Prepositions after "chief"

"chief of" or "chief among"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases chief of is used

Anlide, chief of Ceneoil Dobtha.

He became the chief of the Dept.

Anligi, chief of Ceneoil Dobtha.

For 698, Flann, son of Ceannfaeladh, son of Suibhne, chief of Cinel Eoghain, was slain.

O'hIfearnain (O'Heffernan) is cited as chief of Uaithne Cliach here prior to the Ryans.

The O'Tolairg (O'Toler) name is cited as chief of Quirene, a former name of this barony.

Previously, he was chief of the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine's Division of Gastroenterology.

Notes: O'Laughlin (Book of Irish Familes) states that O'Cein or O'Kean, chief of Fodhladha, is mentioned by Aryan, i.

Q: Why then do so many Tamil leaders have this desire to be Chief of a little corner of the country? A: I am not that.

He said he had been chief of a police station somewhere in Helong County before the Japanese army conquered Manchuria.

In 17% of cases chief among is used

Peter, acknowledged as chief among the apostles.

But chief among the new features is Manager Mode.

How did Castiel get out of Purgatory being chief among them.

I am chief among those but please take a moment to think not as a lawyer but a historian.

Free the innocent, replace those cells with white collar thugs- lawyers are chief among them.

As such, prudence is considered in some spheres, to be chief among the reputed four cardinal virtues.

Sorry we can't credit them all, but chief among them are Gene McLaren, LouAnne Lundgren, and Margie and Joe Morris.

We've built systems that tendentiously affirm that belief, and the commercial Web is chief among those systems today.

There are several reasons for this lack of left-wing mobilization, but chief among them is a failure in the realm of ideas.

I think an obituary should not just acknowledge the deceased, but the grieving and her partner was chief among the grieving.

In 4% of cases chief in is used

O'Donnelly is cited anciently as a chief in Inishowen.

Lawrence We called him Chief in our Church's apostolate.

O'Fallon is cited as a chief in the parishes of Dysart and Camma.

O'Ciarin (O'Kieran) is given along with O'Brien and O'Halloran as a chief in this barony.

Slievardagh - Corcoran is cited as chief in the parish of Killenaule prior to the late 12th century.

O'Fehilly (aka Field) of Tuatha O Fitcheallaigh is cited as chief in west Barryroe and the parish of Ardfield.

He's the chief because he led us, with a selfless and passionate heart -- following the footsteps of the Chief in heaven.

He replaced Terry Semel as chief in June after Yahoo's share of Web searches tumbled and the company lost sales of banner ads.

That was chief in my mind as the crowded ferry left Battery Park, the southern tip of Manhattan, and headed toward the Statue of Liberty and El.

Modi to rub his nose in the ground or he settled for a deal whereby he would get a second term as chief in return for unreservedly acknowledging Mr.

In 2% of cases chief amongst is used

These three are chief amongst devas and humans: Illuminators, preaching Dhamma, Opening the door to the Deathless, They free many people from bondage.

The human Horus Har-Khent-An-arar-ef in Sekhem was the prince of the blind, being chief amongst the manes who were sightless or without the means of seeing in the dark.

There continues to be many reasons for this but chief amongst them is our tight five, who either don't understand their role in open play or are incapable of executing their role.

In 1% of cases chief for is used

Cierume ruled as chief for a long time.

LARRY WEST: Old Joseph had been chief for many years.

The deaths of the dalit and poor people are very chief for sks MFI.

Furthermore, positioned at the apex of life-long achievements for Church, he experienced the exhilaration of his first-ever GRAMMY nomination with CHIEF for Best Country Album.

In 1% of cases chief over is used

If I may not remain a husbandman, let me be a chief over men, however humble they may be.

Chief Mwelekwanyuma was appointed by his father as Chief over the Wabondei and the Coastal section from Pangani to Vanga.

It is Nuadha Airgeadlmh son of Euchtach, son of Edarlmh of the posterity of Neimheadh who was chief over them at that time.

In his time as chief over the past 21 years, he has earned a reputation as a national treasure due in part to his frequent contributions to U.

These eight assumptions will be examined point by point below: AN ARCHANGEL IS AN ANGEL An archangel is an angel but of higher rank and acts as chief over his own body of angels.

In 1% of cases chief to is used

As an aside, being Chief to Albert is not unlike an addiction.

The statement of Pa Rangifuri about manu being handed over by a dead chief to his successor has already been quoted.

When I recently visited a small village where both Muslims and Christians live in about equal proportions, I was told the Chief is both Christian and Muslim because he is Chief to all of the people.

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