Prepositions after "clever"

clever in, with, at, about or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases clever in is used

You are very clever in English.

Can play late and clever in the tight.

You aren't funny or clever in any way.

Isaiah 5:21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.

Although its trendy to kick Honda they are actually starting to box clever in some ways.

We need to teach high achievers to be clever in dealing with their non-achiever cousins.

The glossy newspaper was certainly a neat touch, though maybe not as clever in actual content as its look suggested.

But, in the vein of They Might Be Giants, Arrowsmith's songs are bouncy, well-crafted, and clever in their hilarity.

China has been very clever in taking the most powerful elements of capitalism and being seen to adopt western styles.

United are trying to be too clever in front of goal and too cavalier in letting Neville anywhere near the first team.

In 13% of cases clever with is used

DPM is quite clever with backups.

Sci-fi is often clever with this stuff.

We need to be clever with our resources.

Type C -- unlikely to win many balls, but clever with the direction of their header.

I tried to do something jolly and clever with Candlewick but abandoned that in the end.

He's clever with the pace and lengths he bowls and has a knack of breaking partnerships.

Colin clubofrome She is very clever with words isn't she? The only thing challenged here is your credibility fool.

And then I remember that Gook Hee is the one about cookies (oh, haha, aren't they so clever with names? *snicker*).

So many get caught up in trying to be so clever with their charts and indicators, in an effort to win all the time.

If we do not have home alleviation or remodeling experience, we need to be clever with how we proceed the situation.

In 11% of cases clever at is used

Ryan Air are very clever at this.

An idea that seems clever at 1 a.

I'd thought it clever at the time.

She was not very clever at it, but she liked it so much that she did not want to stop.

I love the way your paintings have an ethereal light, you're so clever at creating this.

There's nothing clever at all about abusing my mailbox or the trust of those who read it.

On the flipside we haven't shown ourselves to be particular clever at using our votes for the betterment of society.

They are also very clever at twisting things so the abused is made to feel they ' made ' the abuser act in such a way.

I also am very clever at being afraid in this way, whereas in other ways which are bad I am not clever and not afraid.

His jumping was exemplary, accurate and effortless, and he was clever at the third last when he got in a little tight.

In 10% of cases clever about is used

We have to be clever about this.

There's nothing clever about it.

He SHOULD be more clever about it.

And that encourages farmers to plant more next season, and be more clever about it.

I've been very clever about my own number and it is a one that nobody would think of.

To lose weight you do need to eat a little less, but you can get a bit clever about it.

At the same time, mobile ads need to become cleverer about how they adapt to the limitations of mobile screens.

What's clever about the Australian Masterchef is the role of the hosts, who are all professional chefs themselves.

Gordon was very clever about hiding debt but, the people who lend us money know the full horror of our debt position.

There has always been something special about Pixar -- something genuine, warm and endlessly clever about their movies.

In 10% of cases clever for is used

Gene, You're too clever for me.

You are so clever for your size.

Nature is much too clever for us.

Often if I'd come up with a line that was too clever for it's own good I'd edit it out.

We find it difficult to grasp because it's nonsense, not because it's too clever for us.

But Jake is surely too clever for that? Of hoe? Vinnie, I do not see it as disgracefull.

Jimbo is never going to get the Sky job, its aimed at the lowest common denominator and Jimbo is far too clever for that.

Choosing a great deductible is specifically clever for anyone who is worries obtaining a really low benefit to begin with.

No D &D,; no Monty, and though things are different now, i think Monty is way to clever for some of them to understand and like.

The true use of history, whether civil or military, is not to make man clever for the next time, it is to make him wise forever.

In 9% of cases clever by is used

My Opinion? Witty and clever by IE.

Someone has been too clever by half.

It sounds too clever by half to work.

I'd not pretending I invented the saying and I'd not saying I think I'd clever by using it.

I am giving Brown a chance, but I suspect he may be too clever by half and not a real leader.

I think it does some quite obvious things and makes those things seem cleverer by ellipsis.

Unlike the clever by half English channels, Nikhil Wagle was sensible and spoke with poignance to suit the occasion.

Being unpredictable is a wonderful way of grabbing attention, but being too clever by half can backfire spectacularly.

I think Jonathan Goodluck is being clever by half as they say by going ahead to name Umeadi as successor to Maurice Iwu.

He enjoys hoodwinking people with his clever by half writings so do not allow him to bamboozle you with his sharp tongue.

In 9% of cases clever of is used

Anonymous How very clever of you.

Very clever of them the slam boys.

Anon This is hardly clever of her.

Very clever of you! I always thought that flower arranging would be a fun job to have.

For the most part, the learned and the clever of this world don't believe in the angels.

African politicians are not the cleverest of the bunch, but this man? He takes the cake.

One of the cleverest of time travel novels, in this one a child is born with the mutant power to range through time.

How clever of four young sexy boys to belt out a love song about being a girl's Romeo, finally asking his Juliet to marry him.

Its understandable the man in the street sees a new device and thinks wow how clever of those people at **30;3070;TOOLONG etc.

Hindbrain has even managed -- and this was quite clever of it, working unsupported - to book an IUI cycle, commencing February.

In 2% of cases clever as is used

Training Maori warriors were clever as well as very skilled.

My hope is to be on a show as funny and clever as the Hannah.

