps in and assumes responsibility for something the people largely become complacent towards it.

At first, it was impossible not to flinch with each unexpected boom, but after scores of intense explosions, your senses became aware and complacent towards them.

All said and done, if at any stage the disease is diagnosed then, neither the treating physician nor the patient should remain complacent towards this silent killer.

In 1% of cases complacent against is used

At the same time, you can never be complacent against Nepal and Maldives.

Most agreed that Cork were complacent against Dublin in the 1974 semi final.

Maybe Barca were a too bit complacent against the Scots last night and too confident.

To open the second half of the season is against the Rams a much improved team, the Niners are going to have to be careful not to get complacent against them.

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