Prepositions after "close"

close to, by, in, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases close to is used

That was close To Zero as well.

I'd too close to the damn thing.

That's pretty close to this lot.

Since neutrinos have a tiny mass, the speed should be very close to the speed of light.

About the Author If i was remotely close to the park I would be checking out everygame.

El Wekala is right in the centre of Taba Heights - so it is close to the shopping area.

On the left of the stage, close to the wing, was a man, sitting cross-legged on a raised platform, beating a tom-tom.

On the night of 17 August dog tracks were observed on the southern side of and very close to the Chamberlains ' tent.

Fact 4: Tamil population in the North is hardly 500,000 -- while close to 1m live outside and mostly among Sinhalese.

I made it to the first bench on the walk when I spotted gray shimmering in the waters very close to the cliffs below.

In 4% of cases close by is used

At least the store is close by.

The canopy walkway is close by.

Historic St Davids is close by.

Changing rooms, western toilets and small shops with snacks and beverages are close by.

And for those skiers who lean towards cross-country action, Snow Farm is also close by.

My fellow divers were close by and had their eyes on me as I backed out into the clear.

Claiming that there was no real planning, Thomas said he forced the girls into a wooded area because it was close by.

Our MD from the UK closed that tab because he had to step out to drop off some things at his hotel that was close by.

Somewhere close by a primate screamed and Stephens mimicked the sound as he brought those fists forward towards Lake.

Roots from living screens growing close by can also compete with your vegetables for valuable moisture and nutrients.

In 3% of cases close in is used

It was pretty close in the end.

BBVA is close in this ratio, 1.

I can't find a room ' close in '.

Sadly being number one in the world is not as easy but the UK comes close in 2nd place.

A couple of years ago, a saviour seemed so close in the form of the Chinese government.

All at once he was looking right across the close in sunlight to where the elms made a shade over a swarm of daisies.

About 10 o'clock we were close in with the Welsh land and could distinctly see the snow on the tops of the mountains.

The way Buffy's story came to a close in Season 7 was the perfect ending for that character if you followed the show.

Again, they are so close in their conservative ratings that it is meaningless to argue about who is more conservative.

In 3% of cases close with is used

He was close with all his kids.

I was never too close with Prof.

Basically it was close with Kimi.

Jonghyun ' s character was beautiful and bright, so he was really close with friends.

Since I was not very close with MCA during my tenure at INSAP, no offers came my way.

My siblings and I were all very close with her, and will still all miss her very much.

Aaliyah was so unbelievably close with her family, don't you think that's how SHE would've wanted it? Yes, Aaliyah.

There was a Samaritan in the group and they may have thought that it wouldn't be safe to come close with him there.

Akaroa Harbour claims to be the only place in the world where you can swim up close with the rare Hector's dolphin.

So, you will most likely get up close with the wildlife, sometimes close enough to reach out and touch the animals.

In 2% of cases close on is used

The feds are close on his tail.

And they are close on his tail.

I stayed close on their wheels.

By the time I have finished this post, this blog will have received close on 3000 hits.

The stock plummeted deeper in the red the next day, losing 24% by the close on July 22.

I've noticed that you and me have been pretty close on our NaNo word counts throughout.

The exhibition has been enjoying tremendous support from the public, and will come to a close on Friday, November 30.

Goonetilleke followed close on his heels and spoke comfortingly to my son and me, which I thought was extremely kind.

Pedrosa was closing on Lorenzo and starting to push the Yamaha man, as the pair started to close on some backmarkers.

Suarez was certainly looking the most likely player to create something for Liverpool and he went close on 26 minutes.

In 1% of cases close at is used

Luckily, Palm is close at hand.

The event came to a close at 2.

Passing too close at high speed.

Seat controls Everything passengers need to control their environment is close at hand.

Then with the command to keep close at his heels, the trapper led the way up the trail.

Here you can enjoy an iconic Kakadu wetland up close at this fabulous time of the year.

As a Kiwi I reckon TPN would go close at Hooker, but mostly on future potential rather than currently being the best.

He perceived that close at hand was a field telephone, and that a tall officer in blue was talking thereat about him.

As our time was drawing to a close at the retreat we decided to try and reach out to the universe and to what's in it.

The third year start date was close at hand in November of 2011 and I had gained 30 pounds that I lost the prior year.

In 1% of cases close for is used

So this is pretty close for me.

It's been too close for too long.

But it was too close for comfort.

Without Curry's jumper to stop that 13-2 run, this game can get too close for comforts.

My drink must have subsided when I noticed that their mouths were too close for comfort.

She wanted to trust him, she really did, but the fence seemed too close for him to stop.

The bison watched as the wolves approached, and then jumped to their feet when the wolves got too close for comfort.

If they haven't become lamb chops by next year, I should be able to get real close for a shot if I come visit again.

But that been said when all the patents are taken together the overall look of the Galaxy was too close for comfort.

In 1% of cases close up is used

Click on the TV for a close up.

I'd including a close up picture.

But in close up it's a nightmare.

Abbas Kiarostami's Close Up is perhaps the greatest example, but far from the only one.

To accuse Close Up of being a current affairs programme is unreasonable in the extreme.

The model, who is the face of Close Up toothpaste, hails from Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State.

One landowner is even offering up his four-bedroom home with close up views of the mysterious peak for 1,200 a night.

After college she taught Government Studies to high school students through the Close Up Foundation in Washington, D.

They allowed me to come quite close up to them, and to feed my pity upon their wild dejection in exile without stint.

It was his third unofficial visit to USC this season, and now his mother, stepdad and father have had a close up look.

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