Prepositions after "cold"

cold in, for, at, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases cold in is used

And it gets cold in the winter.

The blood ran cold in my veins.

MN does get cold in the winter.

When I was young, it always seemed much colder in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Maybe a rug as I have hardwood floors (that I LOVE) but can be a bit cold in the winter.

I like the meadows and parks in the summer but it is too cold in the winter to go there.

He will cause you to grow cold in your heart toward others--the things of God will not mean to you what they once did.

The trail has gone cold in many a criminal probe because law enforcers were unable to pierce a shell's corporate veil.

Hats off to him for full on acting - those waters are as dirty, muddy and as cold in reality as they appear on screen.

The visitors ' coach Joachim Loew was suffering badly from a cold in Dublin but his players provided the perfect tonic.

In 13% of cases cold for is used

I've had a cold for a few days.

And stays cold for three hours.

It was cold for July I thought.

This is about as far as we got in before we determined it was entirely too cold for us.

I'd planning to put a sign up in the window: ' Hot for the rich, and cold for the poor.

However it is a touch too cold for them here, and so a perfect cluster is hard to find.

In the past I have been rather scornful about this, but frankly it really has been quite cold for the last few weeks.

Weather? Yeah winter is cold for Aussie standards, but the coldest days being around 12 degrees (53F) is pretty mild.

At the end of the first week we had turned the incubator off by mistake leaving the eggs cold for well over 12 hours.

So today is the day of good knee socks (a pun on the Japanese for November 28th) But it's way too cold for knee socks.

In 10% of cases cold at is used

Also, have a cold at the moment.

I kind of like being cold at night.

And, to NML, you are not cold at all.

Though the canyon bottom is tropical, in winter the canyon walls get very cold at night.

Sweat was dripping down his body even though the temperature was very cold at that time.

The poker is hot at $t1$ and cold at $t2$, and there's nothing contradictory about that.

Pits deeper than 1 metre can be cold at the bottom and the micro-organisms can not get enough oxygen to work properly.

If everything's on but all of your radiators are still cold at the top, your heating system could be full of a sludge.

Warm clothes should be worn to avoid wind chill &; catching cold at the summit after sweating it out during the climb.

Between June and August it can be very cold at the Ngorongoro Crater, but Mnemba Island is lovely at this time of year.

In 8% of cases cold on is used

Hope you stay cold on the ship.

It was so cold on our first hole.

In short, David Cameron must reassure us all that he hasn't gone cold on climate change.

He's Hot and Cold on The Phone: He'll text you 10 times in a night, then go MIA for days.

I'd been kissed! Almost immediately he turned cold on me, and then the gossip reached me.

Either way, you don't want the trail to go cold on your systems when the Police or Intelligence Services come knocking.

They were 30 degrees colder on Sunday than on last New Year's Eve! It got all the way down to 24 at San Angelo, Texas.

If you're against bath mats because they get soggy, get one of these: You won't slip and it's not cold on your tootsies.

It's gotten pretty cold on a few nights, but I needed to get a new chimney brush and clean it before getting a fire going.

In 7% of cases cold with is used

It is served cold with a straw.

McAllister grew cold with fright.

Serve cold with nyamachoma or pilau.

Higher elevations are much colder with temperatures between 15C (59 F) to 25C (77F).

The next wind storm really cold with harsh wind, you should not do what you want full.

The spell broke and Ai-chan's face went cold with shock when Youta confessed his love.

It tastes a bit like quiche without pastry and is nice hot or cold with tomato sauce:) I put mine in muffin pans! 4.

But you raised the issue of our family home potentially getting dragged into this and this leaves me cold with fear.

Also bring a sweater because the bus can get very cold with the AC, bring a sleeping mask, ear plugs, and a neck pillow.

Compare the dirtiness of the water in which you have washed when it is cold without soap, cold with soap, hot with soap.

In 6% of cases cold to is used

Her friend is cold to the bone.

They never seem very cold to me.

And I prefer cold to hot weather.

She was awake but quiet and still felt cold to the touch after lying in the wet bedding.

I became cold to people, although I'd not a bully, I always spend my time in school alone.

Food will be served hot or cold to private houses in pneumatic tubes or automobile wagons.

This does not mean we turn cold to suffering, not at all, but helps check the desire of the ego to fix perceived wrongs.

Finally, if the lamp is off and cold to the touch, then the switch you didn? t use is the one connected to the lamp: #3.

As he moved along the shore, he picked up one pebble at a time, and if it was cold to the touch he tossed it into the sea.

They need to understand why top functionaries in the government, bankers and industry captains are now suddenly cold to them.

In 4% of cases cold by is used

The eggs would be cold by then.

He responds to pain and cold by twisting away.

What a chilly place, I meant cold by chilly, haha.

We felt a little colder by then indicating that we are already near Mount Babag's peak.

You can not catch a cold by getting wet, sitting in a draught or being out in cold weather.

I was very cold by that point and had gone into the hotel to see if there were any messages.

