Prepositions after "committed"

committed to, by, for, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 85% of cases committed to is used

I am very committed to staying.

I have been very committed to J.

It stays committed to 1 accomplice.

Bingham was certainly committed to a harsh policy in Connacht, for whatever reason.

Do we believe that the president is committed to that same thing? Absolutely we do.

Today Toyota remains committed to the pursuit of product innovation and creativity.

He enjoys fishing and boating sports and remains committed to the Poppy and Remembrance activities of the Legion.

The budget chief said the administration remains committed to its so-called Tuwid na Daan platform of governance.

FEMA is committed to communicating the future of testing and is currently in the planning and coordination phase.

She also raises the issue of the pay gap between men and women, which the Government are committed to addressing.

In 5% of cases committed by is used

Wot crime have i committed by that statement.

Dayan has dealt in detail ' sins ' committed by many parties.

There are many more ' crimes ' committed by AVCF and his gang.

In terms of the results this perfidy is probably worse than any committed by the GOSL.

The ' atrocities ' committed by Israel or the other ' infidels ' are never going to end.

In the mainstream media, any wrong committed by a Muslim is invariably linked to his religion.

The only ' crime ' committed by the oppressed Muslims was that they had proclaimed the belief in the One God and worshiped him.

God draws a distinction between the sin of departing from Him and the sins of the faithful committed by reason of human nature.

In the wake of Lister, a more recent trend has been to impose liability upon an employer for violent acts committed by employees.

Embezzlement Thefts committed by clerks, servants, or other employees of goods belonging to, or in the security of, their employers.

In 2% of cases committed for is used

You will need to stay committed for finding the cheapest auto insurance.

Problem will be getting him to stay committed for all of the time he spends on the field.

Training to become a solicitor To train as a solicitor you need to be very committed for several years.

They always remain committed for development of new services and products to fulfill even long term needs our clients.

It is not clear at all if India remains committed for the long haul in Afghanistan and prepared to make some hard choices.

I truly think her friends (if she has any) or her colleagues need to have her committed for a mandatory 72 hour psychological evaluation.

Staying committed for many years could be a amazing task for many people and they also commonly commemorate their marriage anniversaries in a really luxurious way.

Seeing the dark-skinned woman effortlessly moving heavy bags of glass bottles by herself, it's hard to image how the 50-year-old has remained committed for so many years.

Against United, you stay committed for the whole 90 minutes Jack and Arteta should start in front of the back four while Cazorla and Podolski make up the midfield while Giroud leads the line.

In 2% of cases committed in is used

Your country has been too committed in Iraq.

I'd over committed in many areas and it's slowly killing me.

These are just a few of the major violations committed in this so called accident.

I have my own gear and transport and I am very committed in making music my career.

The heinous crime that the British committed in Jalianwala Bagh evoked Jawaharlal Nehru into action.

The crimes, especially those against children, will rank amongst the most horrendous committed in modern times.

But unfortunately, our pleas have not been forthcoming because, we understand, your country is too committed in Afghanistan.

The Vice President John Mahama commissioned the hospital without knowing what abuses the Chinese committed in building that hospital.

League of Ireland fans are among the most committed in the world, willing to follow their team the length and breadth of the country.

In 2% of cases committed of is used

The best and most committed of the strikers will be fired gradually.

Be honest though, it usually just means awkward silence and no love tonight between the most committed of partners.

It can offer great benefits, but I think that even the most committed of the digerati would concede tech isn't enough.

Lacking similar assistance, even the most committed of builders found it almost impossible to build open housing in municipalities opposed to their plans.

In my experience it's the ' team ' that delivers, invariably as a result of sometimes quite extraordinary efforts on the part of the most committed of its individual members.

You might be in for a jaunty, watchable show such as Jumpy, starring Tamsin Greig, or the above-mentioned The Heretic, which starred that most committed of actresses, Juliet Stevenson.

Cesc is immensely mature for his age, he is loyal, he respects our club, he respects and cherishes the armband and he seems the most committed of our players when he wears they Arsenal jersey.

In 1% of cases committed against is used

The team out there was very committed against a good side.

Hell, with its positive punishments, is the rectification of the wrong committed against the innocent.

But I can't say enough about this but I believe our justice system has avenues of dealing with anything offensive committed against anyone.

And, since the rules are made by the state on behalf of society, we tend to define crime as a wrong committed against the state or society.

Calling it ' violence ' committed against a woman belittles the legitimate choice that many women have made to do what they feel is best for themselves, their lives, and their bodies.

A sense of indignation often precedes a desire for revenge whereby feelings of injustice arise and make one feel that they ought to defend their honour and or right a wrong committed against them.

In 1% of cases committed on is used

Having a workout partner can help remaining committed on your weight-loss plan easier.

The Asian Development Bank, another donor, also cancelled its committed on the same grounds.

He has shown his talent in driving up the field during attacks while at the same time staying committed on defense.

She was exposed to various types of physical torture one can think off committed on her fragile delicate body by police for 3-4 days at Nachol PS.

In 1% of cases committed with is used

She was very committed with all the work she participated in.

The goal is to unite the sport stars and the dreamers, the committed with the downright genius.

Opening with the same size position leads some forex traders to be under- or over committed with their money.

The writer talks about why China remain committed with Pakistan without talking about why Pakistan does the same.

Persuasion Tip: You can better persuade people to stay committed with their promises by asking them to write down what they said.

In the event you get some sales going and remain committed with your tough function, the commissions must Mike Wallace Jersey commence developing.

I recently announced major new contributions of humanitarian aid and assistance for the civilian opposition, and we remain committed with our like-minded partners to increase pressure on the regime.

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