Prepositions after "appropriate"

"appropriate for" or "appropriate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases appropriate for is used

It seems appropriate for the web.

Wouldn't it be appropriate for the S.

And it was perfectly appropriate for Dr.

My remarks are in a random order - which seems appropriate for the Fijian style.

A degree of condensation appropriate for the required information can be chosen.

Researchers are free to work in the mode most appropriate for the research area.

IACUCs may consider the use of a rabbit cage that is 14 inches in height, if appropriate for specific animals.

The type and level of accommodation must be appropriate for the characteristics of the surrounding conditions.

No wonder his hair is ' golden ', for no other imagery would be appropriate for the symbolic birth of the sun.

Secret Santa gifts don't have to be expensive, although they do need to be fun and appropriate for the office.

In 22% of cases appropriate to is used

It's appropriate to the situation.

But it's appropriate to the movie.

It was appropriate to the occasion.

Project Report Students will complete a research project on an appropriate topic.

Place unpeeled Prawns in a plastic container appropriate to the volume of Prawns.

We propose to explain it further to an extent appropriate to the present occasion.

Create cues that remind you to shake off one role and engage in the mindset appropriate to the current context.

To put it another way, both Figures 4 and 5 are entirely appropriate to the harmonic setting he was playing in.

This was because the jihad leaders established an economy that was appropriate to the polity (Illife 1995: 171).

In 11% of cases appropriate in is used

Rather appropriate in this case.

Not kid appropriate in my opinion.

Funny, but also appropriate in many ways.

The culture of the Gaels is no longer appropriate in a modern industrial society.

That is not appropriate in the public service, it is a luxury that we don't have.

It's a sensible rule of thumb because it is appropriate in the majority of cases.

We can sing of the most wonderful truths with an expression on our faces that would be appropriate in a morgue.

We will not engage in any conduct during a deposition that would not be appropriate in the presence of a judge.

His name means happiness and joy, and Banna means builder -- very appropriate in the context of Islamic Relief.

Whilst I don't think a ban on the burqa is appropriate in a liberal democracy, I do find the outfit distasteful.

In 2% of cases appropriate at is used

That wouldn't be appropriate at our age.

Deemed appropriate at the time by our leaders.

We all know that slow is not appropriate at this time.

Nevertheless, I would question whether such qualifications are appropriate at 16.

I'll make sure they are incorporated into the report with appropriate attribution.

It was set up to check abuses that existed then, so it was appropriate at the time.

It might be the wrong course, or it may be that you find something else more appropriate at another University.

It is not appropriate at this time, to indulge in debates on decisions which were made at the previous meeting.

So why make a distinction? The reason is that each is appropriate at different stages of completion in a project.

I am unconvinced Lords reform is appropriate at this time - though this raises the valid question ' when then? '.

In 1% of cases appropriate as is used

Choosing an online currency broker will be appropriate as a trader.

It is not appropriate as a routine, long term, community-based practice.

Your winnings should end up being more level appropriate as a result, too.

Such a case includes all shareholders and is more appropriate as a derivative action.

It is also appropriate as a textbook for graduate level courses in special education.

I, however, find it harder to see how meet means appropriate as a verb or an adjective.

A finger pointing to an imaginary spot in the middle of a forehead is no longer appropriate as the sign for India.

A spokesman for the OCI said it would be appropriate as the Irish Olympic team comes from both sides of the Border.

To be suitable or appropriate as an accessory or accompaniment: a color that goes beautifully with your complexion.

In 1% of cases appropriate by is used

Other actions deemed inappropriate by the company.

This role is felt to be appropriate by key informants.

A disgraceful incident and the sentence is not appropriate by any means.

A draft Trust Deed was tabled, discussed and amended as appropriate by the meeting.

Fish and Wildlife Service; or use other methods that are deemed appropriate by USGS.

Patients were recruited as soon after admission as was deemed appropriate by medical staff.

Investigate on behalf of Council and report back at the next championships on any matter deemed appropriate by council.

The winner will be contacted, at any time and via email or any other mode of communication deemed appropriate by the Organiser.

The proper law, as determined appropriate by the Court, could have been Swiss law, Illinois law, US Federal law and / or PRC law.

Prof Hayman changed the environment at the clinic to a more welcoming and culturally appropriate by hanging Aboriginal paintings.

In 1% of cases appropriate on is used

It is particularly appropriate on Trinity Sunday.

I think it would be more appropriate on your person.

But, perhaps Assman would be appropriate on occasion.

I just want to share my feelings, even if not entirely appropriate on this forum.

Generally as in this case, the ethical course of action is appropriate on our part.

Flexible models of HR will be implemented, based as appropriate on individual agencies or on specific care groups.

However, the low profile of the No side has raised issues as to whether this approach is appropriate on this occasion.

One thing that you should do, will be generate a short tether to make sure that he has to be appropriate on your side.

Instead, one has to consider a variety of sources and determine which is most appropriate on a question-by-question basis.

In 1% of cases appropriate under is used

Not clinically appropriate Under section 6.

A military court would probably have been appropriate under the rules of war, I think.

On such occasions bail conditions may be appropriate under s37(2) or s37(7) (a) of PACE.

This lack of openness does not enhance the transparency which is appropriate under the separation of powers.

In 1% of cases appropriate with is used

Seems appropriate with our mythical defense.

The audio is greatly synced and appropriate with the game.

Altered shoes are appropriate with altered kinds bottom shapes.

MTS file format will not be appropriate with quick-time and windows media player.

Design should be appropriate with blog theme Designing a blog is not so difficult.

A cut to 25,000 a year could be appropriate with exceptions made for job performance.

This holds true especially with women, as I don't have any concept of what is appropriate with whom and what not.

If class standard is not appropriate with students mind level and capacity of handling the load of too much study.

Prior to someone dash out a get this, are sure that this is actually appropriate with the provider of your choosing.

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