Prepositions after "arrest"

arrest for, in, on, by or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases arrest for is used

He was arrested for putting it online.

Arrested for having sex with a 5 yr old boy.

Arrested for having sex with a 14 yr old boy.

Two females remain in custody and one female was arrested for immigration offences.

A few years ago many Kenyans were arrested for possessing fake social security cards.

Alison's fingerprints later prove she is Patricia and she is arrested for Luke's murder.

They had just ordered lunch when news came through in August 2001 that Lewis had been arrested for drug trafficking.

Life seems perfect for John Brennan until his wife, Lara, is arrested for a gruesome murder she says she didn't commit.

She was arrested for trespass but when she arrived for court, the police advised her that they were dropping the charges.

If they didn't have enough evidence to charge him with the offence he was arrested for then he should have been released.

In 23% of cases arrest in is used

One man was arrested in the area after the incident.

Ruth Wagner Wagner was arrested in Southington, Conn.

Among them, at least 276 were arrested in New York only.

Of them, 93 were arrested in Cox's Bazar, while 73 in Chittagong till Monday morning.

The NDFB leader was arrested in Bangladesh in 2010 and has been charge-sheeted as the.

Blackhorse was with Leonard Peltier in 1976, where they were both arrested in Alberta.

He went on the run and was eventually arrested in June of 1942 (despite standing orders that he be shot on sight).

Zimmerman, who admitted to shooting the teen, said he fired in self-defense and has not been arrested in the case.

Umukoro, who worked for an ex-militia leader and was arrested in 2011 for blowing up an oil pipe, leads one faction.

In 1947 he was again arrested in Britain for violating the terms of his deportation (namely, he returned to Britain).

In 15% of cases arrest on is used

The tears stood arrested on her cheek.

Minick was arrested on suspicion of rape.

Men and women were arrested on all sides.

The former prisoner was then arrested on drugs charges so that Storm was not exposed.

The couple were released on bail and later re-arrested on suspicion of murder in September 2011.

Two men were arrested on June 26 for the murder of Tavon Fredrick, a 35-year-old African-American man.

Russian journalists deemed traitors by the state are routinely beaten, arrested on false charges, and even killed.

A massive manhunt ensued in which Khudiram was arrested on 1st May 1908, Prafulla evaded arrest by shooting himself.

I know from experience myself as a former hunt saboteur who used to get cheerfully arrested on a Saturday afternoon.

Two members of the Church of the Creator, George and Barbara Loeb, were arrested on June 6 and charged with the crime.

In 13% of cases arrest by is used

Mr Singh had been arrested by U.

Arrest by or in presence of Magistrate 65.

Arrest by breach of bond for appearance 92.

Solanki was arrested by the Rajasthan ATS for his alleged role in the Ajmer blast case.

APCLC Joint Secretary Raghunath and former president Laxman were arrested by the police.

In danger of being arrested by the new French government, de Gaulle returned to England.

Upon his rescue, Soucek was arrested by Niagara Parks police and charged with performing a stunt without a license.

An employer does not have power to have an employee arrested by police or to have an employee deported from Ireland.

In each story, anarchic comedy is arrested by moments of pathos, only to descend into anarchy and hilarity once more.

However, this good work was undermined when in June, 1943, both Delestraint and Moulin were both arrested by the Gestapo.

In 5% of cases arrest at is used

Tony Mack was arrested at his Berkeley Avenue home which is currently up for sale.

Nasako Besingi was arrested at the offices of SEFE with three of his collaborators.

In short, America's youth are being arrested at rates that have almost doubled since 1965.

The suspects were arrested at their Ajangbadi hideout on September 23 following a tip-off.

She remains free on $20,000 bail, which was set shortly after she was arrested at the scene.

Another group says that the man was running away from police arrest at the time of his shooting.

In August 2004 he was arrested at his South African home and charged with bankrolling the debacle.

And a fourth suspect was arrested at Myrniong, 80 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, later yesterday.

The leaders of the convention are arrested at the command of the British Administrator, Spencer Salmon.

El-Sharef said four people were arrested at their homes Thursday, but he refused to give any further details.

In 3% of cases arrest after is used

He was also arrested after several shootings.

Hitler invited him to lunch, had him arrested after the dessert.

It would be recalled that Evans was arrested after striking his mother to death with a pestle.

Not only that, information went bouncing around that she was arrested after trying to murder a musician she's not on good grounds with.

