Prepositions after "compassionate"

"compassionate to" or "compassionate towards"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases compassionate to is used

He is compassionate towards all.

They are compassionate to people.

You have to be more compassionate to them.

I still wrestle with being compassionate to those who have hurt or frustrated me.

Dispelling anger one abides with a mind free of anger, compassionate to all born.

She is caring, sensitive and compassionate to the kids of Ulingan, a community in Manila.

There are many good people out there be it men or women, who are really compassionate to issues of these kinds.

But to whom? Certainly Allah was always compassionate to Muhammad, who stood behind all of Muhammad's escapades.

When you are compassionate to your staff, they will be more than happy to return the favour when you need them to.

God is very compassionate to us and He inspires the bees to produce honey which contains healing properties for us.

In 21% of cases compassionate towards is used

He is compassionate towards all.

He is compassionate towards Them.

I am compassionate towards others.

Be compassionate towards others, even if they do hurt you unintentionally.

Trains one to be sympathetic and compassionate towards the poor and needy.

I was starting to need a reason to continue being compassionate towards him.

He is merciful in his dealings with his fellows, and compassionate towards the helpless and the hopeless.

I have a duty to ensure that I am raising children who are kind, respectful and compassionate towards others.

I used to be very compassionate towards individuals, but I've moved more towards a general compassion for humanity.

In 11% of cases compassionate with is used

Be compassionate with your partner.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself.

People seem to be mroe compassionate with eachother.

It is difficult for me to be compassionate with anything in extreme in nature.

Your compassionate democrats are only compassionate with other people's money.

This is definitely a time where you learn to become more compassionate with your Self.

If so, in Turkey's case there's serious reason to be compassionate with the wives of the taxi drivers who ca.

Over the coming few months, it's important that we be loving, kind and compassionate with ourselves and others.

I know your struggle, your thoughts, your fears and the only thing I can say is: Be compassionate with yourself.

Slow down, eat well, exercise, go for a walk, see your friends, be compassionate with yourself first and foremost.

In 8% of cases compassionate in is used

I am compassionate in the face of hatred.

One must be compassionate in assessing the reasons.

That's more than understanding and compassionate in my book.

Thankfully, Balpreet appears humble, intelligent AND compassionate in her response.

Juliette was caring and compassionate in our appointments and conversations with her.

Being compassionate in your business also means taking care of yourself and your family.

What does it mean to be compassionate in everyday life? Not to judge ourselves and others -- You've made a mistake.

A Muslim, who worships ALLAH has to be compassionate in his own behavior else his/her worship would not be complete.

Except the notion of moral high ground -- it seems contradicting, and not open minded and compassionate in the true sense.

Prosecutors must be passionate about the issues, but compassionate in their approach, always guided by fairness and common sense.

In 7% of cases compassionate about is used

I am very compassionate about many, many things.

Maria is very compassionate about the environment.

I am glad so many people are compassionate about the bats.

For us to be compassionate about the wrongs in society, we need to feel it deep down ourselves.

Compassionate conservatism = oxymoron There is nothing compassionate about the Republican Party.

Additionally, the poll found Ohioans see Obama as more compassionate about their problems than Romney.

So, in situations like these you would need to be a bit more lenient and be compassionate about what your kid.

The claimant felt the employer was not compassionate about his family situation and felt he had no other choice.

She seems to be very interested and compassionate about wildlife, as are so many children/young adults of her age.

It's ok to be compassionate about your own experiences of psychological pain, even when the pain is your own fault.

In 6% of cases compassionate toward is used

I am compassionate toward myself.

The Lord is good to all and compassionate toward all his works.

Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.

Be compassionate toward your customers and provide them with a wonderful experience.

So, you have to get very compassionate toward them rather than getting angry at them.

I hope that if your not-doing-well sister is still alive, that you are compassionate toward her.

Beware of overclaiming tendencies, but be compassionate toward distraught children and shattered families.

Trust Huon Funerals to have your interests at heart and always be understanding and compassionate toward your needs.

Everybody can find someone poorer than himself in some respect; he is enjoined to be compassionate toward that person.

Valerie Wilker You are oh-so compassionate toward death row inmates yet have no pity for the lives and property lost here in Texas.

In 4% of cases compassionate for is used

They would have been compassionate for their job was near done.

If I were David, I would guess he knows obama is compassionate for us all.

It clearly highlights God's great compassionate for non-Israelite women taken in war.

Gerhardt had been like Henry, brave beyond himself and too compassionate for his own good.

Abandon all lowly spite and jealousy; be compassionate for mankind, and lose yourselves in God.

He has made our whole family more humble and more compassionate for others, whether they are disabled or not.

