Prepositions after "aspire"

"aspire to" or "aspire for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases aspire to is used

We all aspire to doing more with less.

We weren't afraid to aspire to making pop music.

Horse live in the way that we can only aspire to.

Your content material should also be combined with the individuals will aspire to article.

The worldwide financial crisis merely reflects what we are rather than what we aspire to be.

In most cases, companies aspire to the latter but, in the execution, don't always make it a reality.

Those companies are aberrant freaks, not something that mere mortals should aspire to without any hope of ever achieving.

Hence, you need to portray an image of a role model for the values, norms and behaviors that your client is aspiring to.

Countries that could aspire to Olympic success in Rugby include Fiji, Samoa, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya and New Zealand.

Former President Rawlings charged the new leaders to be original and progressive in their approach and aspire to distinction.

In 17% of cases aspire for is used

Will you use it? To aspire for leadership is an honourable ambition.

Prestige, privileges, and perquisites might consume most of those aspiring for the August house.

What we call commonweal or social peace is the happiness or the peace that the individual aspires for.

By having a vivid look at your net worth of assets, you are able to determine what you need to aspire for by saving.

No you just in case you did not know that Balozi Orie Rogo Manduli is aspiring for the senatorial seat in Trans Nzoia.

Those who aspire for wealth, passion, for life and other gifts that the material world has to offer, naturally invoke Lakshmi or the Sun.

Their reign at number one will depend, as it always has with teams that aspire for greatness, on how the bowlers adapt to different conditions.

Those who aspire for power, immortality and strength, will invoke those forms of the feminine which are referred to as tamas, like Kali or Mother Earth.

In 4% of cases aspire towards is used

Call me lacking substance, but it's a lifestyle to aspire towards.

In 1% of cases aspire after is used

And a man who aspires after that can not afford to keep out of any field of life.

In 1% of cases aspire at is used

One is a manifestation of crude art aspiring at an architectural scale; the other seeks architecture-as-art and harmony between content, container and context.

In 1% of cases aspire in is used

It aspires in bringing the best look a girl could ever have through its unique designs.

In 1% of cases aspire of is used

Teaching as a profession is becoming more popular among students who aspire of being a teacher.

In 1% of cases aspire through is used

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they aspire through their professional work to contribute to the public good in their country or region, or on a global basis.

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