Prepositions after "caribbean"

caribbean in, for, with, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases caribbean in is used

He moved back to the Caribbean in 2007.

The other is closer Caribbean integration.

Think of the Caribbean in these real terms.

That is how over a million Indians ended up in the Caribbean in Trinidad and Guyana.

Faye-Ann was given the honour of representing her country and the Caribbean in cricket.

Sandy has already killed 60 people after sweeping through the Caribbean in the past week.

So I actively pursue both, and I hope to definitely be one of the fashion empires in the Caribbean in the future.

About the couple's married life Carey and Cannon first swapped vows in a secret ceremony in the Caribbean in 2008.

This may explain the high DF endemicity that we have experienced in the southern Caribbean in the last 20 years (7).

Barbados became the first British settlement in the Caribbean in 1625 and the British took control of Jamaica in 1655.

In 13% of cases caribbean for is used

Or the Caribbean for that matter.

Never again Royal Caribbean for us of NCL.

I will be in the Caribbean for most of March.

I however think the BBM feature of BB will keep it a King in the Caribbean for now.

The fact that my parents moved us to the Caribbean for a while was a lucky accident.

Here is the way to vacation in the Caribbean for far less than you could ever believe.

Number 17 showing early troubles for monks rivals anything in the Pirates of the Caribbean for colourful mayhem.

We have searched and compiled a list of the best restaurants in the Caribbean for you to enjoy on your next trip.

This park is the most important area in the entire west half of the Caribbean for the nesting of the green turtle.

We will then be doing maintenance work throughout November before heading down to the Caribbean for a charter season.

In 10% of cases caribbean with is used

That's the goal we left the Caribbean with.

That is the goal we left the Caribbean with.

I flew to the Caribbean with British Airways.

This island offers the rustic charms of the Caribbean with a flavor all it's own.

The current syllabus blends Caribbean with international, ie, Shakespeare with Roger Mais.

The owners wish to explore Central America and the Caribbean with their family and friends.

Costa Rica can supply the Caribbean with a variety of fresh produce, and is already doing that with some countries.

Courts enjoys a presence in 10 countries throughout the Caribbean with 113 stores employing more than 3,000 persons.

He's planning to sail back to the Caribbean with Sadie and a fresh team to build orphanages in Haiti later this year.

In 10% of cases caribbean to is used

Dozens of ships were affected, from the Caribbean to Quebec.

My wish was to showcase the richness of the Caribbean to the world.

He ventured by ship through the Caribbean to Maracaibo in Venezuela.

Can we say SWEEEET (Pun Intended ), taking the Caribbean to the world through Music.

It is noteworthy that the change in the Caribbean to date has been largely peaceful.

The director focused the probe away from Mexico and the Caribbean to the Soviet Union.

This event opened up the arena of voter participation in the English-speaking Caribbean to a considerable degree.

Latinos share an equally diverse heritage, from the Caribbean to Mexico and throughout Central and South America.

Between 1835 and 1846 approximately 19,000 people moved from the Eastern Caribbean to Trinidad and British Guiana.

It has been going on since West Indians first started their mass trek from the Caribbean to the UK, USA, and Canada.

In 6% of cases caribbean on is used

Thomas at the Caribbean on the beach.

Have just done the Caribbean On Oriana.

He and his then girlfriend Joan were visiting the Caribbean on a getaway.

Last year I led a group of British to Belize in the Caribbean on a fact finding mission.

The snorkeling all round Bequia is fantastic, likely the best in the Caribbean on balance.

I hope I can make enough moolah some day to go holidaying in the Caribbean on a cruise ship.

By law you are not required to have a passport when traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise ship until January 2008.

Later that summer she spent a month and a half in the Caribbean on Operation Carribe, a counter narcotics operation.

The Prophecy in Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides states that a one-legged man will be the doom of Blackbeard.

I still have my original aim of highlighting the artists from the Eastern Caribbean on my blog especially the OECS islands.

In 6% of cases caribbean as is used

This applies to the Caribbean as a sub-region as well.

The HDI of Latin America and the Caribbean as a region increased from 0.

Settlers came from islands in the Caribbean as well as from Virginia and New England.

He adds that in the 1970 's, the Caribbean as a whole was losing 14,000 skilled persons per year.

It has even been described by many in the Caribbean as the best trained armed force in the region.

Once the most popular sport in Jamaica, it lingers throughout the Caribbean as the people's sport.

I write about the Caribbean as well as places you definitely need to ferret out (geez, I LOVE that word.

This is not unexpected since moderate and severe malnutrition are not that commonly prevalent in the Caribbean as a region.

