Prepositions after "approve"

"approve by" or "approve of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases approve by is used

His decision was approved by the entire team.

The Court can approve by an order, the removal.

Such actions have to be approved by the courts.

Then they must be re-written by Congress and approved by a majority of the Congress.

You may only Roam outside the Republic of Ireland once you have been approved by us.

The nomination procedures and any amendments thereof shall be approved by the Board.

Condominiums and manufactured residences approved by HUD can also qualify as long as the FHA requirements are met.

Click here for the repellent ingredients that have been reviewed and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Consequently, it's very essential for you, becoming an marketer, to provide so what can be most approved by Facebook.

The loan comes from the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership's Growing Places Fund and was formally approved by.

In 24% of cases approve of is used

Ian Taylor approves of the system.

I highly approve of such gatherings.

And the Holy Prophet approved of it.

The star is absolutely smitten with her beau and her brood also seems to approve of him.

While they did not publicly approve of what Gates did, they filed no charges against him.

Romney doesn't approve of birth control and has made it clear he wants to reverse roe vs.

The use of this tea is efficacious in bilious affections, and is also much approved of in the treatment of dropsy.

Much as I heartily approve of Twitter and the FOIA, the fact that modern journalism places so much reliance on them.

Hundreds came forward to sign up and it goes to prove that the general public does not approve of banning rickshaws.

Or perhaps this means that he doesn't approve of Obama's foreign policy, now that he's stuck with it for 4 more years.

In 10% of cases approve for is used

My husband and I were approved for adoption in August 2009.

This agency also makes sure that loans are approved for repairs too.

A distinctive insignia was approved for warrant officers on 12 May 1921.

The HSE admitted negligence and a settlement was approved for her family later in court.

An E-number says that it has been approved for its intended use across the European Union.

The president promised to do what he could to help get more monies approved for disaster relief.

Stage I components must demonstrate compatibility with fuel blends approved for use and commonly used in California.

Are there banned additives? Yes, some additives that were approved for use have been withdrawn from the food supply (e.

In 6% of cases approve in is used

Gay marriage is still not approved in the state.

Many approved in principle of becoming home-owners.

The embankment on kosi was approved in December 1953.

Next it must be approved in the spring by the governing boards of both organizations.

In 2005 a drug called Sativex was approved in Canada and was recently approved in the UK.

Option 4 is to gain a surety bond for $35,000 from a bond company approved in California.

Accordingly, it is not possible to state with certainty what Excon will approve in respect of a particular transaction.

Story Tools Thumbs down: Carly Franklin is displeased with the new tall buildings being approved in the Metrotown area.

Courses taken on a Letter of Permission must be approved in advance by both the Undergraduate Officer and Registrar's office.

You must select your courses and have them approved in advance so that you are ready to register on your assigned registration date.

In 2% of cases approve on is used

The house approved on the on going project after several question were asked.

California has just approved on opt-out option, and Nevada is about to offer one.

Minutes should be approved on the basis that they are a correct record of the meeting.

The vote marked another step in the government coalition's efforts to meet the demands of its creditors after a separate package was approved on Wednesday, AFP reports.

In 1% of cases approve as is used

But techniques have improved, and in 2010 it was finally approved as an NHS operation.

The chairperson should also initial any amendments and state that the minutes have been approved as a correct record of the meeting.

She is single and lives in the Tees Valley A week after I'd been approved as a foster carer I had my first placement, so it was a bit of a baptism by fire.

In 1% of cases approve at is used

This was a radical idea that would clearly not be approved at corporate headquarters.

These provocations were no doubt approved at the highest level of the Israeli government.

At Imperial College, this is called an Interruption of Study and needs to be approved at an appropriate level within your academic department (e.

Plans for the depot, which will breathe new life into the outdated one in Houndmills Road, were approved at the end of last year by the borough council.

Can we sponsor him? Thanks in advance! Hello! Congratulations that your sponsorship application has been approved at first stage and hopefully your husband will be with you in Canada soon.

In 1% of cases approve before is used

The plan will not be approved before April at the earliest, he said.

First time commenters: First time commenters to theBobbery will need to be manually approved before comments will show.

In 1% of cases approve during is used

This bill gives legislative effect to the Energy White Paper on Renewable Energy approved during 2004.

In 1% of cases approve under is used

Duty of committee 165(3) An audit committee shall review the financial statements of the corporation before they are approved under section 152.

Study Options available A broad range of courses may be approved under the Education, Training and Development Option: Personal development courses Basic education e.

In 1% of cases approve without is used

At all times, no decision can be approved without the French.

We are pleased to report that it was approved without any problems.

The House committee noted that in spite of the fact that 2012 budget of the ministry was approved without alteration, the performance of the ministry was less than expectation.

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