He was arrested after a fellow passenger saw him trying to detonate explosives hidden in his shoe on a flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001.

Ms Lawton, who reportedly had the sculpture in a duffle bag, was arrested after getting off a bus to Elkton, Maryland, from her hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

McHale ran away when he saw the Gardai approaching; he was arrested after a chase and while he was in a drunken state, he was very apologetic after his arrest.

Mr Burton was arrested after the police said he was not allowed to speak -- he was arrested for saying ' ladies and gentlemen ' -- which was obstructing a policeman in the execution of his duty.

In 2% of cases arrest under is used

Provisions of sections 47, 48 and 49 to apply to arrest under section 66 67.

Below is another pastor arrested under the disguise of the so called restricted areas.

One of the men arrested under this voided law was a 44-year-old homeless man named Eddie Wise.

He was arrested under the Malicious Communications Act and held in the cells overnight to await questioning.

The youngsters were arrested under provisions of the CrPC and released by a holiday court later in the day, police said.

The attorneys didn't know how many had been wrongly arrested under the void loitering law or whether race had anything to do with it.

The government must make a full and complete disclosure of those killed by the security forces in Operation Greenhunt and those who have killed detained and arrested under the UAPA.

In 2% of cases arrest with is used

She was arrested with 18kgs of cocaine in a bag.

He knew that if he was caught chanting, arrest with torture might follow.

Labour's Richard Harris was arrested with a list of 500 children's names in his possession.

A few days ago, we read in the papers that a 24 year old boy was arrested with over $20 million.

Two of the attackers have been arrested with arms and ammunition, while one of them managed to escape, police said.

She was arrested with 100g of syabu in the bag and the Japanese courts are not convinced that the Iranian man really exist.

It has come to a stage where anybody can be arrested with fabricated charges of being a terrorist, naxalite or an insurgence agent.

Finally, he recommended them to torture and put to death not only Gesco and those arrested with him, but all the Carthaginians they had subsequently taken prisoners.

According to police, as well as the AR-15, which was capable of firing 50 to 60 rounds a minute but jammed, Holmes was arrested with two Glock pistols, a shotgun and 6,000 rounds of ammunition.

In 2% of cases arrest without is used

Procedure when police-officer deputes subordinate to arrest without warrant 56.

The two men were room mates, and officers went to their home, then followed them several blocks to another home, where they were arrested without incident, police said.

In 1% of cases arrest as is used

Initially, he was shown arrested as a suspect under section 54.

Khadr was arrested as a teenager in Afghanistan and has been held at the US prison in Cuba since 2002.

Blue bread Construction engineer Yury Yurkevich, a scion of an ancient branch of a Polish noble family, was arrested as a counterrevolutionary.

Younger members did not want to give up the rights their ancestors had fought for, nor did they want to be arrested as the six captains had been.

The rings are formed, both in the studied mammals and in trees, during the unfavourable seasons when the growth of the organism is arrested as a result of a lack of resources.

In 1% of cases arrest before is used

A search of the police national computer revealed he was wanted for burglary and arson and he was arrested before being released on bail.

The fact that the other guy effectively got 2 years for an opportunistic trespass (he was arrested before stealing anything) also is over the top.

In 1% of cases arrest during is used

The pair has been jailed since May 2, when they were arrested during a sting organized by Wonder's attorney and Los Angeles police.

Majority of these prisoners were arrested during the Swat operation and in operations against militants in both tribal and settled areas.

In 1% of cases arrest from is used

According to some unconfirmed reports, he was arrested from Laki Marwat, KPK on March 11th this year, but there are no official statements about it.

A sit-in demonstration was organized on 8th April- police forcefully arrested 67 people and again on 9th April, 114 student protestors were arrested from College Street.

Fasih's name, the police claim, had cropped up during the interrogation of Gauhar Aziz Khomani, one of the six alleged IM operatives arrested from Chennai's Selaiyur last year.

In 1% of cases arrest outside is used

Reverend Jesse Jackson joined with the workers in the march, but he and thirteen others were arrested outside the plant.

In 1% of cases arrest over is used

I learned from you last week that he was the first guy arrested over the G20 fence.

The Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM) group has said it is wrong that 319 workers were arrested over picketing for wage increases and better working conditions.

In 1% of cases arrest to is used

Person arrested to be brought before Court without delay 81.

Did you know there is still a 100 year law in place that any woman who is not covered from ankle to neck at Brighton Beach in Melbourne that they can get arrested to indecent exposure.

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