These destinations are convenient for most Americans due to the proximity of the Caribbean as well as the fantastic weather.

Gong's career has led him on tours to Canada, The United States, parts of the Caribbean as well as Central and South America.

In 5% of cases caribbean by is used

CULTURE SHOCK: Baseball was brought to the Caribbean by U.

It has been voted #1 wreck in the Caribbean by Sport Diver Magazine.

Beyond Tourism: The Future of the Services Industry in the Caribbean by Daniel P.

Jake's has been dubbed the chic-est shack in the Caribbean by Travel &; Leisure Magazine.

As its President, he presided at the first political address given in the Caribbean by the late Dr.

It was in the Caribbean by the English planters in the island of Barbados early in the 17th century.

Sweet potato was introduced in Europe much earlier; it was brought from the Caribbean by Christopher Columbus himself.

Apr 26, 2012 Rating The island jewel of the Caribbean by: Rick McElrea I have lived in ten countries and holidayed in sixty.

The wave moved into the western Caribbean by late June and formed into a tropical depression near the western tip of Cuba on June 30.

In 4% of cases caribbean at is used

Cuba's HIV rate is the lowest in the Caribbean at under 0.

We have the Florida Keys and the Caribbean at our doorstep.

Golding was the sole representative from the Caribbean at the summit.

Although I was born in the UK, I went to the Caribbean at the age of 8 and returned when I was 19.

She is the sole representative from the Caribbean at the First Ladies summit which ran from Oct 11-13.

Keeping costs down La Sagesse Bay, on Grenada's southern coast, is the unspoilt Caribbean at its best.

Travel down the other side of the mountains and meet the sparkling Caribbean at the town of Buff Bay, not far from Port Antonio.

This may change, however, according to Augusto de la Torre, Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank.

Golding's hint at the development came during an address at the official launch of Compete Caribbean at the Wyndham Hotel in New Kingston.

As I've written previously, Martin was a hypocrite by having his Canada Steamship Lines headquartered in the Caribbean at a much lower tax rate.

In 3% of cases caribbean during is used

Cyclones/hurricanes run wild in the Caribbean during summer.

For example, don't pick the Caribbean during hurricane season.

Sandy has already killed 60 people in the Caribbean during the past week.

Perfect for anyone actually cruising the Caribbean during the festivities.

Administrative reform programmes dominated the Caribbean during the 1980? s.

He speaks to The Daily Star about his experience in the Caribbean during Bangladesh's most successful campaign to date.

This number represents some 7% of the total 195,000 slaves imported of into the British Caribbean during the same period.

Port Royal was the center of shipping and commerce in the Caribbean during the 17 century but was destroyed by an earthquake.

Travel during the Off-Season: It is best to visit and explore the spectacular islands of the Caribbean during the off-season.

The UNIA had divisions throughout North, South and Central America, Africa, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean during the 1920s.

In 3% of cases caribbean from is used

The plan is to offer flights to the Caribbean from many of Brazil's connecting routes.

The third talk explores the economic development of the Caribbean from 1960 to the present.

And this after ravaging us in the Caribbean from Jamaica to the Bahamas, through Cuba and Haiti.

Norwegian Getaway will sail in the Caribbean from Miami from early 2014 with bookings due to open this week.

John Waterlow was one of the finest ambassadors to the Caribbean from Britain in the truest sense of the word.

They are popular all over the Caribbean from Trinidad and Tobago to Barbados to Puerto Rico and, of course, Jamaica.

These six unification triumphs in a row signify the profound transformation of Latin America and the Caribbean from U.

In 1834, the year of the abolition of slavery in the West Indies, the firstPortuguese laborers went to the Caribbean from the Azores.

Transitions Abroad writer Kristin Carter recommends companies like Princess Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean from personal experience.

A 50 percent loss of the coral cover in the Caribbean from coral bleaching would cost at least $7 billion to the economies in the region.

In 2% of cases caribbean before is used

The storm had already caused 69 deaths in the Caribbean before reaching the US.

Sandy killed 69 people in the Caribbean before turning north and hammering the U.

Sandy also killed 69 people in the Caribbean before heading up the Eastern Seaboard.

Michelle Obama had the temptress packed off to the Caribbean before the ' 08 campaign.

The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and very airy with the waters of the Caribbean before you.

Sandy also killed 69 people in the Caribbean before making its way up the US Eastern Seaboard.

West Indians In Britain Workers on a sugar plantation in the Caribbean before the First World War.

Hurricane Sandy brought devastation throughout the Caribbean before hitting the United States and Canada.

Sandy has already killed at least 66 people -- including 51 in Haiti -- in the Caribbean before pounding U.

