Prepositions after "comforting"

"comforting to" or "comforting for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases comforting to is used

I used calm, comforting tone too.

Your voice is so comforting to me.

It's comforting to the rest of us.

Then seeing the build up of the Bolivian military isn't anything comforting to us.

I wish I could say something insightful and comforting to your parents on this day.

It really isn't comforting to Petals ' hearts, right? So I decided to research more.

Few things are more comforting to the parent of a gifted child than talking to other parents of gifted children.

Better yet, it is comforting to Taiwanese, who are as anxious and fearful of the mainland as they have always been.

It is also one of my favourite books, and is as familiar and comforting to me as a bowl of my mother's jollof rice.

These notions can feel comforting to Westerners, who view the interplay of religion and culture in Syria as suspect.

In 23% of cases comforting for is used

That is very comforting for us all.

How comforting for the both of you.

And I find that comforting for some reason.

Long lasting friendships can develop, which can be very comforting for many people.

It's comforting for people because they want to think that's what Australia still is.

The mundane can be quite comforting for those terrified of leaving their comfort zone.

But would these have been less humiliating and more comforting for him than being called a coward, one would wonder.

What we have seen in the past may not come this time around and that itself should be comforting for many investors.

This particular incidence of uncanniness is strangely comforting for me - two versions of home have merged in a dreamworld.

It's also comforting for people, especially if they arrive back from somewhere in the night, when they have got a late train.

In 15% of cases comforting about is used

There's something comforting about it.

There is something so comforting about that.

But there is something very comforting about it.

And the Calgary resident says there '?? s something comforting about both places.

There's just something very nostalgic and comforting about blogging in an airport.

There was something comforting about that unexpected salvo from their old saviour.

Strangely I think the approach to drinking is one of the things I find most comforting about living in Korea.

There's something wonderfully comforting about reading a cookbook, even if you only ever make beans on toast.

There was something very comforting about waking up on a cold Sunday morning and tuning in for some ND football.

There is something comforting about knowing what to expect, and enjoying familiarity when you are away from home.

In 12% of cases comforting in is used

It's therapeutic and comforting in all respect.

They were strangely comforting in their bleakness.

It was oddly comforting in a thoroughly annoying way.

Such thoughts are deeply comforting in the midst of a confused and troubled world.

You may even find the belief system quite satisfying and comforting in your own life.

I think it's kind of comforting in a time of tumultuous developments when campaigns are moving at different paces.

I find that comforting in these dark times as Labor takes us to the brink of Green madness and economic irresponsibility.

Although I love summer, I find something very comforting in autumn One of my favourite things is the build-up to Christmas.

So I take great comforting in knowing that the issue of these so called missionaries preaching on buses is being addressed.

In 3% of cases comforting at is used

I found this article quite comforting at the time.

I don't expect it (or anything else) to be comforting at this moment.

This good-hearted book was both inspiring and comforting at the same time.

Re CC - no, CC is not simply letting the child cry and comforting at invervals.

His presence is overwhelming and comforting at the same time when he draws close.

This may not seem very comforting at this time, but certainly you will find love again.

Of course, it's inevitable to crave for something hot and comforting at times like this.

It is something we awaken within us, and that is both terrifying and comforting at the same time.

Cuddling up with a teddy bear or other cuddly friend can be very comforting at any age, child or adult.

The thought was very comforting at that time, for I felt then I might not get around in one hundred days.

In 3% of cases comforting of is used

Their comforting of the young fellow punished by Imelda is touching.

We need the comforting of the Holy Spirit to continue on this journey of live.

Most comforting of all for them is to think that they were not actually repudiated at all.

It's the most comforting of drinks as you sit in the small hours awaiting the results of Muddlehead East or Undecided-on-Sea.

It's more suitable for general calming and comforting of the skin, I'd say -- it has a far creamier, more satisfying texture.

To me, the most comforting of comfort food is shepherd's pie, so I was beyond chuffed when Montreal chefs Chuck Hughes and Derek Dammann agreed to get out their knives for a shepherd's pie showdown.

You horror fans out there should love this game: camera angles to make you unsure of how alone you are, eerie music unsettles you, and let's face it -- a camera is not the most comforting of weapons.

In 2% of cases comforting as is used

It is just as indulgent and comforting as the original, only far better for you.

Or all scrummy and comforting as a chocolate malted milk drink like Milo or Horlicks.

If you have been out in the sun too long and got burned, Lavender hydrosol is soothing and comforting as well as healing.

There is a desire to go back to basics and cook food that is delicious and comforting as well as inexpensive and easy to make.

Excuse me if I don't find this type of sentiment exactly comforting as a profile of a non-violent Christian, or other religious faction.

The flow of chemicals from the amygdala in response to spiritual input are warming and comforting as the intrinsic human awareness of mortality and the fear of death are temporarily extinguished.

In 2% of cases comforting on is used

They are so comforting on a cold night.

It has been so comforting on these dark and chilly mornings in Perth.

Diaper Salve? very comforting on a rashy bum with no harsh chemicals.

Hardly sophisticated food, but somehow very comforting on a Monday night.

They usually are the most comforting on my knees after 10 miles but during the first 2 my shins were on fire.

At first, I thought of soup, mainly because today was rainy and windy and soups seem to be comforting on bleeky days.

It was early one spring morning and for the first time that year the sun was warm enough to feel comforting on their faces.

The vegetable samosas were just as they should be: crispy on the outside, soft, crumbly and comforting on the inside, with a solid fiery kick.

In 1% of cases comforting after is used

Yor words are very comforting after a very dissapointing election.

She? s receptive to it then and seems to find it comforting after getting so stressed.

Nothing has compared, and I remember the bar itself being so comfortable and comforting after work and school.

In 1% of cases comforting during is used

It felt comforting during a time of chaos and impatience in my life.

I found this article extremely comforting during a very sad time in my life.

It is very comforting during this time to have someone who is there to listen and to have empathy when others have drifted away.

The book would be a rich and valuable reading experience at any time, but is especially comforting during these somber, grieving days.

Along with her professionalism, Mege maintains a friendly and personable approach at all times which is very comforting during what can otherwise be a stressful experience.

In 1% of cases comforting from is used

You can bring along something comforting from home for your trip.

This issue is implanted in early childhood by a needful parent who requires comforting from us.

In 1% of cases comforting like is used

It's more comforting like this.

It's comforting like smoking a joint.

Cold to the touch, but comforting like my pilot's chair on my way to wisdom.

There are also days where I figure on something fast and comforting like grilled cheese or homemade pizzas.

In those situations, I often find conversation with strangers a bit awkward, especially in settings that are supposed to be warm and comforting like Thanksgiving dinner.

In 1% of cases comforting rather is used

In the case of democratic nations with legal protections for human rights I even find that comforting rather than creepy.

It could be that the weather turns unpredictably cold and you feel like something warming and comforting rather than the light salad you had planned.

In 1% of cases comforting with is used

Your braised pork is lovely too, and so comforting with the mashed potato and gravy.

It's warm and comforting with my husband's old leather chair in the corner and the kids ' most recent artwork on the walls.

In contrast, the braised lamb shank (S$30) was full of flavour and utterly comforting with its silky mashed potatoes and minted peas.

However knowing that results are far more comforting with the help of the experts, people should be a bit forbearing for them to be guaranteed of the right applications.

Smooth, creamy and comforting with toasty nut explosions in every mouthful I ate it looking out at the last of the leaves on the pear tree which have turned sunflower yellow.

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