My wetsuit helps to keep the majority of my body warm but fingers, toes, lips and nose all get pretty cold by the end.

Avoid eating chilled fruits, desserts and drinks I was always told to avoid eating or drinking anything cold by my mom.

He was done for &; very cold by the time I had got this final shot! Camera was a Nikon D300 at ISO200 using a Nikkor f1.

With the temperature here getting colder by the day, all I can think about is bundling up each time I leave the house.

In 3% of cases cold during is used

It was really cold during winter.

It's cold during the nights lately.

It was also very cold during the nights.

TIME TO GO It's hot all year round but nights in the desert can be cold during winter.

If a guy is selfish and cold during sex, he's selfish and cold in other contexts, too.

It was cold during the night but I was wearing enough clothes so I felt very pleasant.

On the flip side, bring a sleeping bag meant for summer camping will make you very cold during your winter camping trip.

The center area of the country is arid which means that it is hot and dry on daytime, but is often cold during the night.

Many of us will remember this first fair in Beijing as it snowed and was bitterly cold during the three days of the event.

It is necessary to insulate in any areas that typically get colder during winter, this includes exterior walls and attics.

In 3% of cases cold from is used

The cans were still cold from the fridge.

Hey, I think I got a cold from that chick.

Big or small, cold from the fridge, or fresh.

Sometimes it can cause a bad hair day, but I don't think I've ever caught a cold from it.

It will be cold from October - March without doubt and possibly from March to October too.

That might save you from getting too cold from looking for it in the airplane, train, bus.

Submerge the egg package in boiling water and cook for 4 minutes, maybe a tad longer if the eggs were cold from the fridge.

ARCTIC AIR MASS An air mass that develops around the Arctic, it is characterized by being cold from surface to great heights.

It was as if his heart had become cold from all relationships and due to rapture and excessive desire he could not even speak.

In winter months, the weather gets colder and colder from November to March and considerably warmer in April (a leap into summer).

In 2% of cases cold as is used

Serve cold as a yummy side dish.

It does take cold as well as heat.

They are as cruel and cold as the grave.

It's a bit wishy-washy weather here, but not as cold as it's been for the last 4-5 days.

Ross Hays makes a statement of summer seasons getting colder as a judgment of personal experience.

What is the wind-chill temperature? At any temperature, you feel colder as the wind speed increases.

When we got back to our room we realised it was very cold and it started to get colder as the afternoon turned to evening.

HEARTBEAT IRREGULARITIES: The uncertainties that cause some people to blow hot and cold as a result of so many guessing games.

Consider if this is a woman, Without hair or name With no more strength to remember Eyes empty and womb cold As a frog in winter.

Woodland Avenue was on that list yesterday and I drove up the street after work and it was as dark and cold as the inside of my home.

In 2% of cases cold of is used

Coldest of the season 28 belo zero.

Tundra is the coldest of all the biomes.

The State is the coldest of cold monsters.

With a tog rating of 3+ I know Daisy is snug and comfortable, even on the coldest of days.

She is also able to burp on cue; even the coldest of souls won't be able to suppress a chuckle.

That, together with tater pie (meat and potato pie) would keep you happy in the coldest of weather.

Regardless of the weather, BBG's indoor environments offer visitors a pleasant respite on even the coldest of days.

Tonight looks likely to be the coldest of the season so far and likely to beat last night's coldest-so-far with -8.

Its structure is an offshoot from the brain, because the latter is the moistest and coldest of all the bodily parts.

Done! Wasn't that easy? Guaranteed to gently sooth all your problems away and warm even the coldest of winter hearts.

In 1% of cases cold without is used

And it's tough and cold without them.

The world is surely colder without it.

This morning i ate it cold without heating it up.

It's so cold without the sun that you can't attach anything else to the one hundred.

Minor illnesses, such as a cold without a fever, are not a reason to delay immunisation.

You can not have two-way heat flow between hot and cold without violating the Second Law.

Compare the dirtiness of the water in which you have washed when it is cold without soap, cold with soap, hot with soap.

Vitaly Shvedchenko Hey, Donovan, what about Russia? Here is so cold without your songs of love! http: **35;4610;TOOLONG.

Whereas I used to work in a great big heated office, I now work in my house -- which gets very cold without the heating on.

A simple insulated icebox built in to the cabinet will keep your drinks cold without requiring electrical lines or a major investment.

In 1% of cases cold about is used

Nothing cold about science either.

I don't mean to sound cold about it.

They're neither hot nor cold about it.

Just as I silently declared that there was nothing even remotely cold about this chocolate, Sr.

While the winter weather is always going to be a drawback, there's nothing cold about the Chicago tech scene.

One might say that there is something cold about a person who can watch a man dying while thinking about how to film him.

Now part of this story paints a picture of how these pilots would deal with seeing planes return from mission often a plane and crew down and having to be cold about it.

North Uist: The story so far In the storm of criticism of its safety record that followed the Deepwater Horizon blow-out, BP blew hot and cold about drilling the North Uist well.

