Prepositions after "chargeable"

"chargeable to", "chargeable with" or "chargeable on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases chargeable to is used

A partnership as such is not chargeable to income tax.

The second will be value-added products, chargeable to users.

However, there are some items which are chargeable to sales tax at 18.

But the former governors, that had been before me, were chargeable to the people,.

In Hong Kong, the director's fee from the mainland enterprise is not chargeable to tax.

A departmental cost of production report (CPR) shows all costs chargeable to a department.

Partnerships Partnerships also do not pay corporation tax and a partnership as such is not chargeable to income tax.

Providing advice to the Minister on any matter giving rise to material expenditure chargeable to its Appropriation Account.

Unlike ordinary disposals, the development land gains of a company are chargeable to CGT and taxed at the normal rate of 25%.

They swiped my card to determine how many sets of Snickers I could claim: just one set for P2, I think, chargeable to the card.

In 19% of cases chargeable on is used

In this case, the GST is chargeable on $300.

However, VAT is chargeable on liable supplies only.

PRSI will also be chargeable on that re-grossed amount.

VAT is chargeable on electronic products for UK and EU orders; prices shown include VAT.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Value Added Tax is chargeable on the supply of goods and services.

Types of Taxes in Singapore Income Tax is chargeable on income of individuals and companies.

Where GST is chargeable on an underlying supply or supplies, GST will be in addition to the price, quote or estimate.

Tax will be chargeable on the value of the entire property less the value of the life tenant's existing life interest.

The tax is chargeable on the total income of an AOP/BOI at the same rate as is applicable in the case of an individual.

Therefore, the tax chargeable on the First Charge is offset as a credit against the tax chargeable on the Second Charge.

In 17% of cases chargeable with is used

Instruments chargeable with duty 3.

Chan before 27 October 2012, the transaction is not chargeable with BSD.

Comment, Capacity of Minors to be Chargeable With Negligence and Their Standard of Care, 57 Neb.

The solar powered system is chargeable with the light of the sun and can be used the rest of the day.

Q11: An instrument chargeable with stamp duty is not stamped before it is delivered for registration.

Whether the transaction is chargeable with BSD? Acquisition of residential properties by close relatives (i.

Any conveyance of the property from the company to its shareholders is chargeable with stamp duty as a usual conveyance.

After the agreement has been so stamped, the related conveyance will be chargeable with a fixed stamp duty of $100 only.

Applied to sin, it means to be chargeable with the guilt of it (Ex 28:38; Le 5:1; Eze 18:20 ), and to bear it away (as often).

Note: an exempt acquisition is counted to determine if a significant interest has been acquired, but is not chargeable with duty.

In 9% of cases chargeable under is used

Rent Reviews - 50 % of the fees chargeable under lettings 4.

Value added tax chargeable under English law for the time being and any similar additional tax.

VAT: value added tax chargeable under English law for the time being and any similar additional tax.

Exchange (other than an exchange chargeable under Section 37 of the Stamp Duties Consolidation Act, 1999).

It is self evident that when an item of income is not chargeable under the Act that can not become the subject matter of consideration under the DTAA as well.

To start with total your income chargeable under the head salary (as explained above chargeable income under head salaries) from both the employers and Fill in the ITR-1 sr Number -1.

For unit trusts domiciled in Hong Kong, stamp duty is chargeable under the Stamp Duty Ordinance on a redemption or transfer but considerable exemptions are given to authorised unit trusts.

In 7% of cases chargeable at is used

The balance is chargeable at 30%.

Tax at the latter date was chargeable at 73.

Re-colouring will be chargeable at full job rate.

Car parks are available at neighboring buildings and lots and is chargeable at RM6.

Broadband Internet access is available at the Coffee House and is chargeable at RM6.

Pls note that accessing Prepaid Gee! is still chargeable at prevailing GPRS charges.

Continuous supplies of gas and electricity are chargeable at the reduced rate and are not affected by the rate change.

