Prepositions after "celtic"

celtic in, for, on, at or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases celtic in is used

It was like Celtic in the 00/01 season.

This was Inter v Celtic in 1967, only in reverse.

Bara face Celtic in two weeks time at Celtic Park.

It is generally assumed that they -- or at least their culture -- were Celtic in origin.

The Polish international spent two seasons in Serie A after joining from Celtic in 2010.

Jansen had been in the Feyenoord team that beat Celtic in the European Cup final in 1970.

FC Barcelona started with the same defensive partnership of Bartra and Mascherano that faced Celtic in the Nou Camp.

The Question should be, what will English football gain from having Rangers and Celtic in it? The answer is not a lot.

With Gerard Pique having made his comeback against Celtic in midweek, Barcelona will soon be back to full strength defensively.

He continued his progress with Celtic in 2007, when he played six League games one Scottish Cup game and two European Cup games.

In 10% of cases celtic for is used

I'd complimenting Celtic for their game and tactics.

Celtic for ' Royal Meadow ' which has significance later in the story.

I have followed Celtic for years, I'd not a true supporter, but my team won that day.

Barcelona now travel to Celtic for the next leg with a goal up and everything to play for.

I can forgive Celtic for scoring on set pieces, keep in mind that without Pique and Busquets, the only player above 1.

They managed to frustrate Celtic for the entire first half and the early part of the second half until the 63rd minute.

As a protestant I have supported Celtic for over 60 years but in the area I live it would be foolish to let anyone know.

However, Benfica are battling it out with Celtic for the runners-up position, and are on a recent run of seven successive wi.

In 9% of cases celtic on is used

Congratulations to Celtic on the win.

McGrain turned out for Celtic on 439 occasions.

Congratulations to Celtic on a historic victory.

Going into the final group match Villa are on seven points, PSV Eindhoven 6 and Celtic on 4.

Disagree?? First of all congrats to Celtic on a fabulous performance and a well deserved win.

McGuinness times it well: Celtic on a high Jim McGuinness has chosen a good week to join Celtic.

Aberdeen host Celtic on Saturday lunchtime with a win for either side potentially lifting them above Hibernian at the summit.

Liverpool are reportedly sending a scout to monitor his performance later this month when Motherwell takes on Celtic on May 21.

Chris Killen could be on his way out of Celtic on loan, if Tony Mowbray can sign another striker before the transfer window closes tomorrow.

Jozef Venglos, John Barnes &; Kenny Dalglish Following the departure of Wim Jansen Celtic once again turned to the continent for their new manager.

In 8% of cases celtic at is used

We offloaded centurions alongside LSD Empire Celtic at Port Said.

Perhaps they were over in Scotland cheering on Celtic at the time.

On Wednesday, Barcelona's Lionel Messi was rendered human by Celtic at Parkhead.

Aberdeen kept Celtic at bay for long periods, but they were undone on the 73rd minute.

Campbell -- Green stated that there was more than just Rangers and Celtic at it in the SPL.

Second place will be Benfica or Celtic with Celtic at home to Spartak Moscow who are bottom.

Like Celtic at the Camp Nou, they will be set on defending deeply at Celtic Park in order to prevent another collapse.

Iain Brines missed what might have been a stonewall penalty for Celtic at St Johnstone the other night when Michael Duberry handled the ball.

I fancied as I usually do Big Victor for the first goal and was gon na be cheeky and put a few quid on Celtic at 8/1, I thought not bad odds.

Were Celtic at fault or did they break any of the SFA or SPL rules in his registration to play professional football in Scotland? Answer: NO.

In 6% of cases celtic to is used

Stein also led Celtic to a further six Scottish Cups and four League Cup triumphs.

The Frenchman is now a doubt for Tuesday's Champions League vist of Celtic to Old Trafford.

Stein was an almost instant success as he led Celtic to success in the Scottish Cup Final in 1965.

And by the way comparing Celtic to Barcelona is marvellous two clubs who couldnt be further apart.

At the end of that season Martin O'Neill left Celtic to care for his wife who was very ill at the time.

Billy McNeill - A key member of the Lisbon Lions, McNeill captained Celtic to a European Cup victory in 1967.

In the first leg of the third qualifying round of the Champions League HJK put Celtic to the test in Glasgow.

