Prepositions after "attend"

"attend to" or "attend by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases attend to is used

I have other business to attend to.

A very important matter to attend to.

Each night the dogs were attended to first.

Salvation Army staff were attending to the male by applying pressure to his wounds.

Just like ourselves, she needs someone to take care of her, and to attend to her needs.

So again, thank you very much, Lief, for patiently attending to my education in this.

It was very noticeable that the vast majority of speakers attended to the archival dimensions of very recent films.

There they saw the four male restaurant staff attending to their duties, perfectly normally, all with shaved heads.

Attending to this process, however, may create political possibilities for rethinking men, masculinity and violence.

Suh was not flagged on the play and walked over to on Cutler, while he was being attended to by trainers on the field.

In 32% of cases attend by is used

Foo camp is attended by geeks of all ilks.

Others I attended by telephone if I could not return.

Otherwise midweek Masses are attended by 2 or 3 people.

The proportion of births attended by a skilled health worker is still low (32 percent).

You can find out when you need to attend by using the court's next day requirement service.

The meeting supposedly a strategic meeting surprisingly was not attended by Nana Akuffo-Addo.

The first floor of the neighbouring hop store was taken over and used for church services attended by large groups.

A month before his deployment, Lt Okoto had married in a ceremony attended by a number of those he was serving with.

March CERN holds a two-day seminar for the European Media (press, radio, TV ), attended by 250 reporters, to show WWW.

In 6% of cases attend in is used

There must be evidence they attended in person.

You must also attend in court on the day to make your application.

Ming Yi Mah attended in July and joined as committee member in October.

If you plan on attending in person, please send a quick email to let me know so we can.

Paul Tigga to attend in a seminar of TAIZE community to be held at Askerdighi of Chittagong.

We will also be making the meeting available via webinar and conference call, but urge those nearby to attend in person.

Each was asked to name the high school from which he or she graduated and the college s/he will be attending in the fall.

Half of them attended in the spring of 2007, while the other half acted as a control group before heading off for their own retreat in the autumn.

In 4% of cases attend at is used

A few days later, I attended at the property.

Louis de Barth attended at Lancaster and Conewago.

Couples paid $50,000 to attend at a local restaurant.

Many Christians who do not go near a Church at other times of the year attend at Easter.

Now, more than 12,000 students attend at its two campuses, including 1,400 in the Quad-Cities, he said.

Cons: One group member has a tutorial to attend at 7:30, so he may have to leave the meeting a few minutes early.

In my case, this turn coincided with the first lecture I attended at the University of Milan on the philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce.

Devotional singing is relatively new to me although I experienced it when I attended at the Western Buddhist Order retreats when living in London.

The High Court Division or Court of Session may direct any Magistrate to levy the amount due on a bond to appear and attend at such High Court Division or Court of Session.

What about the recent show you attended at the Conference Centre that started almost 10pm when the advertised time was 7pm? You again wanted to leave had it not been for your friend.

In 4% of cases attend for is used

More women than men attended for screening, representing 18.

And everyone in the bootcamp attended for at least part of the day.

This church was attended for a time from Indiana and Ohio by the Rev.

Later, local children also attended for sessions of Kindergarten and long Day Care.

The NHS Breast Screening Programme invites well women over 47 to attend for breast screening.

Last week I attended for the first time Rich Dad's 3-day seminar and I am excited about it.

The actual all-time Canadian pabuseacy accords you a achievability to attending for anesthetics you are loobaron out for.

Since players only attend for a certain period, time tables need to be allocated and balanced according to these identified goals.

The post which I held for two years only and my church decided to offer me a small course about women leaders which I attended for six (6) months.

In 4% of cases attend with is used

Faustina described the apparition and attended with St.

Faustina described the apparition and attended with Sr.

There are almost certainly places of learning you could attend with zero benefit.

That method has been adopted, but experience has shown that it is attended with some difficulties.

Attending with your film, doing Q &A; sessions, presenting workshops and partying til you drop is all part of the scene.

The angels must attend with love Tiny spirits on wings of doves, The choir of angels must sing lullabies Maybe quieten their tiny cries.

But these, we may observe, are violent and forcible methods of carrying away money, and are in time commonly attended with the transport of people and industry.

Speaking at opening of the Emergency Management Conference in Wellington, Parker regaled those attending with a graphic description of the Christchurch earthquakes.

The event was well attended with Demand Planning, S &OP; and Supply Chain professionals coming to discuss forecasting, sales and operations planning and supply management.

Background image FRANCE, Nice: A woman attends with her dog a mass dedicated to animals at the Saint-Pierre-d'Arene's church on October 7, 2012, in Nice southeastern France.

In 3% of cases attend on is used

Doctors attending on her said on Wednesday that she was out of danger.

Regular failure to attend on the appointed signing day may result in loss of payment.

In contrast, the Bishop of Birmingham attended on 22 occasions but claimed no money.

Some instructors may schedule midterms and final exams that require you to attend on campus.

The Bishop of Liverpool attended on 60 days claiming 15,600 for attendance and 4,220 in expenses.

Bishops can choose to attend on an ad-hoc basis when matters of interest and concern to them are before it.

As seating is limited, children over 12 years of age may only attend on presentation of their own ticket to security staff.

As a student currently on my placement, I think the event went really well and we had hundreds of students attending on the day.

Evening workshops were offered by individual participants and, while optional, were very well attended on both the Thursday and Friday evening.

We'd booked 12 organisations to attend on the day but because the event turned out very popular, there were 15 organisations on the day and some on the waiting list.

In 1% of cases attend as is used

Rapper-actor Common and former NFL star Terrell Owens attended as part of the sellout crowd of 19,060.

This is provided that the BTEA participant is registered and attending as a FULL-TIME student for the repeat year.

After the outbreak of the First World War, Braun was summoned to New York to attend as a witness in a lawsuit regarding a patent claim.

An important point -- In the invitation email, Jeff reports that he was asked whether he'd like to attend as a reporter or as a promoter.

The centre is open to all ages and all abilities and you can attend as an individual, family group or part of a school or corporate body.

Witness fees 140(5) Subsection 109(5) applies with the necessary modifications to every person summoned by the board and who duly attends as a witness.

Chumpol Silapa-archa, deputy prime minister and minister of tourism and sports attended as well as ambassadors, executives from the public and private sectors, and major sponsors.

In 1% of cases attend from is used

The stalls can be set up from 1pm with people attending from 2pm and we aim to finish by 5pm.

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