It should be noted that stamp duty is still chargeable at the aggregate rate/s applicable to the larger transaction as a whole.

If the vehicle meets either of these criteria the vehicle is treated as a new means of transport for VAT purposes and VAT is chargeable at registration.

Late check-out is 18:00 hours and will be chargeable at 50% of the corporate rate and a full day room rate will be levied for late check-out after 18:00 hours.

In 7% of cases chargeable in is used

Port-due not to be chargeable in certain cases 48.

The Stamp duty is also chargeable in some states these days.

An additional processing fee of HK$ 280 is chargeable in such cases.

Wealth tax is chargeable in respect of Net wealth corresponding to Valuation date.

Tax on distributed profit is in addition to income tax chargeable in respect of total income.

Hi G R Krishnamoorthy, Total capital gain in this case will be chargeable in your brother in laws hands only.

The items in this scale shall be chargeable in addition to the charges in the scales in Parts 1 to 11 of this Schedule.

However, they are normally liable to VAT at the rate chargeable in that country and this amount is included in the purchase price of the goods.

All seats in both classes have power sockets for laptops &; mobiles, and all Thalys trains have WiFi on board, free in 1st class, chargeable in 2nd class.

Surely altering statements of witnesses is plain corrupt, a sackable offense, and chargeable in a court of law? Those police officers involved should hang their heads in shame.

In 6% of cases chargeable for is used

The balance of the tuition fee chargeable for the semester will.

Minimum and reasonable fees will be chargeable for selected classes.

Additional fee is chargeable for making reference to the concerned mission/post.

Q: How can I renew my card? A:To renew your card, RM 20 is chargeable for a 2-year membership.

Prothom Alo: The Government has set a legal cap on the interest rate chargeable for microcredit.

Our government stands first chargeable for allowing slavery to exist, under its own jurisdiction.

The fees stated in items 6(2) and 6(3) are chargeable for actual appearance at meetings or before judicial bodies.

Note: The fees stated in items (2) and (3) are chargeable for actual appearance at meetings or before judicial bodies.

Minimum fares chargeable for each flight sector are published on Cebu Pacific Air's website, in newspapers of general circulation and other available media.

The wiring service is free for 1st mioTV set-top box on SingTel Fibre BroadBand Bundle, however it is chargeable for each subsequent new mioTV set-top box sign-ups.

In 2% of cases chargeable against is used

All matters relating to the auditing and adjustment of all accounts chargeable against the funds for the expenses and activities of the Senate.

In 2% of cases chargeable by is used

Withholding tax chargeable by foreign banks on interests payable to strategic investors was also exempted.

The industry regulator has established Sh150 as the minimum fee chargeable by courier companies for parcels weighing under 350 grammes.

So the beauty of corruption is that it converts any act of being into something which is rentable, something which is chargeable by a tout and a policeman.

The exit fees are usually one of the most contentious fees chargeable by a bank and so it is best to ensure that you fully understand what you have to pay.

The amount of the repayment will be equal to the difference between the stamp duty paid and any lesser amount now chargeable by reference to the new system.

The fee increase, paid by students commencing their degree from the 2012/13 academic year, saw the maximum amount chargeable by universities climb significantly from 3,290 per year to 9,000.

This related to the legal costs chargeable by D+P to Rangers, and therefore excluded the figure of well over 1 million accrued so far as costs in the administrators ' case against Collyer Bristow.

In 1% of cases chargeable as is used

GST is also not chargeable as the supplies are out-of-scope.

Can readers confirm the following: 1) Am I correct that UK VAT is not chargeable as the work will be performed in Denmark? 2) Does the vat flat rate make a difference to the answer in point 1 i.

In 1% of cases chargeable from is used

It is chargeable from the date the CAT fell due until the date it is paid.

The loan is for living expenses and is interest-bearing at 1% per annum chargeable from the commencement of the repayment period.

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