A man seemingly without compassionate for the victims of sex abuse by people who held sacred positions of trust.

There was guilt for making so much money, and a corresponding desire to appear compassionate for the less fortunate.

He has laid aside the rod and the sword, and dwells conscientious, full of kindness, compassionate for the welfare of all living beings.

I appreciate that you are compassionate for people who have mental or emotional disorders that are underlying the overreactive behavior.

In 4% of cases compassionate of is used

We also seem to have the most compassionate of heart.

Goat people are gentle, wise, and compassionate of other people.

Many times it is the less attractive person that is kinder and more compassionate of others.

I thought it was very compassionate of the nurse, she had obviously thought it through, rather than just going ahead.

May you live this day, Compassionate of heart, Clear of word, Gracious in awareness, Courageous in thought, Generous in love.

Generally, it is best to listen, be compassionate of their behavior and patiently explain what has to be done and why it should be done.

He also shows himself as the best of husbands, the most eminent, yet most compassionate of fathers and the most amiable and loyal of friends.

People in this cluster would have a thorough compassionate of music guess and would be able to read conventional music proceedings blamelessly.

In this case, allow complete freedom of religion and the Islamic authorities will immediately turn into the most caring, considerate and compassionate of all.

So in your opinion we should have the police spending their time going around breaking up families if there is MJ in the house? That's real compassionate of you jax.

In 1% of cases compassionate without is used

If you're compassionate without reason, ditto.

You can be compassionate without being sugar-coated, especially when it comes to dealing with difficult people you work with.

In 1% of cases compassionate vs is used

This wasn't a case of good vs evil, the compassionate vs the heartless, but pro-choice campaigners seemed to feel that they had a monopoly on human sympathy.

In 1% of cases compassionate rather is used

When a partner struggles, we can learn to be compassionate rather than feeling victimized or cynical.

If we can remember to ask their assistance we are more likely to get it in a compassionate rather than an adversarial manner.

And it is negatively related to agreeableness; the tendency to be cooperative and compassionate rather than suspicious and antagonistic.

In 1% of cases compassionate on is used

But, you don't have to stop being compassionate on a personal level.

Frankly, I will not guess if G-d will be compassionate on us all and choose the way of the Romani (Romney).

Most of us would be and he answered the questions without delay and was to the point and compassionate on the issues of Racism etc.

In 1% of cases compassionate like is used

He said that Linda directs him on how to be compassionate like women.

However such a child would most probably be merciful, forgiving and compassionate like Kuan Yin.

And LOL calling sharif compassionate, nothing says compassionate like stealing 150 million dollars in a country in the middle of a famine.

We should be always creative like the Father, compassionate like his Son, and dispose our talents in the service of others like the Holy Spirit.

In 1% of cases compassionate by is used

He got down from his beast, decided not to be compassionate by proxy.

I also believe, and I also tell my clients, that we learn to be compassionate by first being the recipient of other people's compassion.

They liked him for what he was - a simple, well-meaning man, without guile, gregarious, compassionate by nature, and generous with his time and talk.

They all rushed up to MPENZI, laying trunks tenderly across her back to comfort and empathize with her, for elephants are compassionate by Nature, and feel the loss of others acutely.

NVC begins by assuming that we are all compassionate by nature and that violent strategies -- whether verbal or physical -- are learned behaviors taught and supported by the prevailing culture.

In 1% of cases compassionate at is used

One can be truthful and compassionate at the same time.

One can be academically brilliant, and compassionate at the same time.

My solicitor was immensely professional and very compassionate at the same time.

Staff were highly professional, extremely competent and very compassionate at every step.

The Scandinavian countries have always taken a less ideologically obsesses approach that is pragmatic and compassionate at the same time.

I should be angry at the racism, and maybe even compassionate at the stupidity, but ultimately I laughed at the sheer notion of the entire event.

I would also like to thank the sincere lady Muriel Newman who was most compassionate at a Select Committee Hearing relating to the Care of Children Bill.

In 1% of cases compassionate as is used

Who are compassionate as well as cruel.

Being compassionate as well as wise, it proclaims a truth that issues from the heart of the world.

It gets people talking, it makes you stronger mentally as well as physically, teaches you about overcoming obstacles and it makes you more compassionate as a person.

For the general majority of the public, I am sure China will probably look more compassionate as a country, but to the rest of humanity - China's crimes will not be forgotten or overlooked.

In 1% of cases compassionate amongst is used

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other.

In 1% of cases compassionate among is used

He was credible and compassionate among cronyism.

The Muslims must be harsh towards the infidels and compassionate among themselves.

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate among each other.

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