Prepositions after "articulate"

"articulate in" or "articulate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases articulate in is used

The few leaders left alive have not been able to articulate in one voice either an agenda or leverage their political strength.

On the other hand, there must be coordinated action, articulated in steps and phases, aimed at the conquest and redetermination of state power.

She's a true-blue authority on the subject of written communication, and her points are always articulated in a way that makes everyone at ease.

But, these suspicions are being articulated in a muted form and not from the roof-top so that they do not come in the way of the improving bilateral vibrations.

A Mantra (this is a Sanskrit word) means a talismanic combination of letters which produce an effect of their own when they are articulated in the requisite manner.

Part of that shared value system was a deep-rooted belief in social and economic mobility -- a belief powerfully articulated in the presidency of Barack Obama, the biracial son of a single mom.

In 32% of cases articulate by is used

In other words, a return to the test as articulated by Williamson J.

Conversely a view contradictory to Mill was articulated by J F Stephen.

Section 24(2) exclusion Applying the recently reformulated principles articulated by the Supreme Court in R.

It has been articulated by Prime Minister David Cameron, but is linked to ideas across the political spectrum.

I do not agree with him for reasons, again, already highlighted and brilliantly articulated by Sethi and Saleem.

It is well written with liberal doses of the black humour peculiar to Belfast people and adroitly articulated by one of it's wittiest writers.

That understanding is being articulated by some enlightened Westerners, among whom is Martin Jacques, author of the acclaimed When China Rules The World.

It is likely that the government's position will be on lines articulated by External Affairs Minister G L Peiris during his recent visit to the United States.

Although their responses seem awkward, they are still centred upon an official version of the American Dream that was shared and articulated by all Latino respondents.

In 7% of cases articulate to is used

While it doesn't always hold true, a lot of the time value hasn't been articulated to the customer.

Noticing and trying to articulate to yourself (or others) how it does what it does becomes part of the experience of reading it.

Dannii: No, not though articulate to Jax to see where he's during with it all! She could have talked to him again about it first.

In view of the proliferation of associate degree holders, it is likely that before long more students will want to articulate to a full degree.

In 4% of cases articulate about is used

They articulated about their roles as mothers -- Michelle as the mother of two young daughters and Ann as the mother of five boys and a grandmother of several grandchildren.

There was nothing much noble or well articulated about the riots - but people in government and business recognised that they were a response to a situation that had to be addressed and remedied.

In 3% of cases articulate like is used

There are 2 parts to the house connected by a bridge and with four quarters articulated like a pavilion.

When you think of the authentic black occupation, isn't it working on a farm? Also, I don't sound all white and articulate like Obama.

In 2% of cases articulate for is used

In three paragraphs you have stated exactly what I've been trying to articulate for some time now.

In 1% of cases articulate against is used

I didn't say it was a guaranteed success -- just trying to articulate against some of the mindless ' oh Lewis is being snubbed at testing ' jibes mclaren get lumbered with.

In 1% of cases articulate instead is used

On our ethnic plurality: Our polarities and diversities should be positively articulated instead of negatively.

In 1% of cases articulate with is used

The notion of ' race ' has been historically articulated with that of black/African diaspora.

In 1% of cases articulate within is used

Kulkarni's messages are too important and complex to be articulated within the confines of conventional journalism.

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