Prepositions after "clinging"

clinging to, of, on, as or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 85% of cases clinging to is used

And no more clinging to a teacher.

Less clinging to them when they do.

Dependent on clinging to is becoming.

The Buddha told us to see the way things are and then let go of our clinging to them.

There was a small moth clinging to the inside of a cup three-quarters full of cold tea.

The body is just a lump of matter until there occurs the grasping and clinging to self.

Because he is one and he has no clinging to memories and no desires for the future, the present is enough for him.

But when he heard the Buddha's teaching his mind saw the truth, he saw that his clinging to those views was wrong.

We want neither birth nor non - birth and through not grasping at or clinging to either of them there is emptiness.

All I can think of is that huge flap made over Obama's comments about people being afraid clinging to God and Guns.

In 6% of cases clinging of is used

True or perfect panna is emptiness, absence of the foolish clinging of delusion.

In Buddhist language one would say that it dissolves the fixation and clinging of ego.

The tramp and rattle of horse hoofs, the clinging of bits and irons blended with voices, came from the rear.

The karma potencies, which are the causes of the clinging of material elements to the soul, have to be taken care of very carefully.

The fat from large game animals such as deer, moose or elk is highly saturated so it should always be served piping hot or very cold to avoid the clinging of fat to the mouth and the greasy taste.

In 5% of cases clinging on is used

It becomes a clinging on, white knuckles can I make it to 30 days affair.

With Labour clinging on to just 30 percent support, National's support is almost double that of the Opposition.

Yes, like Samsung with the Galaxy S3, LG's clinging on to some vestigial menu button instead of rightfully providing a recent apps key.

You seem to be clinging on to the increasingly desperate scenario of a big global freeze and are blocking out anything that does not agree with your opinion.

You claim I am ' clinging on to the increasingly desperate scenario of a big global freeze and are blocking out anything that does not agree with your opinion '.

Many men and women enter the second and third acts of their lives with less attachment to fast cars or yet another pair of shoes, less clinging on to the bricks and the mundane mortar of life.

In 1% of cases clinging as is used

We see this suffering, and we see our very clinging as the cause of that suffering.

In 1% of cases clinging for is used

Weak, malnourished and severely dehydrated, people have been arriving clinging for life.

Yes, it is paradoxical: the things that we chase in life come in us -- we feel their presence -- only when we let go our clinging for them.

In 1% of cases clinging in is used

Don't also harbour any clinging in the present.

The inevitable residual clinging in the living arahant does not precipitate a fresh existence.

Our co-dependent clinging in relationships provides no contentment, so we blame each other for our personal dissatisfaction.

In 1% of cases clinging onto is used

The bar is constantly being raised to the point where your clinging onto your sofa for dear life! Words by Danny Mellows Keep up to date with all the latest music news, gossip, and give-aways from.

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