The hurricane has already been responsible for at least five deaths in the Caribbean before reaching the U.

In 2% of cases caribbean of is used

It was like The Pirates of The Caribbean of those times.

Barbados is a small Island in the Eastern Caribbean of 166 square miles in area (21 m x 14 m).

They should do more to prevent the flow into the Caribbean of illegal arms made in these countries.

Hoffmann became vice president and managing director of the regional office North America and the Caribbean of Ulysse Nardin Inc in 1999.

This June, the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made a very important speech at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean of the UN.

Vieques offers the lush, unspoiled Caribbean of the past with ample, diving, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and several other activities for nature lovers.

Still, with its anachronistic rural life and largely healthy ecosystems, the island is a sort of ecological Brigadoon, offering a vision of the Caribbean of long ago.

It is impossible in our time not to notice a piratic ship, considering the concentration in the Caribbean of American ships from which everything can be seen and observed.

Super foxy Erin was reporting live from the very place itself, and saying it is poising itself as the Caribbean of the Middle East for the wealthy in the region including Europe.

In 1% of cases caribbean via is used

The plant made its way to the Caribbean via the slave trade.

Many of the students came from the Caribbean via New York City.

In 1555, he set sail with three ships for the Caribbean via Sierra Leone.

The Empire Windrush started at Trinidad and headed north up the Caribbean via Kingston, Tampico, Havana and Bermuda.

It will also pull on community interest in general especially, that of young people with an interest in portraying the Caribbean via this avenue of art.

Upon traveling to the Caribbean via the Aquila and pursuing Church's ship, Haytham and Connor locate Church and kill him, before the two then travel to meet Washington.

Asif will leave for London on a direct flight from Lahore, while Sami, who does not have a British visa, will travel to the Caribbean via New York from Karachi the same day.

In 1% of cases caribbean under is used

I imagined board meetings in the Caribbean under palm trees.

Henry Whistler was an English sailor sent to the Caribbean under Oliver Cromwell's plan for holy war against Catholic Spain.

Clearly this once prestigious paper, once the best in the Caribbean under the leadership of Oliver Clarke, is not content to have campaigned for the thuggery.

Representing an investment of about US$23 million, the plant was easily the largest investment that had entered Jamaica or the Caribbean under the CBI by 1987.

In 1% of cases caribbean about is used

What is striking now is how little high-level public comment there has been in the Caribbean about what is occurring in the global economy.

Berry currently teaches at two universities in Canada and wants to educate people in the Caribbean about the business aspect of the music industry.

In 1% of cases caribbean through is used

It is difficult to bring food into the Caribbean through customs.

The possibility that the Portuguese introduction was made by a circuitous route from the Caribbean through Africa and the Indian Ocean can not be dismissed.

At one time I took off to an organic farm in the Caribbean through a program called WWOOF, and briefly became something I'd always made fun of: a dirty freaking hippy.

In 1% of cases caribbean such is used

She had met a lot of artists from the Eastern Caribbean such as dub poet Ras Mo, who were of both African and Carib ancestry and who publicly acknowledged this.

Meanwhile the Flirtation Medley video was also accepted by TEMPO Networks and several other local Cable TVS in the Caribbean such as Hype TV, RE TV, KREM TV and more.

Such a generalised statement may be supported by the staunch opposition to omosexuality evident in countries in the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, and Jamaica.

In 1% of cases caribbean over is used

Navy ships have deployed to the coast of Africa and the Caribbean over the past year.

A cessation of funding would threaten the fragile gains made in the Caribbean over the last decade.

Let's begin the work to produce the leading economy in the Caribbean over the next 18 yrs, I know we can.

History describes the sequence and nature of events that have shaped the Caribbean over a long period of time.

We have exceeded in sugar cane production, coffee and other crops and these have set the economical pattern of the Caribbean over the years.

In 1% of cases caribbean without is used

England had freed its slaves in the Caribbean without a war.

No serious player can take a golf vacation to the Caribbean without testing his or her chops on this stand-out course.

For less than the cost of a tank of gas or plane ticket, you and your friends can travel to the Caribbean without leaving the city limits.

In 1% of cases caribbean like is used

APD hit the Caribbean like a tsunami.

There is no place in the Caribbean like Rio Chico.

But, in some countries in the Caribbean like Dominica the policy was to shoot Rastas on sight.

There is no place in the Caribbean like Jamaica! The scenery in Jamaica is arguably the most beautiful in all of the Caribbean.

It's the morning sun boiling up out of the Caribbean like a bright red lobster hoisted dripping from its pot, and a chorus of tree frogs tuning up.

