Prepositions after "avoid"

"avoid by", "avoid at" or "avoid in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases avoid by is used

This should be avoided by any cost.

These are dead ends you should avoid by any means.

It should be avoided by all persons under 18 at all times.

This can be avoided by having a quality check of the inputs which go to the constraint.

Note that the problem with changeable kerning can be avoided by using a proportional font.

This would result in the destruction of Austalia's economy; if not avoided by a public revolt.

Many chronic health conditions can be avoided by simply following a healthy lifestyle and a good, nutritious healthy diet.

Irvine Bogside is a layout to be appreciated by the accomplished links golfer, but perhaps better avoided by the high handicappers.

This notice must include the fact that this termination can be avoided by paying the amount due before the date it is to take effect.

Therefore, though it is the fastest means to get a better ranking on the search engine result pages it is necessary to be avoided by every possible way.

In 18% of cases avoid in is used

This should be avoided in any respect costs.

Apparently 51% want to avoid incompetent bosses.

Five HTML5 mistakes to avoid in 2013 I was asked by.

Right Management surveyed employees to find out what they want to avoid in their next job.

The truth is that war should have been avoided in 1939 or, at the least, after Dunkirk in mid-1940.

This drug contains sulfa, and should be avoided in those with sulfa allergy (this is controversial).

The object of the Redeemer was rather to reprove the perverse opinion of the Jews, that the only thing to be avoided in an oath was a lie.

There are a number of websites claiming that the saturated fats in coconut oil are different to the saturated fats we're told to avoid in animal products.

Just surprised you didn't contact any of us to check your facts before making the sort of error you're taught to avoid in first year undergraduate history.

And I call you that, because you must have something really major to avoid in your life if you will persist in allowing this clown to keep pissing you around.

In 14% of cases avoid at is used

This should be avoided at any cost.

Rationing by stealth should be avoided at all costs.

Boring content must be avoided at all costs as well as posing irrelevant and rhetorical questions.

Calmness should be maintained during Hajj and worldly talks and arguments should be avoided at all times.

Also avoid at all costs using all its resources or high investment, if you do not have business experience.

This man based on what i read is the type of person i would avoid at the pub -- or warn my children against.

Without doubt, drinking excessively has a lot of lasting consequences, and should be avoided at all costs.

One set believes that risk can and should be avoided at all cost and is in search of risk-free investments.

We talk about living together in harmony with our neighbors and avoiding at all cost, civil conflicts and unrests.

One concern though; both these roads are best avoided at night but during daytime they are good alternatives to going through Colombo.

In 7% of cases avoid with is used

FOBT should be avoided with one proviso.

In both cases, this could have been avoided with the steps above.

Such situations can be avoided with the help of these excellent offers.

All of this could have been avoided with a little bit of management and professionalism.

Obstacles must be avoided with great care since the motor is no longer protected from collision.

Hi Congratulations on the degree! Yes grapefruit is very important to avoid with cyclosporin (though I hate it anyway).

Foods To Avoid With Menstrual Cramps This is another way to help ease menstrual cramps, and to prevent painful periods.

Fortunately, myriad obstacles in the way to product shipping from US to UK have been possible to avoid with the help of third-party shippers.

Henry's infamous handball in the run-up to the goal which sent France to the 2010 World Cup at Ireland's expense would not have been avoided with goal line technology.

The mistakes of the referees in the games between Mexico and Argentina and between Germany and England could've all been easily avoided with video replay or with goal-line technology.

In 7% of cases avoid for is used

Sharp ends should be avoided for structural reasons.

Step 1; Toilet breaks should be avoided for the sake of dignity.

Now lets consider some cases where normalization would have to avoided for practical purposes.

It's a topic I have delicately avoided for ages because it scared me, and grossed me out a bit, truthfully.

And similarly with words on paper: news-papers and magazines which just distract the mind should be avoided for this day.

It's easy to understand what she's feeling and why as she begins to honestly face the deeper underlying issues that she's managed to avoid for months.

