Prepositions after "commonplace"

"commonplace in" or "commonplace for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases commonplace in is used

It's commonplace in the workplace.

Adultery is commonplace in our society.

This is a commonplace in American society.

Drugs, STDs, shady characters who barely speak English are a commonplace in those.

Set aside that fact that purchasing governmental positions is commonplace in China.

But the real tragedy of the tale is that it is all too commonplace in this country.

The practice of referring patients to zoos is commonplace in America where obesity has reached epidemic levels.

What it didn't have though, was a high capacity V8 under the hood that was commonplace in its american cousins.

Theatre Segregation and Other Issues Segregation in the theatre was commonplace in the early nineteenth century.

You can see the result in the wretched standards of driving that are now commonplace in, and unique to, Ireland.

In 16% of cases commonplace for is used

It is commonplace for bloggers.

The eye is another commonplace for allergies.

And FTP solutions are commonplace for file transfers.

It's commonplace for her and her best friend to sleepover at each others houses.

It is commonplace for human children to be conceived and born via artificial means.

That one is interesting, since its been a commonplace for around two thousand years.

Incorporation It is commonplace for Australia Post to demand that mail contractors be an incorporated company.

But failure is commonplace for any nation trying to develop a new rocket; some estimates put it as high as 50%.

The assigning of all interests to a corporation or business association is fairly commonplace for these reasons.

It's not commonplace for San Franciscans to squire their out-of-town guests for sightseeing tours to District 7.

In 5% of cases commonplace among is used

Such traits are commonplace among Muslims living in the West.

This type of infraction is commonplace among our elected eladers.

THEORY It is a commonplace among us Americans that we live a fast-paced life.

Left unchecked, libel could have become commonplace among the country's bloggers.

The belief that certain trees could cause rain is commonplace among primitive peoples.

The belief that certain trees could cause rain is commonplace among primitive cultures.

The success of the education of Cicero probably became a commonplace among Latin school-masters and Latin writers.

Support and encouragement for suicide attacks against innocent Israelis is also commonplace among Palestinian clergy.

Now, words such as neurosis, antimatter, immunity and black holes are commonplace among the metaphors we use in everyday life.

If we are to talk of historicity of practice of burqa, it was extant and commonplace among Muslims of Sub-continent well before existence of Pakistan.

In 4% of cases commonplace on is used

And maybe they'll be commonplace on the street too.

Now it's commonplace on scripted projects, at least in LA.

Streaking and blotching were commonplace on printed posters.

It is so commonplace on the web that virtually every page has an ad of some sort.

These cranes were once commonplace on the waterfront, from Queens Wharf to Aotea Quay.

In 1906, with the introduction of the Model T Ford, cars became more commonplace on the road.

It's not surprising those amateur comedians were nonplussed: rape talk is commonplace on the professional circuit.

Avatars Avatars and similar monikers are now commonplace on nearly every forum or chat program that you come across.

But Apple isn't one to sit still, especially with HD displays becoming commonplace on a wide range of mobile devices.

Wars that lasted years, even decades, when millions of lives were lost seemed to have been commonplace on all continents.

In 3% of cases commonplace throughout is used

Such actions are commonplace throughout the continent.

European clothing is now commonplace throughout Gikuyuland.

Likewise, school pictures are commonplace throughout the shelves of my home.

Landscape firing was commonplace throughout the world of ancient hunter-gatherers.

Arrests, detentions and other forms of repression were commonplace throughout that time.

Live drama performances by Cebuano radio talents soon became commonplace throughout Visayas and Mindanao.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is set in the near future where cyborg technology has become commonplace throughout society.

The deliberate destruction of heritage for religious, political and commercial reasons has been commonplace throughout history.

The fusion of Latin rhythms and Jazz harmonies and orchestration was commonplace throughout this era and sadly seems less common today.

The type of intense, real-time experience is available nowhere else in New Zealand nor is it commonplace throughout the world, he said.

In 3% of cases commonplace with is used

A It has also become much more commonplace with older users.

As is commonplace with United, we fall foul to the injury curse.

Supply shortages are commonplace with the launch of a new console.

Rooney's omission led to the 2+2=5 equation that is commonplace with the English media.

Exercise relieves the pent-up stress and frustration that are commonplace with divorce.

The individual approaches the commonplace with an anticipation of stimulating interaction.

And the iPhone camera finally has a capability that's long been commonplace with other smartphones: It can shoot panoramas.

Morris takes beautiful photos of American commonplace with his unique look: the quietness that comes across in all the images.

German-owned Body N ' Soul is run with the strict efficiency and attention to detail that is commonplace with all things German.

In 2% of cases commonplace at is used

Pine trees are simply too commonplace at home.

Reprisals were commonplace at all the major plants.

His belief in the importance of fitness extended beyond what was commonplace at the time.

He was human as well as divine and laughter must have been commonplace at the carpenter's bench.

So, the smart money will be on scanners becoming commonplace at motel receptions in the not so distant future.

As a result, sharing desks and working from home or other remote locations will become commonplace at the council.

Standard questions These are commonplace at job interviews and your candidates will probably have some answers prepared.

Standard questions These are commonplace at job interviews and your candidates will probably have some pre-prepared answers.

None the less, armed patrols are now commonplace at public buildings such as the Palace of Westminster, or transport hubs such as Heathrow Airport.

In 2% of cases commonplace to is used

He elevates the commonplace to the divine.

Custard tarts and jam tarts were commonplace to us.

These sales have become commonplace to the point where they feel almost permanent.

With more Americans owning automobiles, it became commonplace to vacation in Florida.

I suppose that the elements of vampiric nature have come to seem commonplace to me over centuries.

