Prepositions after "assemble"

"assemble in", "assemble by" or "assemble at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases assemble in is used

People are assembled in the hall, which holds 2,000.

However, it also includes items assembled in the USA.

It's still the same on the molecular level, but assembled in the sequence you want.

Painting instruction manual Assembly The TARDIS is assembled in the following order.

Haven for children It was there that most of the children assembled in the evenings.

The Hindus should assemble in larger number and remain well prepared with their arms and ammunition for a showdown.

Over two hundred members assembled in the South Dalziel Studios for the historic inaugural General Meeting of the Society.

The cabin was disassembled after this photo was taken, and shipped to Alpine, Texas, where it was reassembled in the owner's backyard.

In 14% of cases assemble at is used

We will assemble at the Garden of remembrance at 12.

People assemble at appointed times, and they offer prayers.

The night before, I told the guys to assemble at the hotel lobby.

The Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras were designed, developed and assembled at JPL.

The men of Greece assembled at Aulis to sail for Troy, leaving their homes, families and country.

Beginning on 4 October the lift for the Wonsan invasion was assembled at the two Korean ports of embarkation.

In the event, though, the various statesmen who assembled at the Convention in 1787 had a fairly clear mandate for change.

According to Ishida, the company is increasing the level of local components in its diesel engine assembled at the Indian plant.

The contestants were directed to assemble at the mouth of an old fire bridge, where they were subjected to their first challenge.

It was assembled at the Pantex plant in Amarillo, Texas and was not capable of nuclear yield, as it contained no special nuclear materials.

In 13% of cases assemble by is used

It was assembled by hand at Jobs's parents ' house and sold for $666.

They are a team that has literally been assembled by multiple dumpster dives.

More tonnage was urgently required and was being hastily assembled by Captain William R.

Like all of the decorations, each individual component has to be found in nature and then assembled by hand.

It was assembled by Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records, and Lenny Kaye, later lead guitarist for the Patti Smith Group.

This is the product of the work of Dr Peter Phillips and his technical team that was assembled by then Finance Minister Audley Shaw.

Paige and Leslie taught feminine hygiene and handed out washable, reusable kits assembled by Days For Girls and our own OA volunteers.

In this case it's Alegrium's collection of more than 400 icons, assembled by category and difficulty and set loose for you to identify.

But in the end, it was perhaps the political machine assembled by the Senate leader Harry Reid for his campaign two years ago that gave Mr.

The work I read was generally impressive, carefully assembled by capable writers and much of it as good as work I'd recently seen in book form.

In 8% of cases assemble from is used

They can go out and make sense of all this great crowd of pilgrims assembling from every nation in Jerusalem.

The puzzles could be purchased separately or assembled from a set of 56 Tantrix tiles by selecting the appropriate tiles.

The knowledge of the world that I can assemble from my superior abilities with scent and sound leaves me panting at what he does not understand.

In any case he became a part of the Lonsdale Force, assembled from the remnants of the 1st, 3rd, 11th Battalions and the 2nd South Staffordshires.

Not only is this Life created from various auto/biographical strands, but it also encompasses various notions of Self, assembled from a range of temporal locations.

Campbell's car is assembled from the chassis of a BMW M3 built on the E36 platform, with an evolution VIII engine which runs through a six-speed sequential gear box.

In 6% of cases assemble on is used

In February 1798 Napoleon inspected his new command, the French army assembled on the Channel coast awaiting the planned invasion of Great Britain.

It was one of the largest flotillas ever assembled on the river, with rowed boats, working boats and pleasure vessels of all shapes and sizes beautifully dressed and turned out in their finest rigs.

In 5% of cases assemble for is used

With Nottingham Castle standing sentry, spectators gathered to witness riders assembling for the sign on and start.

Declaring a winner before all contestants had finished might have deprived some contestants (myself included) of a chuck, so half a dozen of us assembled for a ' mass chuck '.

In 3% of cases assemble before is used

Building begins next year with the modules assembled before being shipped.

And they can't protest also and also they can't assemble before a court house.

In 3% of cases assemble under is used

The office and four Astronauts share a large canopy area and the cows assemble under that canopy to have a feed (Figure 3) and a drink as they wait their turn.

For a time the Germans in New York assembled under his care in a disused Baptist place of worship at the corner of Delancey and Pitt Streets, and afterwards, when the lease expired, in St.

In 3% of cases assemble with is used

A similar list could not be assembled with Democratic officials making like statements.

What can you tell us about the set you put together for us? It is a raw minimalistic and live assembled with a bunch of machines at the Restoration headquarters in one single day.

In 2% of cases assemble into is used

They proved so popular they were assembled into a single book and published in hardcover form by Simon &; Schuster in 1926.

The syntax is the way that these words are used, the rules of grammar that enable words to be correctly assembled into sentences.

The fact that hearing that bell seems like magic to most students should tip us off: they think writing is blocks of information mechanically assembled into grammatical and, one hopes, elegant prose.

In 1% of cases assemble through is used

Health data assemble through a Health Impact Assessment can help us to make places that support healthier individuals.

In 1% of cases assemble to is used

So spread this far and wide, because the more weak ties we assemble to more everyone benefits.

From assembling to testing your own beast of a machine, we will be there by your side to ensure that you get the system you love.

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