Prepositions after "apprehensive"

"apprehensive about" or "apprehensive of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases apprehensive about is used

But I am so apprehensive about it now.

I'd apprehensive about what comes next.

Have to say I'd apprehensive about this.

They also noted that the babies didn't seem apprehensive about the next dive.

And against those who remain merely cynical or apprehensive about the future.

Reagan became increasingly apprehensive about the events unfolding around him.

But I am very apprehensive about my employer as for past one year He has cheated me a lot by providing me: 1.

Standards packages Many teachers were apprehensive about the first HSC under the standards-referenced approach.

To be honest I was quite apprehensive about having girls coming to work, as it is hard and physically demanding.

Now, I'd not one of ' those ' mothers, but I admit I'd a little apprehensive about this whole **40;8471;TOOLONG.

In 19% of cases apprehensive of is used

Everyone was apprehensive of the future.

I was never more apprehensive of a rising.

That is for him who is apprehensive of his Lord.

You will be excited on this progress, yet a bit apprehensive of doing things ' right '.

We are all just apprehensive of the social implications of the awards around the world.

In that sense, a critique is quite different from criticism, an act that Ghanaians have grown apprehensive of.

If you are apprehensive of the online matches that await you, the FIFA 13 career mode is a good place to start.

Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

However, the company was quite apprehensive of the results to be achieved through the introduction of iPad Mini.

In 3% of cases apprehensive at is used

I was apprehensive at the start.

I was a little apprehensive at this point.

I would feel apprehensive at times and nearly go home, but I never did.

I took my six year old daughter to try climbing and from being apprehensive at the start she ended the.

I must say I was very apprehensive at the beginning of my pregnancy, but was extremely impressed in the end.

Your baby might feel apprehensive at the beginning and may not feel comfortable amongst a crowd of strangers.

I was very apprehensive at the start -- about someone hitting my elbow, or getting kicked -- and I paid the price.

I can't wait for the limited edition! Bring it on! John Any other Dev and I would be apprehensive at such ambition.

Co-founder of Appceptional, David Vannucci was quietly apprehensive at the initial launch of Mobiraba on the MXiT platform.

While some mothers seem at ease with their children, there are others who are apprehensive at the thought of schools getting the better of them.

In 2% of cases apprehensive as is used

She was very apprehensive as to what was going to happen.

As I was buying goods unseen, I was a little apprehensive as to the quality etc.

Today, in fact, we should be doubly apprehensive as the world's economy is not getting any better.

Area people became nervous and apprehensive as the aircrafts were diving low like attempting to attacks.

Our children were not used to these very long journeys, so I was a little apprehensive as to how they would cope.

Even before the season began, English cricketers were not in the least apprehensive as to what was likely to happen.

I was apprehensive as how it would go and I was happy to see i could complete a set of 5 with reasonably even splits.

Lincoln and the Republicans, rightfully so, were very apprehensive as to the long term ramifications of that decision.

Community Reviews I am a little apprehensive as to how I should begin this review: there are so many things to talk about.

Spreads are wide in a thin market as dealers are apprehensive as to the rate at which they will be able to lay off any deal done.

In 2% of cases apprehensive in is used

Women are usually apprehensive in such matters.

Though a little apprehensive in the beginning, I was thrilled with dumplings.

As with blogging itself, a month away from cooking makes one a little apprehensive in the kitchen.

Therefore they are unsure and apprehensive in the presence of one another, or of any other large carnivore.

The pricing on the M-E is probably going to bring a lot of people to Leica digital who were apprehensive in the past.

More Visiting from the US, I was a bit apprehensive in spending the time and money checking out the Harry Potter Tour.

The water sequenced the torment of his throat-cracking thirst, as it was apprehensive in his extinguished but appeased appearance.

Because of his injury, he couldn't play the way he wanted to and he was getting apprehensive in practice so I think he made the right choice.

Yet it's hard not to feel apprehensive in the presence of installations that glow brightly because of the uranium glass beads used in their creation.

Join us to Your servants, those who hurry to You swiftly, knock constantly at Your door, and worship You by night and by day, while they remain apprehensive in awe of You.

In 1% of cases apprehensive after is used

We were very apprehensive after reading some of the reviews.

We were a little apprehensive after reading a few reviews, but where very surprised.

I was a little apprehensive after reading reviews after my purchase however I had faith in the positive ones and was awaiting my delivery.

I feel that u r experiencing envy because u can not completely immerse in the situation or in conversations, still a little apprehensive after going through a lot.

I was rather apprehensive after reading the reviews but as we had confirmed the booking and we were due to reach Glasgow the next day, we stayed put with the choice.

Feeling a bit apprehensive after the previous two cancellations of the Manchester shows, I went in with an open mind and not to be disappointed should the show have to be cancelled again.

