Prepositions after "apt"

"apt for" or "apt in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases apt for is used

He was apt for the role of Achilles.

Apt for occasions like parties, this.

I think this proposal is apt for them.

Silly lessons from her, or from kindergarten or Noah, are not really apt for good minds.

And, like many an ideal, it proved apt for corruption, cheap commercialism and betrayal.

It's like looking at the equivalent of an interior monologue -- very apt for a novelist.

The mining sector here is opening up and you may have generic, replicable skills and competencies most apt for mining.

While this does not penetrate the rind, the fruit looks unsightly on the outside and may not seem apt for consumption.

On your one to ten points scale then either one or zero seems apt for every section that you want your readers to score.

To prove that he is apt for any kind of roles, NTR has done different genres like Yama Donga and Brindavanam in between.

In 18% of cases apt in is used

None of them are apt in the least.

It seems strangely apt in this debate.

UCHC acquired 100% of APT in June 2010.

Alot of places show the nicest apt in the building but it won't be the one you move into.

Something so obvious staring in my face (yours as well perhaps?) suddenly leapt in my face.

Maclear's instincts are apt in leav-en-ing her poten-tially dark tale with dashes of humour.

Given the location (1068m above sea level ), the maxim ' what goes up must come down ' is particularly apt in this situation.

Dr Annuar also said such stalls would sharpen the Bumiputera community entrepreneurship skills and make them apt in doing business.

These weavers who had been practising this craft for generations were apt in this field long before the craft became famous in Europe.

To get useful responses, the questionnaires not only have to be apt in terms of the questions, but also have to be implemented effectively.

In 13% of cases apt to is used

Well, I am apt to side with Ross on this one.

Hope your apt today goes well in the hospital.

If you feel good, you are more apt to think well.

When you aren't in pain you are more apt to exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Others who function as your SPSs adapt to your particular needs, desires and predilections.

This saying is apt to the situation of all Nigerians living and working in foreign countries.

I think it is fantastic that the amount of baby boomers in increasing and shows a willingness to adapt to current times.

The healthful restraint always existing between boys and girls in conversation is apt to be relaxed with either sex alone.

In truth any supposed distinction is more apparent than real and the debate is apt to degenerate into an issue of semantics.

Telling people that they are more apt to moral failings because of their religious beliefs is horribly arrogant and offensive.

In 6% of cases apt at is used

A hint is apt at this juncture.

Someone apt at the bicentenary of his birth.

Mature, equally apt at attacking and defending.

One need to be grossly caste &; religion biased and apt at making money to be successful.

What if you are not apt at writing? This does not mean that you can not have good content.

If the government is not apt at solving problems FUTA and IUSF can vote for JVP/UNP come next election.

Which leads to the following poem -- a poem set in winter, not mid-autumn, but one that seems apt at this time of year.

The TNA is more in touch with the nuances of the local politics and quite apt at dabbling in it, than anyone in the diaspora.

Although reasonably apt at maths, I simply can not reconcile the official rate of inflation with what is going on in my life.

Finally, any answer to this topic will be layered in naive generalisations but since that's something I'd apt at, I thought I'd give it a go.

In 3% of cases apt with is used

Name: Nana Always apt with responses.

We had our first apt with SIMS yesteray.

I think I'd going to make the apt with the new doctor.

I took him to the ER and told them we could not get an apt with the Dr (that way I got out of the $100.

I have found these remarks apt with regard to the challenges of leadership and those in life generally.

Do you really thnik 5-6 lacs a builder would have incurred by building one more bedroom in the APT with some some Sq.

I have a 2 bed apt with a high mortgage and if I had trouble paying it I'd get in a flatmate to help with the burden.

I live in a bachelor apt with my daughter and boyfriend so its cluttered and theres not much I can do about the clutter.

Well today I had my apt with my therapist, and she gave me some ideas on different therapies she believes may be helpful for me.

In 2% of cases apt as is used

The example of SCO is apt as the case is still in court.

Kind of apt as the plan is to keep things very fresh but with a real edge to what we're doing.

Ajay Devgn is fabulous as ' Sardaar ' and Sonakshi, (though a Bihari ), looks apt as a Sardarni.

Which I thought was quite apt as the poeople who seem to be more vocal and judgemental are the people without.

The choice of venue couldn't be more apt as the Big Dome has hosted numerous global icons in the past and has been the Philippine home of foreign acts for decades.

The logic for this investigation was that if a parsimonious APT can explain these differences, then using the APT as an empirical replacement for the CAPM would be more reliable.

In 2% of cases apt on is used

Not everyone understands the control of a good apt on the shoes just for running.

This, she said, may be a clich but it certainly was apt on this occasion, when Sr.

As is apt on Hallowe'en, a spirit from the past has risen up to try and give us all a scare.

In fact, Phillip Emeagwali, a Nigerian-American computer whiz kid was more apt on his roots.

Obtaining LAME using APT on the command line Behind the scenes, Synaptic uses a program called APT.

Deploying the language of Mendelsshon is apt on this subject as he is my guide to most things human.

It's apt on many accounts, but nowhere as blatant as in the economy and its close kin, the financial markets.

This is the first of two articles by Mitchell &; Selmes in APT on patient engagement and retention in treatment.

They also explained the testability of the APT on subsets, and explored the relationship between the APT and the CAPM.

The slot machine when you die is actually quite apt on a number of levels, as it sums up the way Jetpack Joyride was designed.

In 1% of cases apt after is used

As for Cardiff Blues, their name is apt after a poor start to the campaign.

Suddenly being dubbed icddr, b's ' cholera warriors ' by journalists seemed very apt after all.

The comparison seemed even more apt after the former four-star general's resignation from the CIA.

In 1% of cases apt considering is used

The film is rather apt considering this week's presidential elections and the state of the world economy.

Although this may prove frustrating for some, this narrative obliqueness is entirely apt considering the era in which the film is set.

Built in a Cape Dutch style, The Manor is reminiscent of a smart farmstead which is quite apt considering its location on the 1500 acre, Shangri-La Coffee Estate.

It's kind of apt considering videogamers are fiends for consumer choices that elevate button mashing challenges to higher ideals like freedom and patriarchy, etc.

Moreover, the makers are pretty confident about the manner in which ' Talaash ' is being brought before the audience and feel that the promotion is just apt considering the genre that it belongs to.

In 1% of cases apt of is used

Fate I think is the most apt of descriptions.

We were five adults so we rent APT of Hillview Inn.

The flower game example though, I think, was the most apt of the three.

So the less there is in the apt of that nature, the less there will be for you to have to repair or replace over time.

But the comparison to a religious temple of some kind was the more apt of the two, for the little room was crowded with relics.

In agreement with this, the Great Mother may be identified in chapter 143 as Apt of Nubia, who had a shrine at Nepata on her way to Egypt, Khept, or Khebt 6.

In a text upon a stele among the Egyptian monuments at Dorpat it is said to the worshipper, ' Make adoration to Apt of the dom-palms, to the lady of the two lands.

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