Prepositions after "average"

"average in" or "average for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases average in is used

That's average in the industry.

I felt so average in comparison.

Jim Jablonski was average in most ways.

I am average in the looks department, not ugly, but not model like in any way at all.

Rainfall was consistently above average in eastern Australia from April 1998 onwards.

The perfume factory itself was average in terms of spending some time on a short tour.

He studied statistical norms and found himself to be average in all areas, and declared this to be the Golden Mean.

Psychology: approximately average in any psychological trait, as intelligence, personality, or emotional adjustment.

In contrast, those classified as better looking took home between 5% and 10% more than average in wages for their work.

All I'd saying is that by definition, the majority of you will be painfully average in your ability to beat the market.

In 20% of cases average for is used

Willo is strictly average for me.

Yes, that is average for the body.

But usually many are average for 1.

If you are below or at average for your target schools, then I'd recommend retaking.

So far his performance on the international stage has been average for his standards.

Anonymous The poverty line uses median, and not average for the reasons I've mentioned.

He expects his corn crop to come in at about 150 bushels an acre -- well below average for this part of the state.

Fielding: A lot of former cricketers criticise us but the fact is that we been pretty average for the past 60 years.

For golfer 2, you can choose from shafts rated to be 85-95mph because his bending force is average for a 90mph swing.

Don't expect anything fancy and service is average for the meal price but worth it if you have a voucher like we did.

In 9% of cases average at is used

Talk time is average at 7 hours.

These average at around US$2,100 a year.

This is average at its best with other car.

Similarly this year it's been Bosh and LeBron with Wade looking quite average at times.

The food at the breakfast buffet was average at best- eat somewhere in town for a better meal.

When I was in high school, I was better than average at marches, folk music, and Baroque music.

If you correctly average at T4 rather than T you will correctly get a higher radiative output than you have calculated.

However, the combination tools were rather average at the job and you spent ages swapping attachments to get a job done.

When you look at controversial topics, scientists are often worse than average at falling prey to whetting their fingers.

They were average at drawing free throws and taking shots at the rim -- what they did really well was not take long twos.

In 8% of cases average with is used

The breakfast is average with limited spread.

The food was very average with a fair selection.

They are very average with a manager who will fail.

In the remodeled rooms- The rooms are average with new floor tile that looks like wood.

And mexico are again fairly average with a couple of standout players Comment number 50.

Temperatures will be higher than average with highs of 13c so feeling fairly mild for November.

Disease and Pest Disease and pest problems could be rated as average with occasional outbreak of some diseases e.

The Southern Hemisphere land surface temperature for May was also warmer than average with a positive anomaly of 0.

I'd great with HTML and CSS; and very average with php and JavaScript but I've got to grips with so much along the way.

If Gose comes up and is even merely average with the bat, then with his tools, he's going to have a build up a lot of trade value.

In 7% of cases average to is used

The rest have been average to poor.

Voice dictation accuracy is average to poor.

I prefer 1 large one to 3 average to small ones.

Blenheim, Greymouth, Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru and Invercargill may be average to warmer.

If it's average to bad, I don't notice at all and I have to force myself to pay attention.

Scores below one indicate that a state is more stubborn than average to shifting its vote.

If you want to make a point find someone who has at least average to above average intelligence then have them write it.

In 2011, the region had a huge 40% drop in rainfall and this year 54% less has fallen than average to the end of September.

Having done 46 films in 12 years, the actress has had over 20 flops and almost half the number of hits and a few average to her credit.

From May onwards the pattern reverted to one of average to above average falls that eventually led into the double La Nia event of 1916/1917.

In 5% of cases average on is used

That guy is average on the sexy scale.

However, most of them are average on the scales.

Aside from the colour issue, detail is average on photos.

Louis Williams shows flashes of being an all-star on some nights and just average on others.

Looking at Foxtel, it looks pretty average on a 60 inch TV in its standard definition format.

The offensive line did better than average on several run plays outside of the tackles though.

As the radar diagram shows, Canada's performance is above average on almost all the education and skills indicators.

You may feel that at this point in your business life cycle, it is important to spend more than average on advertising.

Harry on October 17, 2012 at 9:32 pm Tino Costa is very average on the ball and slow, he is not good enough for Argentina.

