Prepositions after "christian"

christian in, for, with, by or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases christian in is used

America is Christian in name only.

The christian in me cries a little.

Or a Christian in the market place.

February 14, 2006 Shock Absorbers A fellow Christian in the community falls or sins.

Dreamer puts Christian in the Tree of Woe and puts a trash can in front of his face.

And they are usually Christian in nature, but they are not used in traditional ways.

That is not unreasonable, so a Christian in this situation will have to cover some of their light under a bushel.

Fletcher Christian in the arms of a girl under a palm tree? When he should be working! Cromwell banned Christmas.

However, I do find that being a Christian in this country is looked down on and I have felt discriminated against.

I am a Christian in the anabaptist tradition, but one who believes that marriage is a good thing, gay or straight.

In 11% of cases christian for is used

Thanks Christian for the assist.

I had been a Christian for about 5 months.

SP Hi, I have been a Christian for 50 years.

I've been a Christian for almost 20 years and yet I still feel like such a novice.

As a faithful Christian for 16 years, I've never actually heard God speak to me so.

But then when I became christian for a short time, I'd worry about it all the time.

It is not very Christian for priests to abandon their duty to stand up to oppression, corruption, and injustice.

I'd a Christian for over a year now! I'd the kids worship leader in Rock Fellowship and a team member at Y-Zone.

It was not for crime, but for being a Christian for had he not been a Christian, he would have escaped all this.

She couldn't pretend that she had forgiven and thought she was a bad Christian for still feeling anger and pain.

In 7% of cases christian with is used

I am a Christian with a Muslim home.

Christian with his wife and daughter.

Samaha, a Christian with close ties to Mr.

Sometimes that person might be a Christian with a burden for their neighbourhood.

Many of these authorities are Christian with some of their predictions found here.

Though a Christian with a reliable belief in the Bible, I am a plebe just like you.

The vast majority of Kenyans are Christian with 45% regarding themselves as Protestant and 33% as Roman Catholic.

All Hindu Tamils who went to seek political and economical reason to europe become christian with europe churchs.

I sincerely hope that you don't profess to be a practicing Christian with such a horribly naive view of the Bible.

In 7% of cases christian by is used

Marx was a Christian by upbringing.

I am a believer, Christian by faith.

I am also not Christian by any means.

I am Christian by religion but would never turn away a Morman or Jahovah's Witness.

Roman Catholic or any other church recognized as Christian by the Catholic of Rome.

In my case, I was raised Christian by Korean immigrant parents, but I am an atheist.

Black, White, Yellow, Red etc Now if the world were ALL Christian by the biblical definition submitted to Christ.

His being a member of a church (that is not Christian by definition ), for 20 years does not make him a Christian.

Despite the many who relapsed into paganism, England, at least officially, was Christian by the early 8th century.

Discipleship means learning to be a Christian by following the example of elder, within a disciple/teacher relationship.

In 6% of cases christian to is used

Christian to many and party animal to others.

The hospital confirmed the death of Christian to CBC News.

A christian to me should have Christ formost, nothing else.

I went from Catholic to Christian to Neo-Pagan, Stoic, Platonist, Pantheist - Atheist.

We went to wedding of all faiths, from Catholic to Jewish, Christian to Hindu nuptials.

What is the relation of the Christian to time? Perhaps this is a funny question to ask.

Then said Christian to the Interpreter, But is there no hope for such a man as this? Ask him, said the Interpreter.

Then said Christian to his companion, It pities me much for this poor man, it will certainly go ill with him at last.

The ban gradually lifted as Jerusalem changed from a Christian to a Muslim city by conversions and Muslim settlements.

Jo Carlson scored 22 points to lead Santa Fe Christian to a 51-47 overtime victory over Bakersfield Christian in a Feb.

In 5% of cases christian from is used

It can distract a Christian from God.

Or a Christian from Mali where Hausa is also spoken.

This also distinguishes the Christian from the sinner.

Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the South-South region of the country secured 38.

But, spelling makes no difference in trying to differentiate one Christian from the next.

Unlike Mr Yar'Adua, a Muslim from northern Katsina state, he is a Christian from the south.

According to this report she was a Christian from Byzantium who had been captured by Islamic troops Kama'l, 431-2.

Calvary Greetings, Dearest One In The Lord, I am Mrs Pamela Wyatt a born again Christian from UK, a 52yrs old widow.

This has certainly not fulfilled the promise of Christianity but has only served to segregate Christian from Christian.

A newly converted Christian from Islam was recently murdered by Muslim militants in the Lower Shabele region of Somalia.

In 4% of cases christian as is used

Moslems use the Arab Christian as a bridgehead.

This was so in Christian as well as in pagan times.

I am not a Christian as such, my mother tried her best.

Christian as a Main Event program has been pitched to death and rejected every time.

There is a new and holy nature within the Christian as well as the old and unholy one.

Certainly not an atheist, but in no way a Christian as Sally Quinn would understand it.

In Asia Minor were held the great Christian assemblies: at Nicea, Ephesus and Chalcedon, were born the Church fathers, St.

If we become less Tamil, less Hindu or less Christian as a result of the on-going process, it is we who have to be blamed.