It's a weekend chock full of eclectic music lineups, from Celtic to metal and industrial to straight-up rock ' n ' roll.

In 4% of cases celtic with is used

Celtic with it all to do again.

Second place will be Benfica or Celtic with Celtic at home to Spartak Moscow who are bottom.

Victor Wanyama and Tom Watt scored for Celtic with Leo Messi grabbing a late consolation for Barca.

But to now try and group Celtic with a new team from the 4th tier of Scottish Football? It's laughable.

Maggie Walsh and Leah Henry both scored 2 each and Saoirse Kennedy one for Listowel Celtic with Hannah O'Donoghue replying for Killarney Celtic.

As for the TV money - the current split is along the lines of 1/3 to Rangers, 1/3 to Celtic with the remaning third split between the other ten.

The most disappointing performer was probably Miku, who came to Celtic with a big reputation but hasn't really done much in the starts he has had.

This would seem to douse speculation linking Celtic with Craig Bellamy of Manchester City or Craig Gordon of Sunderland, at least in the short term.

An 85th-minute booking for the Kenyan completed a miserable night for Celtic with Lennon's despair at the upcoming suspension obvious to the millions watching on television.

In 3% of cases celtic as is used

Sorry James I was just using Celtic as an example.

However, The boycott would only be hurting Celtic as a club.

Realistically this leaves Celtic as the only possible winners of the SPL.

He regards being signed by Celtic as the biggest thrill in his career so far.

Maloney joined Celtic as a trainee in 1999 and, over two spells, played there for 11 years.

Photograph: Lynne Cameron/PA A Gaelic football manager is to join Celtic as a performance consultant.

Glad you agree that non-old firm fans don't necessarily share the Celtic as hard done by and Rangers own the establishment view.

In 1997 we began importing a few pieces of jewelry from Ireland; by 1999 we gave up the day jobs and opened Things Celtic as a store.

James takes on Spurs ' Kyle Walker Rejected by Celtic as a boy, McCarthy said he would like to play for them before he hangs up his boots.

In 3% of cases celtic from is used

When he came to Celtic from Leicester it was ' walking over burning coals to get here '.

Black arrow Gil Heron was known as the Black Arrow when he joined Celtic from Detroit in 1951.

Not even a late Lionel Messi strike could prevent Celtic from winning through goals from Victor Wanyama and Tony Watt.

It took a lot of effort at Celtic from fans and board for the supporters to enjoy the reputation they now do, and I know we are still not perfect as supports go.

In season 2004-05 former World Cup winner, Juninho, arrived at Celtic from Middlesbrough on a straightforward contract which was registered with the football authorities.

First quarter, 5:39, Celtics 17-14: The Celtics are 7-for-12 shooting with three 3-pointers, including the first as a Celtic from Courtney Lee from the side pocket for the lead.

Saints keep Celtic off the top St Johnstone's Nigel Hasselbaink pounced 13 minutes from time to prevent Celtic from returning to the top of the Scottish Premier League after a 1-1 draw.

In 2% of cases celtic against is used

His first goal for Celtic against Hearts last eeason.

People used that game with Celtic against me and it was not fair.

On balance I would predict another defeat for Celtic against Barcelona but that is where the doom and gloom ends.

I don't want to read about Celtic against Barcelona, that's history, that's gone (but) they keep going on about it over and over again.

What about allowing Fraser Forster a chance to show what he could do after his heroics for Celtic against Barcelona last week? That could only have been good for the squad in the long run.

I thought of Niall and Ray last Wednesday afternoon as I trawled the Florida Mall in Orlando in search of a television screen showing Glasgow Celtic against Barcelona in the Champions League.

In 2% of cases celtic through is used

The result sent Celtic through to the second round of the Champions League for the first time in their history.

Something to celebrate: Neil Lennon has guided Celtic through to the Champions League group stage Celtic Manager: Neil Lennon.

Barcelona star Xavi Hernandez has spoken out and said he would like to help Celtic through to the next round of the Champions League.

Talismanic right-back Maxi Pereira comes back into the side after missing the opening Champions League match at Celtic through suspension.

In 2% of cases celtic after is used

Celtic after discussion with HMRC paid the tax due.

He played his first game for Celtic after his return when he started against Falkirk in a 1-1 draw at Celtic Park.

Indeed, Watt is right to keep his feet on the ground and dedicate his future to Celtic after the club gave him his big opportunity just a week ago.