Not only must the specified changes be made, but changes must be avoided for the relationships in the system that are not desired nor expected to be changed.

I keep this room for writing and for writing alone, which makes it an anxious, neurotic sort of room, where I'd either trapped for days, or that I avoid for days.

People feel sorry for them even though they shouldn't- they call them kamzor and force-feed them all the yummy treats fat people have been studiously avoiding for decades.

In 5% of cases avoid during is used

X-rays X-rays should be avoided during pregnancy if possible.

However, there are certain foods to eat and need to avoid during the process.

Foods To Avoid During Fever There are various foods to avoid when affected by fever.

Aconite ought to be administered during the hot stage of fever; but should be avoided during the cold stage.

As liver is high in Vitamin A it should be avoided during pregnancy, as should meat products made from liver such as pat.

The East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia however tends to have a heavier wet season and is best avoided during the rainy period (November-February).

In 5% of cases avoid like is used

And some, like Facebook, I avoid like the plague.

Cross-cannibalization of their product lines is something Apple has tried to avoid like the plague.

I've never had any issues in any browsers except IE, which I avoid like the plague to do any-thing on anyway.

Instead, this subject has been avoided like the plague, although many MPs had spoken about it in the debate.

In 2% of cases avoid as is used

Grapefriut is definately a massive thing to avoid as the reaction with any long term meds is bad let alone immunosuppressants, (I'd Taking Prograf an azathiapine).

In 2% of cases avoid under is used

Still, some of the absurdities of localism will be avoided under the new act.

The general advice is to avoid under wire styles but you will probably find them too uncomfortable anyway.

Apparently most Maraaji ' say that doing so should be avoided under obligatory percaution, but so many of us do it anyway.

In 2% of cases avoid to is used

Also can primarily need through the transactions and privately steal to the infrastructure and distance of the companies, somehow however as these are avoided to the membership.

In 2% of cases avoid over is used

Avoid Over Revving: Change gear in good time when you pull away or when you are accelerating.

I always carry a couple of dark chocolate mini bars with me especially when I am going out to eat to avoid over indulgence.

An early start to the harvest on the Fonseca estates ensured that the wines had a good acid balance and avoided over ripeness.

In 2% of cases avoid on is used

The first thing which one must avoid on money matters is the ' fear factor '.

Even acts which are harmful in any way to others should be avoided on an Uposatha day.

In 2% of cases avoid including is used

Try to avoid including what you can't do; avoid phrases such as: ' I don't have any experience in.

Using ' WHERE ' in Place of ' HAVING ' In general, avoid including a HAVING clause in the SELECT statements.

However, make sure that you click on the first worksheet you wish to create the names on before holding down the key to avoid including the original worksheet in the collection.

In 2% of cases avoid from is used

Most of them were sand-colored Land Cruisers to avoid from being noticed from the air.

Ecovillage will be very effective because such way we can avoid from being losing green plants.

Not only the newly built websites but also the existing ones must keep off guard to avoid from treading illegal paths.

Boy, if these stupid zealots are all going to heaven, then I think I'll give heaven a miss and try to avoid from unwittingly getting into perpetual aggravation! +14.

In 2% of cases avoid due is used

After these people serve the jail time they avoided due to rich daddy influence, then maybe we'll listen to what they have to say.

In 1% of cases avoid near is used

But they all ride on the footpath and there were many times were I had to avoid near collisions.

In 1% of cases avoid of is used

They plan to make the connection just west of the Queen &; Roncesvalles intersection in order to avoid of congestion of that intersection, but take advantages of the existing Queensway ROW.

In 1% of cases avoid out is used

While rotating the cropping adjusts automatically to avoid out of photo areas appearing.

In 1% of cases avoid through is used

However, many incidents can be easily avoided through following the installation and maintenance instructions provided by storage tank manufacturers.

In 1% of cases avoid via is used

By the 14th century, the incongruity was avoided via the concept of Limbo, the abode of righteous souls who weren't destined for either Heaven or Hell.

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