Prepositions after "ask"

"ask for" or "ask about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases ask for is used

Ask for information in writing.

I'd just asking for your ideas.

Asking for cut rate isn't evil.

Anyway fobbed him off with being busy and asked for his phone number which he gave me.

A few people asked for some kind of interactive forum for people to discuss the music.

Producer after producer on news programmes called asking for pro- and anti-GM guests.

Only then did she start asking for separate accommodation (and by that time, she was about to have baby number 3!).

I asked for the telephone number of the depot to check the package was there and get the address to collect it from.

He clicked on it and the pp up asked for an email, He put in the email and was taken to ntellectual, already set up.

What is the amount of money a company needs -- and why? Be realistic when it comes to how much money you will ask for.

In 17% of cases ask about is used

And don't ask about my age, im 15.

Nobody once asked about how I felt.

When the interlocutor asks about a 3.

I'ts impossible to tell I'd asking about the number of active people involved only.

For the person asking about evidence go over there, meet the kids read the articles.

Further ask about his or her hobbies and interests to see if you have things in common.

Tourists are always advised to ask about the deducted commission and charges before proceeding with the transaction.

Corbin Knight was asked about his impressions of his team's play in the second exhibition game to start the season.

Still need to see McQuaid and Verbruggen go, Nike dump Wonderboy, and serious questions asked about the Livestrong.

There may indeed be questions to be asked about whether the police acted swiftly enough and all that kind of thing.

In 5% of cases ask by is used

We have been asked by Mr Morrison to.

She said she was asked by corporate J.

In addition, the Gracies were soon asked by the U.

He also refused to disclose how much he earned when asked by Independent TD Shane Ross.

The question was certainly not a dj vu feeling of what I was asked by TL a few days ago.

Within hours, it was impossible to find; gold dust would have been an easier ask by comparison.

She kept silent the entire time and only nodded in approval when asked by her employer if she was certain about quitting.

When Waqar was asked by The Express Tribune why he did not show up at NUST on Thursday, he said that the plan had changed.

I was asked by Cov House to make calls to his mother &; brother, because I tend toward the stoic in these situations, I guess.

When specifically asked by Pilate if His kingdom was physical, Jesus told Pilate that His kingdom was spiritual, not physical.

In 3% of cases ask in is used

I have asked in the past and he never responds.

I would ask in the Mantano (http: **34;6880;TOOLONG.

They even ask in our bank where we have a joint account.

If we ask in oil and other studies, then we need the same money trail in climate science.

Willard was asked in Apocalypse Now if he did a job that involved killing a tax collector.

The practice test contains sample questions similar to those asked in the citizenship test.

Second, comparisons are made between the results of identical questions asked in the standard and high-effort surveys.

That's because the question is asked in a superficial way which doesn't engage people with their obvious consequences.

We went downstairs and found another member of staff, and just asked her how we could ask in Vietnamese for a train ticket.

Fill me with the Holy Spirit as You commanded me to be filled, and as You promised in Your Word that You would do if I asked in faith.

In 3% of cases ask of is used

If he asks of Me, I give to him.

It's a lot to ask of a lot of people.

I will not be asked of his situation.

Norton Internet Security 2012 does virtually everything you could ask of it -- and then some.

Islam does not ask of the women to stay at home, have children, and be limited to raising them.

Its a lot to ask of a composer, but ARR does it all the time, so its not an unfair expectation.

The best thing that be asked of people locked in conflict is to remember that people on the other side are human too.

Questions should be asked of David Gill regarding his future if United do not fill the void left by Ronaldo and Tevez.

Our prayers often ask of things we would want, but they do not reflect what we need according to His plan for our lives.

Find out more about Final Journeys HERE ' What Happens Next? ' is a question often asked of staff by patients and relatives.

In 1% of cases ask at is used

For directions to Cecina, ask at the tourist office.

I was asked at the interview if I could speak Cantonese.

She said to look for the Oool House on the right and ask at the counter.

Please note I will not be held responsible if those questions are not being asked at all.

Live music performances happen from time to time; call or ask at the crafts shop for a schedule.

But not all hospitals offer this - I asked at United Christian where I delivered and they said no private rooms at all.

With this perspective in mind, the authors survey research regarding the four questions asked at the outset of this review.

If u know her schedule it would be best, just in case u ask at a wrong time and she's not free and u mistaken it as rejection.

That is how I read it, I ask at a China Sea race skippers meeting and it was explained any info that was publicly available was ok.

In 1% of cases ask from is used

That's all anyone could ask from a critic.

This is what She asked from all Her children.

That's what you need to ask from the hosting company.

From Hanwella you will have to ask from some one the road to Giridara as it is a bit complex junction.

Well, I suppose it's too much to ask from the same people who think a moat is legitimate work expense.

He hears us whenever we ask him; and since we know this is true, we know also that he gives us what we ask from him.

Lately, Mikel started keeping the ball better than before but still it's not what is asked from him, he just slows down the game.

What more can you ask from a smartphone? What? s more? This incredible handset also has the capability to connect with the TV &; then play videos on it.

Anuradhapura is a very difficult place to find the correct road as it has so many roundabouts it's always better to ask from somebody before taking a wrong decision.

What we ask from you is your commitment to stand with those around you to help us restore this nation to her rightful place in history, both that written and that yet to be told.

In 1% of cases ask on is used

Again, we may ask on what basis they make the judgement.

It's a fair question and it's been asked on more than one occasion.

Still, Colin gave the best practical advice: ask on the alsa-devel mailing list.

Boxing icon Mohamad Ali (cassius Clay) was asked on UK TV if he was racist and he said yes.

Grant Shapps, the housing minister, was asked on Sky this morning if he supported the proposal.

Clara hurriedly went down stairs to check on her father - Gary and then asked on why he got so mad.

Being so pissed, Alvira and Amante fought and so Alvira went to see Lupe David (Gina Pareo) to ask on what she knew again.

He can be asked on the command of Qazi to earn money through labour or service to meet the responsibility fallen upon him.

I was asked on Reddit to fill in some details, and though I was not OP, I delivered: It was Sunday at Austin Wizard World Con.

Senussi, who is based in London, was asked on a previous occasion about the prospect of re-establishing the monarchy in Libya.

In 1% of cases ask to is used

He says he was asked to reenlist.

It was asked to me a thousand times already.

You will, however, be asked to choose a streamed.

So you must have the guts to take chances, because with no risk there is no gain! If asked to.

I doubt I've ever seen them and I doubt I would ever see them even if I asked to, which I won't.

It got more farcical when 3,000 people were asked to hand their synchronised swimming tickets back.

I told them I didn't have a great deal of confidence in receiving a call from the depot and asked to speak to a supervisor.

He was asked to hand over the footage of the speeches in which abusive language was used for Pakistani government officials.

He had known General Eisenhower for many years and had been asked to leave his business in Boston to help with the campaign.

I took as much pride in the compliments that I was asked to convey to her in the kitchen as if I had prepared the food myself.

In 1% of cases ask with is used

Karma Yoga? I asked with surprise.

I suggested that we go off and have coffee rather than ask with some vague future meeting i.

Aww, I knew you'd come around! Once they're inside, Man-ok asks with a smile what he'd like to drink.

Both the types of questions are to be asked with not less than fifteen clear days ' notice, given in writing.

The question was asked with the intent of initiating wood collection for survival in winter in an extremely cold area.

We can group them into still more sets of objects, and then ask with which relative frequencies various attributes occur in these sets.

And it is always asked with such a condescending tone -- there is no doubt that the question is not really a question, but an attempt to point out the ' failing ' they see in the person in question.

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