Prepositions after "competent"

competent in, at, for, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases competent in is used

I am competent in the language.

Competent in comparison to the Twilight Saga.

First, anybody who is competent in their field almost always believe they are right.

The fact that you're not competent in some or all of those languages is no obstacle.

I agree that Haig was not competent in his generalship, but he's far from the worst.

There is only one argument of any substance which we can think of against making the wife competent in all cases.

And everybody who's competent in terms of strategic planning, in terms of military things especially, knows this.

It's a bummer to watch someone so competent in the work world act so insecure about her looks, family and husband.

You are a bit unhappy about retiring because you enjoy your work and feel that you are very competent in your job.

In 15% of cases competent at is used

Pick the niche you're competent at.

You are only competent at fluffing.

She is more confident and competent at her work.

In time, I hope to become sufficiently competent at coding that I can contribute back.

Hulke really proves himself here as extremeliy competent at doling out the story's plot.

Anybody can fish, and they could be rather competent at it, due to the proper knowledge.

We are extremely competent at finance and banking in the UK - a world leader in it if not the world leader in it.

He was a neophyte in a area that I have never seen people get competent at in less than 5-6 years as a simple MP.

Thus, a leader should be competent at his job and be current with events in his immediate and remote environments.

Despite that, the only people who appear to be competent at it are Lan and his rival Chaud, who are ten years old.

In 10% of cases competent for is used

It would have been competent for Mr.

Our government is now competent for exactly NOTHING.

Very few persons indeed are competent for Yoga in its higher form.

I personally believe her and her company is very competent for their future plans.

The defense didn't look anywhere near competent for most of the afternoon, either.

He is competent for this post and I believe he can work closely, effectively and effeciently with the president.

Also, ensure the lawyers or staffs of that office are all competent for making a potential office business plan.

Only the legal authorities that are competent for this purpose should therefore, be referred to for such declarations.

Romney said he wanted to cut the funding for Big Bird, but was pretty competent for the rest of the debate, ' said Monroe.

In 6% of cases competent with is used

They'd feel more competent with less features, less clutter.

The defense has to be reasonably competent with their new scheme.

Most people can be trained to be safe and competent with firearms.

So it is pretty clear that Akerman is neither competent with arithmetic, nor language.

Satisfied that the EV55SE was suitably competent with two of my favourite genres, jazz and alt.

I had almost no issues picking up Linux, and was pretty competent with it after two years of use.

They may not be very competent with verbal communication, but when it comes to writing, they are simply matchless.

Marsyas had mastered the aulos and was quite competent with it, but everyone knows what happens when Apollo + lyre.

He was just really bad with his weapon, so I provided some videos of soldiers who were competent with their weapons.

Well, as I know myself, I am very competent with what I do and my communication skills are pretty much above average.

In 5% of cases competent to is used

He or she is not competent to practice it.

Competent to advanced level in Microsoft Excel.

I prefer rude and competent to polite and useless.

Thus, if someone is competent to choose to live they are competent to choose not to.

And then monitored to see if he is competent to practice safe evidence-based medicine.

Also state competent to unused the fans from above is a sensible boon for ownership your system spouting like butter.

To create links: A normal element with one dimension and you leave be competent to fixing to anything and everything.

It was a song only they who had been saved from the ' world ', the pagan world of sin, by the Lamb were competent to sing.

Some senior and experienced teachers competent to teach in English are also willing to extend their active help and cooperation.

In 4% of cases competent on is used

He will put somebody competent on this.

The FIFA DRC is only competent on matters with an international dimension.

Jue - Malaysian motorists need a lot of training to be competent on the road.

We must be highly competent on both sides of our job if we intend to be successful.

A library staff assists some of users who are not competent on how to use the facilities.

Insiders, speaking off the record, indicate he was competent on the mat but not a true artist.

The next Ashley Cole without a doubt, he is competent on the ball, good defending and very capable going forward.

I do have a piano, so maybe I could go the John Paul Jones way and pick up a bass after I get competent on the keys.

Yes, we have given you three good points in this article, but that by no means will make you competent on the subject.

Yes, we have given you 3 superior points in this short article, but that by no means may make you competent on the subject.

In 2% of cases competent as is used

Yoochun seems became more competent as an actor.

This post, then, is on what it means to be competent as a boss.

Unless you are even half way competent as a farmer or small scale grower.

Actually, pranab is as competent or as incompetent as any career congresswallah.

But she would be less than competent as a historian if she had not pointed this out.

Being the accused's spouse, she was not competent as a prosecution witness under Canadian common law, without the accused's consent.

Mukherjee has been in politics long enough to be considered seasoned but I do not know in what sense can he be considered competent as an individual.

Medical records are generated by a health professional, namely a Dr or Nurse, who is competent as regards the hazard, risks and likely health effects.

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent as a senior manager in any hospitality functional area.

Given di Canio's name and personality, all he'd have to do would be to prove halfway competent as a manager and he'd eventually be linked with ' big ' jobs.

In 2% of cases competent by is used

Such a person is said to be a person, who is made competent by intention.

He even makes the late Boris Yeltsin look serious and competent by comparison.

Interior designers are certified layout specialists competent by training, perform knowledge and time.

Before the offer can be sent out to tenants the TMO must be signed off as competent by the Approved Assessor.

And to be frank, I'd a bit shy of my shortcomings to apply, even though I'd considered competent by my peers.

The question implies admiration at one being found competent by His twofold nature, as God and man, for the task.

He sorts brilliant deal makers from the merely competent by seeking some key qualities, including vision, chutzpah and moxie.

A prosecutor concluding at the review stage that a witness is not competent by virtue of section 53(3) should not do so lightly.

The executing authority shall be judicial authority of the executing State which is competent by virtue of the law of the executing State.

The bus driver was more competent by being resourceful in using his nail cutter in jimmying his handcuffs and succeeded in freeing himself.

In 2% of cases competent of is used

You need to understand what you're competent of and feel proud of it.

Easily the most competent of the opposition leaders he was able to draw blood on health care.

And since the 10 that came your way agreed to work for 200USD they cant be the most competent of the lot.

Probing such casualties is something that only time -- and not pressure from the West -- is competent of.

An online cassino is competent of manipulation double someone requests at the same time with a true sense.

The MBO is most suitable for knowledge-based enterpriseswhere the staff is quite competent of what they do.

The stock exchange is ranked 4 th in terms of trading amount and competent of making 10 million trades a day.

The students should also be motivated towards building themselves competent of a knowledge-based society through hardworking.

He took a keen interest in setting up the Commonwealth Public Service and securing for it ' only the most competent of officers '.

The prime number ' One ' can actually be intriguing enough to put the most competent of human minds to the most formidable of challenges.

In 1% of cases competent about is used

They eventually move to the place of becoming unconsciously competent about mission.

However, if he is competent about the issue, the second condition is taken into consideration: 2.

Physicians should be competent about the properties of these new generations of cosmetics they prescribe.

Don't let your imagination get so far as to believe that these guys are competent about security in any way.

This will avoid fragmentation of labour law, and avoid the wasteful debate about which Court is competent about which question.

It may come as a shock to my fans, because Kay Scarpetta is supremely competent about running her affairs, but I am a dolt when it comes to business.

Very educated mothers-in-law may see their successful daughters-in-law as rivals, but not confident mothers-in-law, who feel competent about themselves.

This is a big benefit as it will make you are feeling so competent about yourself, unlike while merely a diet by yourself had you been would typically really feel exhausted as well as slower.

One teacher who only had two years experience felt competent about having special needs children in her preschool because of her previous experience with a special needs child in her neighbourhood.

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