Prepositions after "assistant"

assistant to, in, at, for or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases assistant to is used

Assistant to Governor of freemen 1622.

An assistant to the secretary of war, John J.

Prior is now assistant to the Seattle Symphony.

As a young man, Faraday served as assistant to Sir Humphry Davy, the great chemist.

He was assistant to the Frenchman L'Enfant who was planning the City of Washington.

In 1787 King George III gave Caroline a 50 per year salary as assistant to William.

The third time that he was there he was assistant to Parreira who had just finished his coaching course in Brasil.

He left the Chicago Daily News from 1924-1926, serving as assistant to the president of the University of Chicago.

John XXIII named him Assistant to the Papal Throne and Roman Count, appointing him to the diocese of Tulle, France.

McGuire is Assistant to the Secretary and Director of the Office of Business Liaison at the Department of Commerce.

In 5% of cases assistant in is used

Arniel wasn't bad when he was assistant in Buffalo.

Watkins, the Agent of the Archdeacon of Brecknock, who acted as Assistant in the vicinity of that town.

In 1881, the twenty-seven-year-old Engelbert Humperdinck became Richard Wagner? s assistant in Bayreuth.

During the summer Darwin acted as assistant in his father's medical practice, treating poor people, children and women.

It is thought that William Charles was born on Norfolk Island, where his father's first posting was as assistant in the hospital there.

Assigned to Japan, he arrived there in 1952 and after language studies served as assistant in Odowara and Katase, then, later as pastor in Hondo and Minoshima.

Her duties ranged from organising bazaars and acting as assistant in the local WSPU shop to ensuring a good turn-out for all-important national demonstrations.

Herbert Nichols, then at Clark, was appointed in 1891 assistant in this part of the work; and Professor Mnsterberg was made director of the laboratory in 1892.

His Grace, Thomas Cardinal Cooray was proud of the new ' Warrior-for-Christ ' and gave him a tough apprenticeship as assistant in the remote parishes of the Diocese.

In 4% of cases assistant at is used

Alexander Stewart was Assistant at this time in the parish.

He was then assistant at an African Welfare Centre and Boarding Master of a Mine School in Mufulira.

He began working as assistant at the Budapest Opera in 1930 and was director of music there from 1934 to 1939.

At one of these meetings Hahn recommended her to Courant and, in 1931 she was appointed as assistant at Gttingen.

The 42-year-old stepped up to take over from his friend after a trophy-ladened four years as assistant at the Nou Camp, and started laying out some of his plans for the future.

In 4% of cases assistant for is used

Paul is currently Assistant for Spirituality to the British Jesuit Provincial.

As assistant for Ted and Hemi, in the following days I did my very best to help collecting GPS data, photos, videos and samples.

CADET Sycara, 92; Sycara &; Navichandra, 92 is a case-based design system that functions as designer? s assistant for mechanical design.

The days were long and tough but again: I was in heaven! Thanks to these two expeditions working as assistant for Ted and Hemi, I learned a lot.

He has since added the head coaching duties of the national U-20 and U-23 teams to his resum, while remaining as assistant for the full national side.

In 1% of cases assistant from is used

Pauli was then appointed to Gttingen as Born ' s assistant from October 1921.

Victor Achi (ordained 1997) and he served the parish as assistant from 1999 to 2000.

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