Prepositions after "armed"

armed with, to, by, for or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases armed with is used

Then vote armed with the facts.

Go armed with as much knowledge.

Each missile was armed with a 1.

I highly recommend this as you really need to be armed with ways to relax the muscle.

Good luck! Armed with Wings 3 Third part from Armed With Wings Series is finally here.

Nine has not been immune although it can now compete armed with a strong balance sheet.

This is one of the main reasons along with scale and proportion that we need to shop armed with a furniture layout.

Jason and Chris too ranked up, with Jason becoming an Assault character and Chris getting armed with a Sniper Rifle.

It is armed with a 62kg blast fragmentation warhead initiated by a dual-mode radar proximity fuze, or a contact fuze.

They come armed with angle grinders and mini diggers, and will saw through barriers and dig through a bund or a bank.

In 4% of cases armed to is used

This switches LNAV and VNAV from armed to active.

And it was in Texas, so everyone walks around armed to the teeth.

This in spite of the fact that you're running around armed to the teeth.

I'd afraid a lot of us had a cowboy complex as we rode along armed to the teeth.

An alternative route (local route ), note the flood plain near Armed to the right.

In peace and prosperity, a man without armed to the teeth, they must be armed to the crotch.

Whether your armed to the teeth or not you never want to be the lone wolf in a zombie encounter.

As I mentioned above, I think you would find yourself most at home with Afghan warlords who have similar opinions about their freedom to go around armed to the teeth in private armies.

In 3% of cases armed by is used

I think I have been strong armed by the IRS LOL.

In some states, free and slave blacks were disarmed by law to maintain their servile condition.

It protects only members of a state militia, and it protects them only against being disarmed by the federal government.

Parliament was also alarmed by the prospect that the King's Catholic brother, the Duke of York, would succeed to the throne.

This was specially noticeable in Union County, where all the negro population were disarmed by the sheriff only a few months ago under the order of the judge.

Many want to see the Libyan Rebels armed by the US or any country because they want to see Libyans depose Gaddafi, however, there are many risks with this strategy.

Anti-imperialist armed by Imperialism? Oil is of course only part of the story of Gaddafi's improving relationships with the imperialist powers prior to the rebellion.

In 3% of cases armed for is used

Sometimes, yes, she would go armed for the same reasons.

As you know, you need to go armed for the tantrum throwing demands of the terrible twos.

Should you be scouring regarding one career that armed for a long period after that resort management can be perfect for you.

To the Christian armed for defense in battle, the apostle recommends only one; but it is enough, the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Arjuna is told by his chariot driver Krishna, who is really the god Vishnu in human form, that: ? Even without you, all the soldiers standing armed for battle will not stay alive.

The parliamentarian parties are not just creating hurdles for surface secessionist parties but also for armed groups which are fighting with armed for the independence of Balochistan.

He continues to be exposed, none the less, to the assaults of the evil principle; and in order to assert his freedom, which is perpetually being attacked, he must ever remain armed for the fray.

In 2% of cases armed into is used

Yet walking armed into a prison did not seem like a good idea to Puller, authorized or not.

In fact, the poorer eighty per cent of the world is strong armed into selling its produce to us at prices so low that they are effectively giving us charity.

The Catholic Hospital Association defied opposition from bishops but was eventually strong armed into toeing the anti contraceptive line in June after vociferous debate; Catholics United remain firm.

In 1% of cases armed against is used

On the other hand, death is initiated by a life of action, rushing armed against a sea of troubles -- a pretty hopeless project, if you think about it.

In 1% of cases armed at is used

Where were our panthers standing armed at the polls? Our poll watchers were being thrown out by the panthers ' errand boys.

In 1% of cases armed before is used

All your men of valor shall cross over armed before your brothers, the people of Israel.

In 1% of cases armed in is used

Galling to be lectured to by the Germans like this, and perhaps being humiliatingly strong armed in this direction.

Also, just showing up armed in a situation like that, apart from all the other issues, is an enormous glaring red flag.

You need to consider what kind of person comes to someones house armed in the middle of the night because they didn't get a text message.

In 1% of cases armed of is used

Armed of these elements the environment inside and outside of the classroom it will give good fruits.

Political parties, religious political or non political organizations, all armed of the government, even legal.

His enlightened thinking led to superior products being used by the US army in the war, and meant that the US soldier was one of the best fed, clothed and armed of the war.

Armed of these to know elementary, the fruits they will be harvested in such a way on the part of the professor who will be reaching its objectives how much to the learning.

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