I don't know whether Lola is worse than average on this but they certainly get lots of practice at this defensive response.

In 2% of cases average by is used

FEBRUARY is expected to be much colder than average by 1.

Probably the best in the US, but very average by world standards still.

I just know that earning a million shillings a month is not average by any standard.

The forecaster is warning, however, that February will be much colder than average by 1.

More students work than even and being average by many students is considered a victory.

Just one fifty in six innings is average by any standards, more so if your standards are as high Dravid's.

Born For Love is a confusing mesh of whooshes and whirrs with a melody that may or may not be average by Merritt's exacting standards.

With Bailey shadowing him most of the afternoon, Green had a performance that was average by his standards: seven catches for 99 yards and a touchdown.

Most people are average, the exceptionally strong are rare,? so we are not equal but we do have the power to be more than average by dreaming and taking action.

In 2% of cases average of is used

Heavy red line is average of the warmer buoys.

Each of survey is average of 200 to 400 points.

For some people this average of $430 is a pipe dream.

Emissions have raised by an average of 5% per annum since that pricing mechanism was introduced.

I have taken are average of the primary 4 and added 20% and averaged the secondary 5 and minus 20%.

Keeping all values between two arbitrary guard values, the only operation I needed was average of two values: 2.

Tomnay explains: ' Costs for projects supplying gas to Europe could rise from a break even average of between US$1.

Against the US dollar, the Australian dollar is at post-float highs and more than 40% higher than its post-float average of 73.

Next, Figure 10 shows the midrange temperature buoys, along with the average of the warmer buoys (red line) for comparison: Figure 10.

In 2% of cases average per is used

That's 10 hours average per day.

From valuations perspective also, at 14x FY14 EPS, Sensex trades at par with its last 10 years average PER.

Address an Objection adequately; you are one objection closer to the sale (typically 3 objection average per sale).

Instead, government counts the cost of Medicare for an individual as equal to the average per capita cost of Medicare services.

The average person in Denver receives about 1040 millirem of radiation from radon, compared to about 200 for the average American.

By contrast, Hispanics, who form a very large part of the low-skill immigrant population, have average per capital levels of lottery purchases.

Such units typically carry a higher than average per square foot cost, but the overall cost is usually quite affordable because of their small footprints.

Consequently, data from the Census survey of governments were used to calculate the average per pupil cost of public primary and secondary education in each state.

O'Reilly noted boomers spend an average of $50 more than average per year on computers (probably with the hope that this time they'll be able to figure out how it works).

The NEA states the perfect Class size is 17, that means approximately 49,705 Teachers are needed (994 Average per State) just to teach Illegal Alien Students paid for by the American Taxpayer.

In 1% of cases average as is used

Dravid? s average as an opener is not the best in the world.

They were average as the sauce applied was on a saltier side.

However, if records are reckoned, Sehwag ' ' s average as an opener is 51.

Most of them start with their backs more horizontal than average as the bar passes the knees.

If you break down stats per possession, D'Antoni sits better than average as a defensive coach.

He's a bit bulky and awkward behind the plate, and there's hope he can become at least average as a catcher.

Though I'd not much better than average as a golfer, I love being on beautiful courses, and I like the exercise.

His nails were averagely manicured, his vocabulary as average as that of a local newspaper, average gestures, average cough here and there, a political grin averagely displayed.

In 1% of cases average among is used

As for protein, durian is nearly average among fruits.

Now, I realize my wife may not be average among urban dwellers.

He would be average among a far more academically clever cohort.

Footnote 134 Smoking rates are higher than average among some sub-populations compared with the Canadian population as a whole.

The guys above probably earn 2-3x their stated pay after stuff like stock options Minister pay is very average among the creme de la creme.

In 1% of cases average because is used

I have about a C+ or B average because of my laziness in high school.

How did she reach the island? Any way the movie was very average because of very weak story and female cast and if I'll watch it again then only for Shahrukh.

A statement from deCODE said that taken together, the variants identified a ' ' sizeable proportion ' ' of smokers whose health was at greater risk than average because of their habit.

A boat dock is left high and dry at the Morse Reservoir in Noblesville, Indiana, on Friday, August 16, with water depths are significantly lower than average because of a widespread drought.