The Mani Congo, who ascended the Ivory Throne in 1506, became a Christian as part of a concerted policy of westernization.

I can understand if you have been bombarded by Religious Christians, but don't paint every Christian as a terrible person.

In 4% of cases christian at is used

Ellul became a Christian at age 22.

I was not a Christian at that time.

I became a professing Christian at 21.

I became a Christian at age 17 and from that day my life has been a complete wreck.

Legend has it that Vitus, the only son of a senator in Sicily, become a Christian at 12.

But the fact is, John never became a Christian at all on earth; he lived and died a Jew.

The film is Christian at a much more profound level and will appeal to people with no religious faith at all I am sure.

If you are friendly with a person who is not a Christian at all in any way, it is very likely you will become like him.

The Roman State became Christian at the time of Constantine, and was almost continually at war until it ceased to exist.

Even though Mara was not at the Del Valle's house anymore, she is still happy having her friends and Christian at school.

In 4% of cases christian on is used

Darwin became a Christian on his death bed.

Every Christian on earth blesses God for it.

Christian on July 12, 2010 at 5:07 pm agree.

Christian on 13 July 2012 Yes it does, and the oonuh was oonuh, but I will be glad.

The father of nine daughters and two sons, Sobhan said he became a Christian on Feb.

Most are Christian on Sundays (or Muslim on Fridays) and animistic/tribal in work life.

Well I can't answer for other religions but I chose to become a Christian on the basis of examining the evidence.

The diversity of views within each tradition could be a shock to the average Buddhist or Christian on the street.

He was an intelligent and industrious scholar, and at the age of 17 was baptized a Christian on Christmas Day, 1847.

The attacks by Christian on their lives and property during the earlier years was pardoned as a temporary phenomenon.

In 3% of cases christian without is used

She can not be fully Christian without the church.

You can not call yourself a Christian without believing these things.

But you can be a Christian without being involved with the sacraments.

One can not be a Christian without verbally confessing the deity of Jesus the Christ.

No man, for instance, is a real Mohammedan or Christian without faith in that religion.

I feel like all my life my family automatically made me a Christian without me having a say so.

He controlling, tall, sexy and a very good actor who could take on the park of Christian without and problems.

He controlling, tall, sexy and a very good actor who could take on the park of Christian without any problems.

I can say honestly that I am a conservative, a registered Republican, and a Christian without fear for my safety.

Likewise, Satan can not strike a Christian without getting permission from someone with authority over our lives.

In 3% of cases christian about is used

There is NOTHING CHRISTIAN about this.

Nothing was Christian about that -- nada.

There is nothing uniquely Christian about this tale.

The problem was that there was nothing intrinsically Christian about Saturnalia.

However, there was a problem: there was nothing intrinsically Christian about Saturnalia.

I'll argue that there's something so fundamentally Christian about human vulnerability, too.

Not all church bell-ringers are believers by any means, but there is of course something Christian about ringing bells.

I clearly grasp that there is nothing particularly Christian about opposing gay marriage, as is evident from my postings.

I haven't read all of the comments, but it needs to be pointed out that there is NOTHING Christian about Christmas trees.

Well, it is more like I was made a deacon couple of months back but I have become a born again Christian about fours sic years ago.

In 2% of cases christian like is used

I am a christian like any other.

In a Christian like fashion of course.

The name burned Christian like a branding iron.

But a Christian like this would be justified in detecting an air of arrogance to this.

Klein talks about Obama protesting that he is a Christian like it was a campaign tactic.

Nathan, you are still crying for Lasantha because he was a christian like you and Prabakaran.

Indians like to say that the greatness of India is that it accepts a foreigner and a Christian like Sonia Gandhi.

It appears a Christian like Ladele wants others to sacrifice in order for her to live in the style she's accustomed to.

And the example, how minorities (be they Muslim like the Kurds or Christian like the Copts) are treated, is before the eyes of Israelis.

His reponse to accusations that he's Muslim is never ' so what if I were? ' but always along the lines of ' no, no I'd a Christian like you.

In 2% of cases christian of is used

Pablo May 26, 2008 How Christian of them.

That is kind of Christian of you to say the least.

And the insults and threats are very Christian of you.

Terrible, horrible, entirely wrong reason to be Christian of any sort, but it's there.

Also charities, DO NOT come knocking at my door, stores closed!!! Gee, how very Christian of you.

That is very christian of you don't you think? I saw someone complain about guys writing in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Talon Dear Not Anna: How VERY Christian of you! Gans Kerensa It would be nice if this topic didn't get so heated so quickly.

That's not very christian of you!) surprisingly, I have to say, seing this picture: I really don't care about this desecregation-thing.

What would be really christian of you is to look after the veterans when they come home to get care that is needed both medically and psychologically.

I'd say that he's an insufferable prig who is way too impressed with his supposed intelligence (and blinded to his actual ignorance ), but that would not be Christian of me.

In 2% of cases christian after is used

Jahsh: he became a Christian after migrating to Abyssinia.

It turned me into a christian after a lifetime of being agnostic.

Mohammed Sarajo became a Christian after miraculous healing saved him from death.