In 1% of cases caribbean into is used

Rouse put a lifetime of research and studies on the Indians of the Caribbean into one work.

I can't help but bring the essence of the Caribbean into a project and sometimes it's so subtle that only I know where to find it.

The labour riots brought the mass of the Caribbean into political life for the first time and with them, their organisations - the trade unions and affiliate political parties.

In doing so, the Japanese actually followed the example of the US, which had earlier transformed Latin America and much of the Caribbean into Uncle Sam's exclusive economic playground.

From School Library Journal Grade 5-9-- Jacobs has turned her interest in the Taino people of the pre-Columbian Caribbean into a clear, readable portrayal of the extinction of an ethnic group.

In 1% of cases caribbean including is used

There are other occupational groups in the Caribbean including tourism workers, taxi drivers and truckers that may be worthy of study.

While the storm didn't make landfall in the United States, it ravaged parts of the Caribbean including Puerto Rico with torrential rains.

The Republic of Suriname is a mainland (South American) country that is established as part of the Caribbean including membership in the CARICOM.

In the 1600s the Europeans established sugar plantations, all over the Caribbean including Haiti which tasked the fragile ecosystems of the Caribbean islands.

But the Borlee twins (Kevin and Jonathan) from Belgium can not be overlooked nor the other young core of runners from the Caribbean including Demetrius Pinder (Bahamas) and Dane Hyatt (Jamaica).

Outside of music, Blackwell is CEO of Island Outpost, which owns and operates several unique resorts in Jamaica and the Caribbean including Goldeneye, where Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond novels.

Professor Miller is Chairman and member of several Boards related to public service in Jamaica and the Caribbean including being the current Chairman of the Electoral Advisory Committee in Jamaica.

In 1% of cases caribbean due is used

However, they are less likely to call on smaller ports in the Caribbean due to their huge size.

Sandy formed in such a broad area in the Caribbean due to uniformity of pressure across a massive area.

Kingston Many tourists bypass the largest English-speaking city in the Caribbean due to the bad publicity and crime associated with it.

Amnesty International has also received reports of women fleeing the Caribbean due to attacks against them which they believed to be based on their sexuality.

Furthermore, we will hold AI responsible if any abuse or pressure is brought upon any members or support staff of the cricket team by the public in the Caribbean due to your callous action.

In 1% of cases caribbean between is used

Indians were brought to the Caribbean between 1845 and 1917 to rebuild the agricultural sector after the emancipation of slavery.

John Hawkins, now infamous as the first English slave trader, made four slaving voyages to the Spanish Caribbean between 1562 and 1569.

Of the 70,000 slaves the company shipped to the Caribbean between 1680 and 1688, only 46,000 survived the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

Samuel Sharpe, May 1832 There was a constant state of tension in the Caribbean between the enslaved workers and those who governed the islands, and consequently, uprisings were common.

Told from the ' official ' perspective, we celebrate the successful claim for independent statehood, which was rooted in the labour rebellions which swept the Caribbean between 1935 and 1938.

In 1% of cases caribbean because is used

Jamaica is one of the best places to go scuba diving in the Caribbean because of many reasons.

Ella B was widely known in several islands in the Eastern Caribbean because of her work in the church.

Q: Mobile phones are quite prevalent in Jamaica and the Caribbean because of the low cost ownership and service.

Parties are more usually repressed or harassed in the Latin Caribbean because of the stronger tradition of violence and authoritarianism there.

From the US, the Miami hub- although requires a little more travel time- is a preferred hub to the Caribbean because of the price advantages, but there are several other options for you to get here.

In 1% of cases caribbean against is used

He declared the dispute, which pitted smallholder farmers in the Caribbean against large US multinational producers, is at an end.

We had a good series in the Caribbean against them earlier this year, but this is new turf and I think it will be an exciting match tomorrow.

In 1% of cases caribbean after is used

Jamaica has the third higher rates of infection in the Caribbean after Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The first batch left India sometimes in 1838 and reached the Caribbean after a long and arduous journey across the oceans.

Changes of Power The first known inhabitants of Jamaica were the Tainos, an Arawak-speaking tribe that traveled throughout the Caribbean after leaving South America.

Officials warned that the hurricane, pushing north from the Caribbean after leaving more than 60 people dead in its wake, could disrupt life in the Northeast for days.

Officials warned that the hurricane, pushing north from the Caribbean after leaving more than 60 people dead in its wake, could disrupt life in the north-east for days.

Changes of Power The history of Jamaica begins with the Tainos, the first known inhabitants who were an Arawak-speaking tribe that traveled throughout the Caribbean after leaving South America.

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