Prepositions after "assess"

"assess by" or "assess on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases assess by is used

Heartbeat perception was assessed by a discrimination method.

The impairment must be assessed by ACC as at least 10 percent.

All applications for funding are assessed by ACWW Projects Committee.

Therefore, the close agreement of CO assessed by the two methods was not a surprise.

Applicants or students assessed by ITE as being unfit, can be withdrawn from the course.

He was given oxygen therapy at the scene by fire crews and assessed by ambulance personnel.

This learning can be effectively assessed by comparing students ' work to the intended learning outcomes of a course.

All contestants are assessed by independent medical experts before contracts are signed, and again before entering the jungle.

You are assessed by the lender in the normal way and you have to meet the lender's affordability and credit criteria to qualify.

The opportunity given by targeting techniques and technologies should be carefully assessed by organization when choosing partners.

In 16% of cases assess on is used

The tests are designed to assess on merit alone.

Fees will continue to be assessed on a frozen account.

It is also where you'll be assessed on your monthly performance.

The productivity was assessed on the basis of the biomass of the above ground parts.

In the 2-9-1865 assessments, Watson (no given name) was assessed on a hut on Crown land.

IELTS is assessed on a 9-band scale and reports scores both overall and by individual skill.

James Watson, a plasterer, was assessed on an allotment and building at Sorrento, with a nett annual value of 10 pounds, that he owned.

It is, after all, what we reviewers are supposed to do: detach ourselves from the moment and assess on a blank canvas of aroma and taste.

A measured approach to properly assess on what services or apps employees need and how to engage them is the first step in the right direction.

In 1886, Alex Watson was assessed on the hotel whose nett annual value had risen to 52 pounds, perhaps this included a post office and store nearer the pier.

In 12% of cases assess in is used

Depression can be easily assessed in most sufferers.

Ideas are rarely assessed in terms of the common good.

Criterion A must be assessed in a **27;790;TOOLONG situation.

The student must be assessed in a performance/playing situation.

The United States had assessed in 2006 that China was committed to the idea of peaceful development.

The income of an HUF can be assessed in the hands of the HUF alone and not in the hands of any of its members.

Hemorrhagic stroke offers potential approach for treatment, some of which are only now being assessed in clinical trials.

Leads will subsequently be assessed in PDAC and EOC cell line models in order to characterise their mechanism of action in these settings.

That decision is certainly sound, but it only applies to the case where land is assessed in the name of a person other than the true owner.

By the time of the TAR, however, the situation had evolved, and about half the coupled GCMs assessed in the TAR did not employ flux adjustments.

In 8% of cases assess against is used

Assessment Students will be assessed against four criteria: A.

Entrants are assessed against the leading management framework.

Liberty is a qualified right that has to be assessed against the social context in which it is operating.

Any organisation wishing to train CAs must sign up to, and be assessed against the ICAI's training regulations.

The point of independence is that funding proposals are assessed against an objective measure, so pet projects do nt get priority.

Assessed against all the key green tests set out by commentators this morning, the spending review has either passed or deferred judgment until a later date.

Candidates will be assessed against the NAO's competencies (which can be found in the ' Competencies and qualifications ' section of this Employer Insight) during the day.

However, despite these complications, it is hoped a traditional approach to Article 8 will be taken on appeal and the issue of damages then assessed against a legally sound backdrop.

The cost of such examination shall be assessed against the person examined and no portion thereof shall thereafter be reimbursed to it directly or indirectly by the controlled insurer.

In 8% of cases assess for is used

This is to assess for possible spread in more detail.

You will be assessed for Jobseeker's Benefit as a part-time worker.

In order to get your friend off the deeds and mortgage you will need to be assessed for a mortgage in your own right.

The Government and the water regulator have yet to work out the details of how householders will be assessed for bills over a two-year period.

One in three amphibians, one in four mammals, one in eight birds and 70% of plants so far assessed for its Red Lists Threatened Species are believed.

Also, all grants received in respect of a second level course of education are assessed for Rent Allowance and Mortgage Interest Supplement purposes.