Having a Christian wedding ceremony is not going to keep you Christian after marriage.

It makes perfect sense, and I am no longer a Christian after listening to this debate.

Their second son and second daughter were named William and Christian after John's parents.

But saying that these movies are actually Christian after all is an insult to the filmmakers.

He then became christian after seeing a dead man come back to life by the power of the Cross.

Joe repented and became a Christian after a Christian friend challenged him to read the Bible.

Pictured below is a Tibetan Buddhist nun who became a Christian after seeing the Genesis Thanka.

In 1% of cases christian into is used

In it, he attacks the Churchs view thatgood works can get a Christian into heaven.

Also, OSAS changes the holy image of a Christian into one that allows for wickedness.

The couple manipulate Christian into passing laws to benefit the peasants, earning the ire of the nobility.

Jay Wilson convinced me that Christ in glory was the essential picture of faith that transforms a Christian into that same glory.

Dreamer sends Christian into a trash can and then hits a pump-handle slam with kendo stick assistance for two with Christian getting his foot on the rope.

In 1% of cases christian before is used

The mother is a Christian before God granted her favour.

Please learn to be a Christian before trying to preach like one.

There is a tradition that Cormac became a Christian before his death.

Everyone was either Jewish, Animist, or Christian before Islam came into being.

The Britons had been Christian before the Irish, since Britain, though not Ireland, was part of the Roman Empire.

I presented my stories that i was a christian before and i was married, Its been 7 years ago that i never be together w my husband.

Last year a Christ at the Checkpoint Conference was held in Bethlehem, a town that was 70% Christian before the Israeli occupation.

Later, Amira tells Syed that he should speak to Christian before making a decision, as it's only fair that he should be involved too.

You have to realize that the purpose of the crusaders was to liberate lands that were Christian before the military takeover by Islamic forces.

The country turned officially Christian before Constantine, in an era when the only Christian states were a few Syriac principalities such as Edessa.

In 1% of cases christian through is used

He became a Christian through the reading of Scripture.

I grew more as Christian through long-term illness than I did through anything else.

The full mystery of God's love is revealed for a Christian through Jesus and no other.

WHAT IS TRUE CHRISTIANITY? Unlike other faiths, No one becomes a Christian through birth.

For the ascended Christ now lives in each Christian through the gift of the Holy Spirit (Gal.

If someone became a Christian through an online web conversation surely we would want them as soon as possible to meet with other Christians in person.

The most basic division in the kind of preparation needed is between those who are unbaptized and those who have already become Christian through baptism in another church.

In 1% of cases christian because is used

He had probably become a Christian because of Paul.

I'd not a Christian because of purely personal reasons.

Anyway, at 18 I became a Christian because of direct revelation by God himself, and I was not high.

The boy's mother became a Christian because of the sickness of her son and because she believed in God.

I have been able to deal with my many challenges as a Christian because of the conviction that I have had.

Anastasia leaves Christian because of his hard hearted and fixed and rigid ideas about relationships and love.

I quit being labeled a Christian because it is somehow synonymous with being a republican in my feeble little mind.

So, I think that if everyone notices you and assumes you are a Christian because of your skirt that may be immodest.

Anima is thus anima naturaliter Christiana, the soul as naturally Christian because of her uni-personality definition.

I can't think of any Asian Americans I know who were raised non-Christian and became Christian because of American influence.

In 1% of cases christian under is used

This should support the Christian under all his troubles.

How the province of the Midland Angles became Christian under King Peada.

However, he will still establish a strong relationship with each Christian under his oversight.

The allegation is that when the Roman Empire became officially Christian under Constantine, it became more totalitarian than it had been before.

So it wouldn't be wholly wrong to put christian under religion as that's how most people understand it, but if asked we'd say we have a relationship.

In 1% of cases christian vs is used

The question isn't Christian vs.

For those people who're taking part in the hindu vs christian vs muslim debate, stop it.

Instead of punishing the criminals, we point fingers and turn it into a christian vs Muslim debate, instead of actually tackling the problem.

THE CHRISTIAN VS MUSLIM SYNDROME: - Religion is the most difficult topic to discus today in our society; It could easily lead to misunderstanding and crisis.

THE CHRISTIAN VS MUSLIM SYNDROME: -- Religion is the most difficult topic to discus today in our society; It could easily lead to misunderstanding and crisis.

Religious Issues such as Sinhala Christian Vs Sinhala Buddhist, Tamil Christian Vs Hindu Tamil, Islam Vs Sinhala Buddhism, Islam Vs Tamil Hiduism will start to dominate.

In 1% of cases christian against is used

And this was Christian against Christian.

The British came and tried to make people fight one another, Christian against Muslim.

This is precisely why Jesus warns the Christian against this approach to problem solving.

This is not a war about south versus north, nor Christian against Muslim, or black against arab.

Mind you, the culture of reserving a female is long gone and he is also a Christian against fornication.

The armor of God is like the Kevlar of the spirit world protecting the Christian against curses, magic and occult practices.

My concern with mr president is the role he played in religious crisis in Nigeria by creating hatred in the mind of christian against muslim.

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