Aug 29, 2012 7:44 pm Connie C says: When asked if my newly turned 16 year old grandson is excited about the prospect of learning how to drive, he was lukewarm, if not cold about the idea.

In 1% of cases cold towards is used

I felt fairly cold towards her.

She was quite cold towards him.

I was polite but extremely cold towards him.

She is smart, sporty and talented at everything but is cold towards mundane people.

A lot of people who were affected suddenly turned cold towards whatever online game.

He was also to be the official overseeing her trial, and was obviously cold towards her.

Some boys don't like that kind of pressure, so if you always act that way, some boys will just act cold towards you.

She'll repel his approaches, be cold towards his jokes, or try to be overly-aggressive so that she can combat his ego.

I started to be really cold towards my partner and we split up twice which was my decision and then got back together.

I thank God that He has given Kim Jaejoong such a side for now, lest others feel cold towards him for being too perfect.

In 1% of cases cold over is used

Serve as hot tea or cold over ice.

Cliff really caught a cold over Feminism.

Another big ticket item is the cold over western Europe.

Allow the Showerstream to spray 5 minutes HOT and 2 minutes COLD over the AFFECTED Area.

It must be better up in QLD where the water doesn't get so cold over night and in winter.

Heat or Cold: Use of heat or cold over joints may provide short- term relief from pain and stiffness.

But for now, I just eat it cold over hard boiled eggs or hot over brown rice &; chicken breast with my other veggies.

Serve the compote warm or cold over cereal, pancakes, French toast or waffles, or try it with the following ricotta fritters.

The coolest centuries were the 17 th and 19 th with the former coldest over Europe and the latter coldest over North America.

That means the upper stratosphere should have gotten colder over the last decades! Indeed almost every chemical-climate model, e.

In 1% of cases cold like is used

It was cold, cold like the truth.

It wasn't cold like here in Aberdeen.

Aeroplanes are notorious for spreading a cold like that.

It also keeps the floor warm especially when the weather gets cold like here in the US.

How far from the truth was she? The truth is cold like the coffee she serves, Tynan thought.

As I grew up in sunny South-Africa I have never experienced cold like this before and was not prepared.

Miss Tumble explained that steam changed back to liquid water when it came into contact with something cold like a mirror.

It's just one more arena where women are expected to inhabit male fantasies and run hot and cold like running water for male preferences.

I'd going to move to somewhere cold like that ' cze I wan na buy and wear the winter-clothes!!!!!: D Just arrived in Xiamen after the 4hours ' flight.

Started off with cold like symptoms, progressing to uncontrollable coughing with the inability to breath, desperation to breath often causes vomiting.

In 1% of cases cold due is used

It is cold due to it's location.

Later, air gets cold due to expansion.

Even warm room can cause some parts to get cold due to sweating.

But oh no, its bad enough that the sheet is wet, but now it's cold due to being so wet.

The waters off the northern Euro coasts are colder due to the melting Artic fresh water.

From this point the air gets cold due to ascent and the result will be the fall of continuous rain.

Here again, when the body no longer grows for those past their prime, he says that it becomes colder due to idleness.

However, don't come out to the streets immediately after because you might catch a cold due to the instant change of temperature.

But even if a person has cough or cold due to viral infection, the body will recover generally in one or two weeks without medication.

Even the weather to a degree, the winters are surprisingly cold due to the design of the houses and the summers can be unbearably hot.

In 1% of cases cold before is used

Make sure that your grill is completely cold before cleaning it.

It has to be cold before slicing them preferably in a meat slicer.

Leave until cold before labelling otherwise the labels won't stick.

Feet often feel cold before the rest of the body because they have the poorest circulation.

I mean, I had a bath on Saturday and the hot water began to run cold before the tub was full.

It was just the perfect temperature and I wasn't feeling hot or cold before all this started.

The Green Archers blew hot and cold before finishing strong to overcome the hard-fighting UP Maroons, 76-69 yesterday.

In the morning, a body has already turned cold before the first concerned hand reaches out to touch an icy celebrity shoulder.

Personally I prefer my toast cooked to between 3 and 4 on the toaster and allowed to get completely cold before buttering THICKLY.

Some concern over raw meat and fish being in the same area as cooked meat and fish, with the raw produce not kept cold before being cooked.

In 1% of cases cold after is used

Fourteen degrees wasn't so cold after all.

I was soon out cold after a hectic Diwali.

Only she feels a little colder after that.

Point out that the light sticks are still cold after giving out light for several minutes.

If teeth are sensitive to hot or cold after dental work, a pain reliever may be recommended.

If the delivery room becomes colder after the delivery the mother will most likely catch cold.

Feeling cold after a bath: When children step out of a warm bath into cold air, this can feel very unpleasant for them.

This may not have anything to do with it, but I have caught cold after cold as well as strep throat in the last 2 months.

The FBI said the case went cold after McCullough joined the military and legally changed his name to Jack Daniel McCullough.

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