But it was filmed with some Sony EX3s, a couple of SLRs, which wasn't commonplace to film with in 2008.

Matter is a form of energy, an idea which was commonplace to Indian philosophers more than two thousand years ago.

For others, bizarre cultural traditions exist that seem macabre to us but are commonplace to those who practice them.

Publishing was an artifact of the information asymmetries commonplace to all power structures before hyperconnectivity.

We have walked a circuit around the Ness Islands so many times even its spectacular beauty is becoming commonplace to us.

In 2% of cases commonplace within is used

But, that is a commonplace within the commentariat.

Adultery is commonplace within police circles and nothing stops people using knives does it? 3.

It is just that certain features are so commonplace within cults, that most cults do not exist without them.

Arrogance is commonplace within my chosen industry but a Senior Software Developer will have it in leaps and bounds.

We too have been making fatties for years and definitely acknowledge that they are commonplace within the BBQ community.

Although this is a positive step, it seems absurd that withholding treatment based on age has been commonplace within the NHS.

In a comparatively recent era, concepts such as compulsory retirement were commonplace within the New Zealand employment environment.

Anyone previously involved in this movement for any length of time knows that cover-up and manipulation are commonplace within certain IFB circles.

Emigration, unemployment, poverty and deprivation remain all too commonplace within all working class communities across the occupied Six Counties.

In 1% of cases commonplace across is used

This is a worrying trend that is becoming more commonplace across the country.

This gap between government rhetoric and reality is commonplace across the world.

This is not unique to Northern Ireland but commonplace across Western democracies.

It is the force of globalisation that has allowed such activities to become commonplace across the world.

Such revisions are commonplace across all economic data, and can have significant political implications.

I expect that as the vehicles become more commonplace across Europe, the situation in the UK will be reviewed.

Apocryphal stories of how miners are simply left to die after an accident are commonplace across Latin America.

By the early 2000s zero down loans had become commonplace across all market segments including subprime and Alt-A.

Digital radio is still years away from national coverage, free to air digital TV is commonplace across Europe but unknown in Ireland, it's pathetic.

With advances like the cloud becoming more commonplace across a number of industries, people in IT jobs need to have a wide range of skills to better adapt to a changing economy.

In 1% of cases commonplace amongst is used

Haughty Habakkuk? Habakkuk witnessed great corruption and innumerable social injustices commonplace amongst God? s own people.

Frustration with the West is commonplace amongst sections of society, who are not Gaddafi loyalists, but on the contrary fought valiantly in the 2011 civil war against Gaddafi.

Interestingly in high decile schools expulsions are more commonplace amongst Europeans, Maybe, as fewer other ethnic groups are likely enrolled, standards less flexible amongst other reasons.

In 1% of cases commonplace around is used

Overtime is very commonplace around the world.

For one, mobile money transfers are commonplace around Africa, yet Europe is only now just starting to catch up.

As cell phone usage becomes more and more commonplace around the world, so do concerns about their effects on health.

Palm-fringed golden swathes of sand are particularly commonplace around the resort centre of Negombo and along the southern coast.

In the 1950s, the use of disposable plastic syringes became commonplace around the world as a cheap, sterile way to administer medicines.

The chocolate Easter eggs we know today were developed in Germany and France in the 1800s and have since become commonplace around the world at Easter time.

In 1% of cases commonplace as is used

And films have also become commonplace as a part of exhibitions.

Famines become commonplace as a result of severe oil, water and food shortages.

All as pleasantly commonplace as the most mild-mannered individual could expect or desire.

Financials crises are becoming commonplace as the PA regularly struggles to meet payroll for employees.

Renting is becoming far more commonplace as a result of the troubled housing market, however there is still some concern with renting a property.

Charles's conversation was commonplace as a street pavement, and everyone's ideas trooped through it in their everyday garb, without exciting emotion, laughter, or thought.

At each and every one of these events, miracles, signs and wonders have become commonplace as the power of God moves freely to set free, heal, anoint, deliver, bless and empower.

Freedom is the glue that holds liberal democracies together; yet, in the age of terror, restrictions on freedom have become more commonplace as a means to preserve that very concept.

If you go to the East Coast, it's parareka, if you go to Northland its peruperu, so even the projects have put that word out, and it's become commonplace as the term used for the M? ori potatoes.

In 1% of cases commonplace by is used

I don't expect women racing with the men to become commonplace by any means.

These radical ideas of the youth will be commonplace by the time they are your age.

Snooping HTTP and logging traffic is already commonplace by means of transparent proxies (and HTTP lends itself to this anyway).

This kind of historical whitewashing is now so commonplace by those who seek to villify Israel that no one on this blog has even noticed it.

Like the notional funding agency in 1901, we are limited by what we can imagine: something considered wild and unlikely today could be commonplace by then.

In 1% of cases commonplace during is used

Standing is allowed on the lower deck only and is commonplace during peak hours.

Long vehicular queues at intersections are commonplace during the peak traffic periods of the day.

First Microscope Grinding glass to use for spectacles and magnifying glasses was commonplace during the 13th century.

With pigs transported off ships and herded in the streets, the name Porkopolis became commonplace during the late 1820's.

Are we still in the dark days of military rule? It was commonplace during the military regime to hire-and-fire on National radio.

Such instances have become commonplace during games played by the forces teams with particular emphasis on the Navy and the Air force.

What are the common myths about HIV? Many people believe the following stories that have become commonplace during the 30 years since HIV first emerged.

Ad #6: Crime, Rioting And Looting Become Commonplace During An Economic Collapse This will go through the roof once the prisoners are released because prisons become too expensive.

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