An average productivity was assessed for each of the series, calculated on the basis of the average biomass established from the biomass of the 4 plots of the series.

If we expand the boundaries of system 1 a little, we see a system of processes by which scientific experiments are assessed for how they manage the risks they pose to be public.

In its January 2009 response to the consultation 12, the government invited nominations for sites to be assessed for their suitability for the deployment of new nuclear power stations by 2025.

In 4% of cases assess at is used

Safety and efficacy were assessed at 48 weeks.

ASTEP will be a two-year transitional programme; students will be assessed at the beginning and throughout the programme.

Just follow the movement and to generate ideas, while about 15 minutes, with the idea of ordering or to assess at this stage.

The forage yield on these sandhill ranges is more stable than the upland hardlands, and therefore the sandhill ranges are assessed at much higher values.

Assessing damages in case of anticipatory breach may be more difficult, because the rule that damages should be assessed at time of? refusal to accept ' may not apply.

By contrast the dangers are multivalent, and the range and extent of human rights violations in Turkey can be assessed at a glance on the website of Human Rights Watch, among others.

In 4% of cases assess with is used

All external contract work is assessed with respect to potential conflicts of interest.

Medical eligibility was assessed with a health status checklist designed for our study.

All three variables were assessed with established measures adapted from previous literatures.

Finally, the risk of depression was assessed with the Centre for Epidemiologic Studies depression scale (CES-D).

Internal consistency was assessed with Cronbach's alpha, which was calculated using data from the baseline visit.

If the HCPs are deviant from the normb overall, then under pressure from management the HCPs have to assess with that in mind.

It is recommended that in the future civics be assessed with the same frequency as mathematics, science, reading, or any other core subject.

In 3% of cases assess as is used

I chose the topic to assess as to how Batra Theatre can increase its profitability and sales.

An application that does not meet all of the rules must be assessed as part of a development application.

ASIO stated in August that none of the asylum seekers it had checked since 1999 had been assessed as a security risk.

Typically a purchase to let mortgage is assessed as a percentage of rental earnings, which should really equate to no less than 125% in the mortgage repayments.

In 3% of cases assess from is used

You are assessed from the moment you walk into a GD hall.

Assessing from the leaks even LLRC seems to have conveniently and miserably failed establish the facts straight.

More information on this programme can be assessed from the website of Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana click here.

Steve #2 08:31 am Jul 25 2012 I now think that all public access buildings should be CLOSED until they are completely assessed from top to bottom.

A crucial point to note is the fact that the value of rental earnings will need to be assessed from the exact same surveyor who conducts the mortgage valuation.

In 2% of cases assess through is used

Section 508 compliance can be assessed through government acquisition and also has detailed standards to which products can be adapted.

There is a disconnect between civilisations and some clues are assessed through fossils found deep under and between sedimentary layers.

Attention and listening can be assessed through clinical observation during assessment of understanding of language or while the child is at play.

These competencies will be assessed through the application process -- read the ' Applications tips ' section of this Employer Insight for more on how this happens.

Concussion was appropriately assessed through a clinical examination and a battery of simple neuropsychological tests incorporating measures of orientation and memory.

In 1% of cases assess before is used

Close them all &; get them fully assessed before people can re-enter them.

Meanwhile, those that see consequences of an action (ripple effect, butterfly effect, chain reaction) will assess before acting.

The cause of incontinence should be assessed before a urinary catheter is inserted to manage the problem (Box 2 ), and the reasons for catheterisation should always be recorded.

In 1% of cases assess during is used

Conditions will be assessed during the late spring thaw.

In 1% of cases assess along is used

Questions related to the accessibility and coherence of the annotations, validation of the annotations, and the economics of the process will have to be carefully assessed along the way.

In 1% of cases assess according is used

They were also assessed according to PRTM's Supply Chain Maturity Matrix, which is based on SCOR.

In 1% of cases assess to is used

In such case if the owner becomes insolvent, the taxes can be wholly defeated until the mortgage is foreclosed and the property assessed to a new owner.

Additionally, in many states, a house owned by a married couple, where one partner dies, is not considered an addition of property to the surviving owner, so no taxes are assessed to sole ownership.

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