Snoop Dogg was linked with an investment in Celtic after the Champions League win over Barcelona at Parkhead when he admitted he was impressed by the passion of the supporters.

In 1% of cases celtic during is used

Pique damaged his foot in September and returned to play the last few minutes of Barca's defeat to Celtic during the week.

Jimmy McGrory was prolific in the air despite his small stature and scored 59 goals for Celtic during the 1926-27 campaign.

Now 19 and with another MLS side, Chivas USA, the forward is spending time with Celtic during the league's off-season to gain more experience of the European game.

I grew up supporting Celtic during the Troubles and am quite sure the exuberance of their support for our team would have led to clashes with the Police, stewards, rival fans etc.

The 20-year-old Chivas USA goalscorer, who has won 16 caps, has been training with Celtic during the Major League Soccer close season as he tries to secure a move to a European club.

In 1% of cases celtic into is used

Stuart Bell, I see you are another who is missing the point and bringing Celtic into the equation.

A win or score draw tonight with Benfica will put Celtic into the last 16 of the Champions League.

As ever with Green he had to bring Celtic into the discussion despite having no contact with the SPL champions.

So with Benfica securing all three points, they leapfrogged Celtic into second place ahead of the final matches in the group.

In 1% of cases celtic of is used

With the game deadlocked at 1-1 in Stoppage Time it looked like Rangers had mugged Celtic of an (undeserved) point.

Barca have great talent, but without Pep, they're not convincing and they struggled against Celtic of all clubs home and away.

He was the first person of Celtic of Gaelic descent to become Archbishop of Dublin -- all his predecessors were of Viking or Norman origin.

He was a fair player in his youth, roots avidly for Celtic of the Scottish Premier league as well as Manchester United and recorded songs with Scotland's national team before two World Cups.

Alex Salmond was beside himself and couldn't wait to jump into the aftermath of the ' Shame Game ' last season, wrongly accusing Celtic of playing a part in the disgraceful scenes that night.

In 1% of cases celtic by is used

Now manager, he heads to Inverness this afternoon with his side trailing SPL leaders Celtic by a massive margin.

In 1% of cases celtic over is used

It was a good win for Celtic over the weekend against Kilmarnock, but it didn't come without some controversy.

In 1% of cases celtic rather is used

It's a Celtic rather than a Romance, Latin-based language, and far more similar to Welsh than to French.

Presumably they used Celtic rather than Irish because Scottish music, and maybe some of that from NE England, shared the same characterisics.

Some might say Celtic rather than country, but I think their previous album, Appalachia Waltz has a much stronger Celtic feel to it than this one.

Some might say Celtic rather than country, but I think their previous album, Appalachia Waltz (which I also own) has a much stronger Celtic feel to it than this one.

Then yes, I do belive there would be non Old Firm fans who belive that the same would happen if it was Celtic rather than Rangers that got liquidated and had to form a new club.

In 1% of cases celtic before is used

I'd buy up Rangers and Celtic before liquidating them.

I got it wrong, maybe because I didn't know much about Celtic before that.

Benfica skipper Aimar was then replaced by Cardozo and Thomas Rogne came on for Lustig to partner Kelvin Wilson in central defence for Celtic before Izaguirre made way for Hooper.

In 1% of cases celtic because is used

Are there knob heads who support Celtic because they think its some sort of extension of the RA of course there are.

It is not easy to play for Rangers or Celtic because of the demands and pressure on these players to win every week.

The club was called Celtic because of its Irish and Scottish roots -- Roots! There has always been a long tradition of support for the club in Ireland.

In 1% of cases celtic vs is used

Celtic vs MV at AAMI was a decent game last year.

Scottish Cup Final So could I do a treble in my debut season? Celtic Vs Rangers - Scottish Cup Final NO!!! We were just awful.

It was warned that Sky and ESPN would cancel the SPL TV contracts (since there'd be no more Celtic vs Rangers Old Firm matches ), for example.

Celtic Vs Hearts I thought we were unlucky to lose here and most of the young players who played (Ortola, Ivan, Toshney, George, McGowan, Atajic, McGeough and Twardzik) mostly played well.

In 1% of cases celtic without is used

Celtic without Rangers is like fish without chips.

Celtic without Oldco, Newco, Sevco is perfect to me.

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