Prepositions after "averse"

averse to, in or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 95% of cases averse to is used

Even Singapore is averse to this.

I'd not averse to a bit of laziness.

He's also not averse to the odd stroke.

Draghi may be betting that Germans would not be averse to a rise in domestic inflation.

I am not averse to them, because since they are SOOO many in number, we live with them.

The British are not averse to using the SAS/SBS to kill terrorists, armed or otherwise.

He wasn't averse to a spot of casual mysticism either, as the description he gave TGM of his beloved Strat revealed.

In the current case it appears that even as a mature writer Thomas was not averse to a little literary ' borrowing '.

Most (96%) non-prefed possums became averse to the 1080 bait, compared with only 55% and 9% of the two prefed groups.

You say that the peers, that is, in a great measure the pageants and courtiers of the king, were averse to the trial.

In 2% of cases averse in is used

They are so risk averse in modern times.

I will be more risk averse in the future.

Canadians are more risk averse in general6.

The leaders have to be extremely risk averse in this situation.

I think more often people are too loss averse in situations like this.

Most of the modern day societies are, generally, averse in accepting it.

From being microphone averse in the last few weeks, he answered all the questions put to him.

I couldn't help thinking are we too conservative and risk averse in education too? I think there are many similarities.

Cox and Stockwell aren't scientifically minded they're change averse in what may be the best intended sense of that term.

I'll leave #10 to the B &B; since driving in metro-Atlanta has made me too stick averse in my slowly creeping middle age.

In 1% of cases averse from is used

I'd never heard of them before, but I wouldn't be averse from ordering from them again.

O my grief for you! Shall we constrain you to (accept) it while you are averse from it.

Being averse from the impressions of the senses, he spoke very little and was always calm.

But even as the Jews were averse from this doctrine of faith and grace, so are we also averse from it.

Verily there is not on earth's face a more masterful than she, nor may any name to her the word man, for she is averse from men.

We are all naturally averse from thee, O God; do thou bid us to follow thee; draw us by thy powerful word, and we shall run after thee.

The previous regime had become corrupt and autocratic; its leaders were wealthy landowners who were not averse from rigging affairs to suit their own convenience.

It was significant that, while he had confided to him, on the previous day, the secret of his first meeting with her, he was now averse from even mentioning her name.

Thy will is no longer the will of God, but is utterly perverse and distorted, averse from all good, from all which God loves, and prone to all evil, to every abomination which God hateth.

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