In 1% of cases apprehensive because is used

But the people are apprehensive because of many reasons.

I was pretty apprehensive because of all the contractor horror stories I've heard.

But, at the same time, they were apprehensive because of its leftward gravitation.

There would not necessarily nevertheless be any type of apprehensive because of the high-heel.

But, like everyone else, I was slightly concerned and apprehensive because of the situation at the time.

I felt quiet anxious and apprehensive because of my shyness and lack of experience in similar situations.

March 1st can't come soon enough! When we first found out we were expecting, we were very, very cautious and apprehensive because of what happened last time.

In 1% of cases apprehensive before is used

Scary moment!!!! I take the plunge and all flows! Feeling fear and excitement at the same time After 37 years on stage, I still get apprehensive before speaking.

In 1% of cases apprehensive for is used

I was apprehensive for quite a while.

Which as you can imagine, has us slightly apprehensive for the J-Dawg.

Am I to return the same question to a man on the deathrow, was apprehensive for a second, but I did.

Everyone was very excited, but I was scared and apprehensive for tonight we had slots for both Gatwick and Heathrow.

The scanner scanned, and Alex watched it hard, alert and apprehensive for the tell-tale wink of its moving green light.

European administrators and technicians, feeling apprehensive for their safety, started resigning from government service.

Hearing that the satraps had recrossed the Maeander, Dercylidas grew apprehensive for the district which lay there unprotected.

If you are suffering from defaults, defaults, CCJs, IVAs, individual bankruptcy and late then try not to be apprehensive for this.

I must have looked apprehensive for while, but after a few laps of the pool with Jane saying soothing words, I soon got the hang of it.

He found the Marquis much agitated both in body and mind, and rather more apprehensive for the consequences of the wound than he had expected.

In 1% of cases apprehensive on is used

I was a little apprehensive on my arrival.

The participants of the RTD were apprehensive on the opening of the Laguindingan Airport next year.

He did not seem very excited nor did he seem anxious or apprehensive on this journey to an unknown place.

Initially, I was pretty apprehensive on whether animals would speak, or even open up to a stranger like me.

Many new junior doctors are less apprehensive on their first day because they've previously shadowed on the ward and know the staff already.

Honestly, we were a bit apprehensive on trying this particular dish, seeing as lamb happens to be at the bottom of the ladder for our palate.

In 1% of cases apprehensive regarding is used

Allardyce splits opinion, many fans would be apprehensive regarding his arrival at their club.

Most people are a bit apprehensive regarding talking openly with someone who they don ' t truly know.

However, a large number of impending retirees are apprehensive regarding one or a number of aspects of retirement.

I used to be apprehensive regarding e-books because staring at screens for long periods for time was something extraordinaire for me.

Although I was a little apprehensive regarding market reach to begin with, we were pleasantly surprised to find your marketing system a real winner.

In 1% of cases apprehensive to is used

I was very apprehensive to as I worry myself silly with the prospect of let down.

He then signed with Swedish club Vasby United, although apprehensive to the move at the start.

The Magic have previously been apprehensive to taking back Bynum in a deal, but they surely have to receive more than Arron Afflalo and draft picks.

There has been a major shift in the way I am working, I have been apprehensive to Blog about this because I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not.

In 1% of cases apprehensive towards is used

They are a little apprehensive towards me.

Over the last few months, he became more apprehensive towards Syrian intelligence agencies.

Using scare tactics will not motivate the woman, man, or child to learn, but rather to continue being apprehensive towards the topic.

Having said that, as I am negative on the prospect of consumption loan in the future (as it is already very high to GDP ), I am a little bit apprehensive towards banking stocks.

In 1% of cases apprehensive with is used

McCarthy states that Woodson is apprehensive with regards to his / her latest damage.

And then there are other times when you seem him a little apprehensive with what to do.

Individuals apprehensive with privacy will live relieved to identify you can preclude the open commencing seeing.

According to the Regional Minister, residents of the metropolis have been apprehensive with the erratic water supply times.

Street photography portraits are hard enough with people usually apprehensive with some complete stranger carrying around a hunking DSLR.

The authorities in Dublin and Donegal were aghast at Adair's proposed evictions and were becoming more apprehensive with each passing day.

Tbeneficiary brilliantt in commerce was apprehensive with just four airability capable of backpacking simplely twenty three canyonengers absolute.

At first I was a bit scared and slightly apprehensive with using Universal Forex Trader, but I had read a lot of good things about it and will willing to try it out.

Yours truly is not assured by accolades given to President Mills as ' Asomdweehee ' (King of Peace) neither can we help but be apprehensive with Nana Addo's ' all die be die ' slogan.

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