This would be a higher figure than average because of interest generated by the results of the confidence motion tabled by Taoiseach Brian Cowen at the Fianna Fail parliamentary party meeting.

In 1% of cases average between is used

Summer temperatures usually average between 21-27 C.

They generally average between 30-140 gb with very minimal manual versioning.

The team dues currently average between $1,000 and $1,400 per player, per season and ultimately depend on the number of active players.

According to club owner/general manager Joe Moore, Angels ' dancers can earn up to 600 a night but mostly average between 100 and 200 a night.

In 1% of cases average during is used

If you have SAD, your serotonin levels may be lower than average during the winter.

However, while the country was warmer than average during the day, it was also colder than average at night.

The Gulf Coast, parts of the Northeast, and the Pacific Northwest were wetter than average during January-October.

Even against the Saints in the playoffs last year Smith was great at the end but very average during long stretches of that game.

The east and north of both Victoria and Tasmania were drier than average during this 10-month period with decile 1 falls in some areas.

Four stools per day are average during the early weeks, but after six weeks of age stooling frequency often decreases, sometimes dramatically.

In 1% of cases average against is used

I am not yet convinced about Bondesio looked very average against WP this weekend.

They were very, very average against Man Utd as they have been for a few seasons against their old enemies.

Ashley Cole -- 6 Far from the lofty heights that he has achieved throughout his career, Cole looked surprisingly average against an overly perfectionist Swansea attack.

In 1% of cases average from is used

That's average from our records in Japan.

Songs were average from Harris but the picturisation was good espicially Nani Koni Song.

Even comparing the five years average from 1987 to the five years previous to 2011 shows a 27% drop in fatalities.

Largely ignoring the Smijer-driven debate above, although it seems better-conducted than average from what I've skimmed.

Clinicians intuitively know that this idea is oversimplified because in reality some patients benefit more than average from treatment, whereas others do not or may even be harmed.

In 1% of cases average across is used

I found this one: Maori incomes have risen faster than average across the board.

You need to maintain a B average across all papers to remain in a conjoint programme of study.

Austral autumn was cooler than average across most of Australia, with maximum (daytime) temperatures 0.

Maximum temperatures were generally above average across the southern half of the mainland and northern Tasmania.

Rainfall was above average across all states, with the exception of Western Australia, which was 98 percent of average.

Ime, at YR and Y1 the kids tend to be generally not good, generally average across the board or generally quite brilliant.

Minima were generally average across the far north, most of central Australia, along the southern coast of Victoria, and across Tasmania.

The advantage of having a college diploma in that South American nation is about three times higher than is average across OECD countries.

It was below average across Okinawa, which had been impacted by Super Typhoons Sanba (middle of the month) and Jelawat (end of the month).

In 1% of cases average over is used

But weather, sadly, is always going to guarantees this abnormal state, so average over time and it should hold.

CM: You don't have to have perfect wisdom to get very rich -- just a bit better than average over a long period of time.

During a positive NAO, conditions are colder and drier than average over the northwestern Atlantic and Mediterranean regions.

In 1% of cases average throughout is used

The weather had been quite average throughout the day but the rain seemed to be holding off.

He's a perfectly competent singer, but is never really any more than average throughout the album.

She is a grade four student that has thus far maintained an A average throughout her years of schooling.

Juice quality is usually better than average throughout the season, arrowing has been observed but only in the very wet year.

Despite my willingness to show my teeth often or smile, I maintained a B average throughout high school and finished college with a B average as well.

In 1% of cases average about is used

I probably average about 6-7 weeks per year.

Individual municipal bonds currently average about 1.

I don't typically measure, but average about a teaspoon of each.

In fact, there was absolutely nothing average about Sameer Younis ' 70th birthday party at all.

In the end of course, there was absolutely nothing average about what had happened over a long weekend in Illinois.

I know more than average about computers, but the internet is not my strong point so I just looking for the best route to take.

I know more than average about renting and I didn't realise that sale of residential property didn't terminate a fixed-term tenancy.

A pattern will arise in which there is some group of users that cares more than average about the integrity and success of the group as a whole.

Typing this I feel somewhat average about the journey and as they say: Nobody raves about average Bill Quiseng It doesn't have to be that way The Kano Model makes you think.

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