Prepositions after "comfortable"

"comfortable with" or "comfortable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases comfortable with is used

Get comfortable with discomfort.

Comfortable with style of exam 4.

Get Comfortable With Uncomfortable.

The Washington Republicans are more comfortable with politicians like George W.

Talk about it all you want as long as you are both comfortable with the subject.

Plus, learn the advantages of pre-approval and get comfortable with the process.

This will allow you to get comfortable with the chest and arms as well as learn how the chest and arms plays.

Comfortable with his guests whom he treated alike as old friends, he had plenty of time to sit and talk away.

Most of my classmates, however, were less comfortable with the prospect of churning out large chunks of text.

However, it relies on certain personnel being available to be effective until everyone is comfortable with it.

In 19% of cases comfortable in is used

It's comfortable in the static.

Be comfortable in the situation.

Wear what you are comfortable in.

Oh sorry, the seats are comfortable in the Peugeot 307 SW, but that ’ s it.

If you don't want to wear what I'd wearing, then wear what you're comfortable in.

Comfortable in midfield and looking to push his way into regular first-team spot.

You can carry that energy to things you may not be as comfortable in, like job interviews or first day at work.

No modeling experience neccessary - you should have a fit/athletic body and comfortable in front of the camera.

Joshua, comfortable in the awareness of Maggie's love, remains celibate - with a twist only Moore could devise.

She jumped back and forth trying to choose a field that she was comfortable in, but nothing ever seemed to fit.

In 6% of cases comfortable for is used

Do what is comfortable for you.

Do whatever is comfortable for you.

Choose what is comfortable for you.

He should seem content when feeding, and it should feel comfortable for you too.

He has constantly said that he would not be comfortable for a Referendum on this.

To open in a new window is a possibility, but not really comfortable for the user.

They kept the drinks coming, but I was tired from the flight and wanted to get comfortable for a little while.

At this time, you should experiment with different positions, until you find one which is comfortable for you.

There are quite a few motor homes, vans, and cars with HUMANS making themselfs comfortable for the night here.

Absolutely nothing was done to make it comfortable for the pilot, co-pilot, or the other eight men in the crew.

In 3% of cases comfortable on is used

He looked comfortable on the ball.

The residence is a comfortable one.

I never felt comfortable on the run.

I felt really comfortable on the bike and the track and was absolutely loving it.

Once I feel comfortable on the 26er again I love it but it definitely takes time.

We've shot together briefly and Shah Rukh made me really comfortable on the sets.

He also is very comfortable on the ball and can work wonders at finding the right channels to get at a defense.

Stuart - Without wanting to get too comfortable on this fence, it would be a toss up between Sahin and Afellay.

It's comfortable on the carpet and I actually prefer this to seats because I can stretch myself out and snooze.

Laptop in hand we walked there, bought drinks and our voucher and got comfortable on the sofa in the restaurant.

In 2% of cases comfortable about is used

I didn't feel comfortable about that.

I'd quite comfortable about all that.

I did not feel comfortable about this.

I agree with you its not good and I wouldn't feel comfortable about it either.

I'd incredibly shy and not comfortable about being naked in front of a partner.

The private sector began to feel more comfortable about the economy's directions.

He should never have read your diary unless you made it clear that you were open and comfortable about this.

I would tend to agree that 9/10 year olds and younger are very comfortable about using touch screen devices.

However, feeling comfortable about something as fundamental to your life as your sexuality should be a given.

Don't worry, take a relaxed view about it &; I am sure that you will gradually get more comfortable about it.

In 2% of cases comfortable at is used

She was not comfortable at rest.

I didn't feel comfortable at all.

You feel comfortable at training.

A good professional ensures that their clients are kept comfortable at all times.

Firstly, not everyone is comfortable at speed, especially when they are learning.

Why not help them be more comfortable at this time? Everything has been destroyed.

Krewer does not abhor comfort; she believes that a person can look stylish and be comfortable at the same time.

He admitted he felt more comfortable at his natural heavyweight rather than dropping down to the cruiserweight.

Those days are gone when people use several pairs associated with hosiery to have their ft comfortable at home.

Downing has looked less than comfortable at the back and Ramierz is more than capable of giving him a roasting.

In 1% of cases comfortable around is used

So I'd comfortable around guys.

I feel comfortable around people.

You are uncomfortable around them.

Jack and Cecilia may never understand, but Rudy felt comfortable around them.

You know I make fun of you because I adore you and I'd comfortable around you.

Recommend If I feel comfortable around women wearing low-cuts and sleeve less.

Be easy company You want your partner to feel comfortable around you and enjoy every moment in your company.

Would he be comfortable around someone whose family was on food stamps while they were growing up? Doubt it.

I've had very few boyfriends and it takes me an exceptional amount of time to become comfortable around them.

For them it's about body image and self-esteem -- and they're comfortable around each other in that community.

In 1% of cases comfortable as is used

I feel very comfortable as a striker.

We need to get more comfortable as a team.

Looked comfortable as a second half right back.

He lead the team in hits and became more and more comfortable as the season went on.

When I wore this skirt, I felt very comfortable as the material is soft and elegant.

While it makes a comfortable halfway house, it is not comfortable as a final vehicle.

It seemed that just around the time we were getting comfortable as a member of the EU, they wanted to expand it.

Try on a few different pairs to ensure that you are getting something comfortable as well as a good quality shoe.

Now, he definitely got more comfortable as the game went on -- so more play time could make him more comfortable.

The current Labor Party fills that slot very neatly and Pig Iron Bob would be comfortable as an ALP Prime Minister.

In 1% of cases comfortable during is used

I felt very comfortable during my stay.

Comfortable during picture taking time.

The room is comfortable during the day.

It was very comfortable during the day but cooled off significantly at night.

Besides, loose clothing tends to be more comfortable during the hotter months.

This includes asking you if you're happy and comfortable during your treatment.

We are very pleased that you enjoyed your visit and felt comfortable during your stay in our Boutiquehotel.

Special care needs to be taken to ensure that your baby is healthy and comfortable during the winter months.

Weather was nice and comfortable during the day -- light chill in the morning -- not too hot during the day.

Layering your current outfits lets you continue to be comfortable during the beginning of your own coaching.

In 1% of cases comfortable to is used

Take what is comfortable to you.

It should be comfortable to you.

The furniture is comfortable to me.

This amazing new t-shirt -- soft and comfortable to the touch -- is for sale now.

It was familiar and comfortable to them, and maybe those affects became a fetish.

Brian Mechanical keyboards are great! They are durable and comfortable to type on.

It is more comfortable to type in landscape mode, but in that orientation you don't get to see message threads.

I've used them all very much, but at the moment I'd using Logic because I think it's the most comfortable to me.

Maybe I feel that olden days is more comfortable to me in such if ways of living, unlike now a very hectic life.

Tips and Warnings Try on a backpack before you purchase one from the store to ensure it feels comfortable to you.

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