At that time I thought I was really clever as the profits kept coming in.

He wasn?? t half as clever as the professor, but his resistance to this subject was just the same.

And I also think that the human race has been getting cleverer as the number of atheists has risen.

Remains to be overweight the modification of time and energy, clever as well as attractive themes come available.

These adjustments are slowly becoming evident in programming, and shows are more profound and cleverer as a result.

If we're so clever as a species, how come we still let politicians go unpunished for taking us to war without good reason?

Candy isn't good for them anyway! EInstein? haha -- that is fantastic! And so clever as well as all the other costumes pictured.

We thought we were being terribly clever as the rent was the same as our interest payments on the lump sum from our previous sale.

In 2% of cases clever like is used

Genius right? Yes I know, I'd clever like that.

If I was clever like the rest of you, I would make a collage.

They poked cameras equipped casual a shadow glass have said something clever like Yeah.

He looks as if he feels smugly clever, but it's only clever like a card trick is clever.

Plus I like Sheeba because she makes plans and is really fast and clever like my dog Coco.

Continental Drift is overcrowded, and not subtle and clever like the first film, but it's still fun.

Those investors are just some normal Malaysian and not many are as sophisticated and clever like you.

Well they still are smart but the WiiU is not clever like the GC which was pretty cheap yet very powerful.

The plot was clever like the Sixth Sense was clever - leave out crucial plot points and then reintroduce them at the end.

I loved the Clinton years -- I'd a great admirer of Bill Clinton, and I wish our political system would allow the emergence of someone clever like that.

In 2% of cases clever on is used

I thought it was very clever on her part.

Even if, in reality, there's nothing new or clever on display here.

I admit to making the mistake of trying to be too clever on two occasions, and moving my stop too tight.

However every part is clever on a number of levels and, when viewed in its totality, is mind-blowingly impressive.

What looks clever on the day in the Commons can come over as sneaky to the public if they feel they've been conned.

Deric God Bless! Carey That was very clever on the part of the atheist to look at the agreement on all those other gods.

Very clever on the part of the owners to let just enough of the season get cancelled, while keeping the ability to bring it back as a.

FootyMad see this game edging towards a narrow win for the Hammers, as the Potters have been none too clever on the road in recent matches.

FootyMad see this game edging towards a narrow win for the Seagulls, as the Trotters have been none too clever on the road in recent matches.

In 1% of cases clever after is used

But Mark the f*cking beast Twitchell wasn't so clever after all.

It was rather shocking for me to learn that I wasn't so clever after all.

But it rhymes so maybe it is quite clever after all, and I need to rethink my position immediately.

Can you imagine! When I look back at it, I still shudder, but one can always be clever after the event.

They are trying to be very clever after witnessing the crimes against humanity by their political partner, the LTTE.

Here, a legendary football writer explains why soccer heroes are clever after all and we put together a team of clever professionals.

Mrtankthreat Box clever After reading David Jenkins ' blog about review scores, I couldn't help but nod in agreement all the way through.

In 1% of cases clever through is used

In the 53rd minute a clever through ball from King teed up Waghorn for a curling effort beyond Henderson's reach.

Barely five minutes later, Defoe had his second sight of goal as Dempsey weighted a clever through ball into his path.

Too often, clever through balls or lay-offs weren't spotted soon enough by team mates but Dulwich still looked good for a draw.

Jarman did get Chester the lead on 26 minutes, finishing off a clever through ball that saw him celebrate in front of the Bay fans.

There was much less passing across the backline; instead defenders looked for clever through balls to the midfield as soon as possible.

Chelsea had the pace of Anelka and Torres upfront, but with no real playmaker, they struggled to provide the clever through balls those two need.

His assist to Cristiano Ronaldo, was reminiscent of a playmaker threading the ball on to a plate for an attacking player! Pereira fooled three players to thread a clever through ball to Ronaldo.

In 1% of cases clever to is used

That doesn't sound very clever to me.

I'd sure this is clever to him, but this is not good.

Why? Because his work looks dazzlingly clever to idiots.

He can switch from being clever to being surreal in an instant.

It is clever to source options that can help curtail living costs.

Wish i was that clever to pre arrange my camera would make a great deal of money.

Sarcasm usually appears far more clever to its author than it does to its audience.

The divide is not well thought through, although it sounds clever to free-marketeers.

They are clear and clever to the core: To be perfectly honest, I have little to add here.

Of course, it's easy to go too far with this voice -- you have to be careful not to let it go from clever to stilted.

In 1% of cases clever without is used

I guess this is clever without all that pretentious wank.

American Two Shot's spirit is playful and knowing, clever without being pretentious.

Music that was fiendishly clever without once resorting to introspective navel gazing.

Go on, sir, keep fighting the good fight to seem clever without ever actually being it.

In case your profile can be on a website, result in the presentation clever without having unproductive from the photographs.

If you are too cryptic or try to be clever without providing the right information, potential readers will jump away to the next link on the results page.

Me, me, me: The workplace is one area where women can develop an over-inflated view of themselves He needs to be clever without ever making her feel stupid.

She doesn't sound all that intelligent to be honest - it sounds more like she thought she was pretty darn clever without actually ever having used her brain.

Clever without being baffling, fun without being silly, Rian Johnson's film balances its own mythology with a pulp thriller story that feels simultaneously classical and entirely new.

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