Prepositions after "assimilate"

"assimilate into" or "assimilate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases assimilate into is used

Jie Han people assimilated into the last major.

This is also how all the new invaders were assimilated into Indian society.

In any case, in order to assimilate, it needs to be obvious what they should assimilate into.

Gemmy says: 05:56pm 26/05/10 It is all very well to say that these women are assimilating into the community.

This led to close alliances between these two groups, with Innu males invariably being assimilated into Mi'kmaq society.

Arab mores themselves, moreover, changed as the Arabs adopted the ways of the conquered peoples and were assimilated into their new environments.

They had waved goodbye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture.

Hungarians are well assimilated into the Central European millieu and most modern Hungarians are physically indistinguishable from their Slavonic, Romanian and Germanic neighbours.

For the original Atlantean genetic factors were being progressively assimilated into the developing Egyptian character and thus less and less evident or distinguishable, or god like.

That great collective personhood is the Holy Being in which our achievements and failures are gathered up, assimilated into the fabric of being, and carried forward into new possibilities.

In 19% of cases assimilate to is used

Abu Bakr did not assimilate to this thought.

The congenialities that bind us to others ever assimilate to the qualities of our own nature.

It was funny watching QandA one night when this topic came up and some guy in the audience said Muslims don't assimilate to the Australian culture.

Anglos have assimilated to the cultures entering the country so it's only fair that those bringing the culture also try to find some middle ground.

The crucial question for an unwhite America is what Hispanics will do -- whether they will assimilate to white values or expect to be cared for by the government.

In 13% of cases assimilate with is used

Did you assimilate with aboriginal people's culture.

Assimilate with the grater society, after all you are a migrant in their country.

I have no interest in trying to re-enter the workplace or even trying to assimilate with society.

In 12% of cases assimilate by is used

This tends to lower pH as ammonium ions are assimilated by duckweed.

There was also once Iltorobo section but was assimilated by other sections.

Likewise, we have known since Freud's time that insight, if it is accepted and assimilated by the client, is therapeutic.

I know Irish people all over the world who touch down in a new country and within weeks try to assimilate by finding their own, that's not for me right now.

In 10% of cases assimilate in is used

The government of Nigeria should do something about it because children can never read and assimilate in a noisy environment.

However, I know firsthand that the skeptical viewpoint can not be heard or assimilated in the New Age and metaphysical community; it is anathema, and that's a shame for every single one of us.

In 2% of cases assimilate from is used

So while most of what NSK assimilate from the outside world is politically charged, the fact that they engage it all on an even plane negates its political clout, sterilising it for NSK production.

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